6 Best Ways to Translate Your WordPress Site with these Translation Tools

Translation Tools

There is no limit to the Internet and the number of people on it, every day the number of users of internet is getting bigger & better but the one thing that could stop you from reaching to all those users is ease of access unless you’re available in the most accessible language they can understand or else you won’t be able to get as much traffic as those big IT giants get. Google or Facebook are the biggest examples for their popularity worldwide as they’ve expanded their horizons to each & every aspect of the world from languages to services, it’s all about having an eye to see the change. Not everyone needs to have their content in every possible language but yes; it’s good for those who want to accelerate their speed as well as success rate.

There are many ways from which you can use to translate your WordPress site into any language and to help you find the right ones we’re here with a crackdown list of the best ones available.

6 Different Translation Tools for your WordPress Website

1. Loco Translate

Loco Translate
Loco Translate is a great plugin to translate everything in WordPress. Loco provides localization tools for developers such as string extraction and template generation. Using loco translate, you can edit the WordPress translation files in your browser. It provides features such as creating & updating language files directly from your theme or plugin. Using Loco you can easily translate your theme & plugins without any coding knowledge. It comes with a built-in feature for editing PO files right from your WordPress admin panel. It also comes with a protected language directory for saving custom translations. It has added support for PO features including comments, references & plural forms.

2. WEGLOT Translate

WEGLOT Translate
WEGLOT Translate is one of the best yet easiest translation solutions available to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. It automatically detects & translates all of the website content in any language. It also provides a unique dashboard to edit language translations or you can purchase professional translations to make sure the content is well written in the translated language vocabulary & grammar. WEGLOT Translate doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge in order to use it; it can be simply worked with humanized language interface. It also supports SEO compatibility. It translates your websites by following Google’s best practices in terms of multilingual sites which helps you to serve a better translation to your users with clean & pure source code, which is SEO perfect.

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3. My WP Translate

My WP Translate
My WP Translate is a plugin by MyThemeShop and comes with full support from their community. It is a simple, yet a powerful plugin to translate your whole WordPress site without hard work. It can be used to translate most of the themes & plugins which support translation. It requires zero coding knowledge to use it. Every task done or translation can be imported/exported to any other WordPress or can be saved for backups. MyThemeShop also provides HD video tutorials on how to use MyWP Translate.

4. Polylang

Polylang is another great tool to translate your WordPress site bi-lingually or multilingually. With Polylang you can choose to translate every part of your user side content within ease such as after selecting the languages in Polylang settings, you’ll have translation options for posts, categories, pages & tags with each of your selected languages. You can easily convert your whole site and can access different parts of translated files separately. Polylang will also generate a whole other part of URL for your translated web pages for e.g. www.example.com/en/ – for English. A customizable language switcher widget and a menu are provided to help your users browse across all the available languages. Although, support is not available for the free version of this plugin, one can additionally choose to go for the Polylang Pro plan which provides extra-features and support.

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5. Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator
Google Language Translator is a plugin to translate your website with the universal Google Translate API. You can use it to translate every page automatically for all the languages supported by Google Translate. You can add this translator tool into all of your pages or widgets with the help of shortcodes. There is also an option for a floating language switcher, which can be customized for the languages you wish to translate into. Although the Google Translator is not that accurate in terms of language translation, yet it still provides better readability for a non-English speaker.

6. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation
Lingotek Translation is a great tool to have for translating your WordPress website. It offers easy-to-use cloud-based localization and translation for any site into any language; it basically simplifies the task of creating & maintaining a multilingual website. Lingotek Translation plugin offers a wide variety of features such as machine generated translations, professional translations, & community-based translations enough choices to lose your burden of manual translation. It offers promising rates with improved language consistency and helps you deliver the best quality of your content to your consumers. It’s one of the easiest ways to translate your website at reasonable rates and with industry professionals on the working side.

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