10 WordPress Plugins To Help You Create An Amazing Website

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress comes up with all kind of solutions to enhance, grow and optimize your website, But only with the help of plugins. WordPress Plugins are the strength of the WordPress that allows each and every user to build their website in the way they want.

Today, we are going to show Supreme 10 WordPress plugins that are just made to change your website’s whole look and help you style up the exact way you want it to be. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

So here are the 10 WordPress Plugins To Create A Website

1. Avartan Slider

Avartan Slider
• This slider has been remarkable in this year according to the user comments on Avartan Slider. This slider is way easier than any other slider and adds the least amount of load to your website compared to Revolution Slider or Layer Slider. The Slider is fully responsive, optimized and compatible with any browser and device. Avartan slider plugin also supports mp4 videos as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos, so that you can add it up. The slider also generates shortcodes to make easier for you to add it to custom locations. Avartan slider comes in two version; Lite version that is totally free for everyone and Pro version, which has extra premium features and functionalities.

2. Akismet

• Akismet is one of the favorite plugins of every WordPress user. Akismet does what is really needed on each and every blog and online business-blog. It checks your comments and contact form submissions for spams to its global database and prevents your site from publishing threat and malicious content. A user can even review the comment spam that is caught by Akismet in the comment section. It is a very useful and essential plugin for all the bloggers out there.

3. Blog Designer

Blog Designer
• Now, this has been a game changer plugin for bloggers. Blog Designer plugin is a very powerful plugin that gives access to bloggers to showcase their blog with amazing layout and templates. Till now, a blogger generally has to stick with one particular layout as per theme, Blog Designer will take you across it and will help you make it look extraordinary. It comes with 6 different and unique layouts in a free version and comes with amazing 30+ layout option in Pro Version adding up many other features.

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4. Portfolio Designer

Portfolio Designer
• Now, this plugin is really helpful and must have to the website that demonstrates photos and in the most attractive way possible. This plugin is really to assemble and has tons of setting options. Portfolio Designer comes with masonry, slider, grid layout and many more layouts. You can create new layouts and custom post types too. If you want to show your photos and in the best way, Portfolio is what you need. It is available in free and in Pro version too.

5. All in one SEO

All in one SEO
• If you are looking for organic traffic (that everyone does) you have to develop your website and posts SEO friendly. Well, All-In-One SEO plugin can help you a lot with it. After Yoast SEO, this plugin is the best one to make your website’s content SEO optimized. It is really easy and works out of the box for beginners in SEO or blogging. It has advanced features and also API options for developers.

6. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect

Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect
• This plugin is a must-have for websites that have large content marketing/editing team. Then, you must have faced content duplicate issue many times. Duplication of content is injurious to the SEO of your website. And thus, this plugin is required to fetch the duplicate content and then you can remove it. Also, you have the option to take care of the removed content URL by redirecting it to the main URL. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect plugin is a really helpful plugin and can solve many problems for content centralized websites and blogs. This plugin is available for free and also has Pro version too.

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7. User Activity Log

User Activity Log
• User Activity log is a free WordPress plugin to monitor all the activity of admin and users of your sites. This plugin is really advantageous if you have many contributors and admins of the website. User activity tracks details such as; Theme changes, postings, editing and a lot more and gives you data, user-wise. You can also enable email notification for a particular user. User activity plugin is an effective way to unclutter your workflow and it is totally FREE! It also has Pro version with extra features and functionalities.

8. Jetpack

• This plugin is a must-have for your WordPress site. Jetpack plugin is all in one plugin. It provides the functionality of Site stats and analytics, Automatic sharing on social media channels, and numerous other Security and backup services, and content creation facility. Jetpack is also one of the strongest plugins for WordPress.

9. User Blocker

User Blocker
• This plugin provides you the facility to block any of your user accounts quickly with time period defines. Also, if the blocked user tries to login it will get a very friendly message with the remaining time of blockage. You can unblock accounts at any time you want. Also, admin can view blocked user list and quickly search for the user and unblock the account if required. User Blocker plugin for WordPress is Free for everyone and easy to download.

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10. WP Smush

WP Smush
• Now, this plugin is really very essential if you upload images often. Images have very high file size and take much of your space. WP Smush resizes, optimizes and even compress your images at the time of uploading it. It cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your website and keeps your website in flow and smooth. WP smush is also an award-winning compressing plugin.

Here is the list of Free WordPress plugins to protect, develop and optimize your WordPress websites to the core and enjoy your working experience to the fullest. You will love each and every plugin that is defined above.

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