Superior WordPress Comparison – Difference between .com and .org

Wordpress Comparison

WordPress is the most popular blogging system available on the web. With over a million+ users, it has all the advantages anyone could get with a perfect CMS engine. And with time, it has grown its roots much stronger into the web by making web design & web development easier yet convenient.

If you’re a newbie to WordPress, then you must be fused in unravelling the mystery between WordPress.Com & WordPress.Org. This confusion is common and happens with all the novices to WordPress at first, but with time they realize the difference and advantages of both the sides of WordPress.

But if you’re in an urgent crisis to know what’s really the difference between these two, you might want to read on.


Difference – For WordPress Starters

Wordpress Comparison


WordPress.Com is an online platform where you can create your website/blog and will be hosted and managed by WordPress professionals. You don’t have to manage & edit the web server you’re using, it’ll be all taken care of under with all the features you paid for or are available in the free (Starter) version.


WordPress.Org is an open source software which you can install on your own web server to create websites/blog. In this, you need to manage & control the whole WordPress CMS on your own. There is no default support available, but there are communities all over the internet to get help on the topic.

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WordPress Comparison – Which does what?
It comes with a pre-packaged value of features from where you can select the proportionate amount of services you need to have. offers free hosting with a starter of free 3GB hosting space. It also comes with a free unlimited subdomain feature, which will look like, you can also use a custom domain but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. It also has basic security plans and backups all handled by itself. Every technical error & issue will be handled by team for you and anything occurring in between can be only fixed by the team, there is nothing you can do but to wait for the error to be fixed. It also offers a wide range of themes free as well as paid with some limited customization options included. There is no option to add extra features such as plugins; all you get is what comes pre-added with the system. Additionally, you can’t show your own ads on your site and instead displays ads on your site which is the only price you pay for using the WordPress platform.


WordPress org a self-hosted open source CMS software which has no limitations at all & there’s no stopping to add whatever you wish to have. It has to be hosted on your own server and under your own supervision. You’ll also need a custom domain to where it’ll be located, which you can buy additionally from anywhere and route the domain to your host server. All the security and backups have to be managed by you and all other extra features you need can be added by installing third-party plugins. There are tons of free themes as well as paid themes available, additionally, you also get option to add your own or a third-party created theme. You’ll have full control over your whole website whether it’s the plugins or themes, there’s no limit to whatsoever you want. In this mess of features, one crucial part is where you get to create & add your own features to the site, which remains as an infinite power source to your project.

Final Words: –
Our final words would be is a great option for those who want to have full-control over their site & services but not for those who just want to get started. remains a powerful tool to create easy enough sites on the go and stay managed without having any trouble.


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