Web Hosting: Basic & Important Things You Need to Know

Web Hosting

Stepping into online business is incomplete without a good web hosting partner yet selecting a good host is relatively hard. Once you’ve made your internet business plan, it’s time to setup your website and the first & complex task comes up on your list is web hosting. To select a web host partner can be a complex task if you are a novice. For those folks who don’t know much about web hosting, this should help you along with what it is and why it’s considered such an important thing on the web.

Web hosting is a service which includes access to a server where all your website data is stored and later on, the data can be reflected back on to a web address on the internet. It’s simply a computing system running somewhere connected to the internet with your data on it.

So how can you find your required hosting and compare the available ones in such a mess of marketing campaigns like 99% uptime and unmetered resources?
Well, don’t worry, this is why we thought to make a need-to-know guide on services offered by web hosting companies.

Consequences of Choosing a Bad Web Host

Buying a cheap hosting or an invalidated hosting service from an unverified web host can be a very bad idea if you’re new to this and if you’re going to use it for your business. The prices you pay afterwards are huge as most of the services said to be offered by your web host may fade out with time and you may find yourself stuck in a situation with nothing. The resources such as the uptime guarantee and bandwidth may not work as it is said to be, still, there won’t be anyone from your web host to help you out. In such cases, it will make you feel stranded and lost.

Hence, taking some time to understand what your requirements are and what the web host are offering can help you overcome the above-said complications. Once you get your head into it, I’m sure you’ll get a good enough result out of selecting a better web host.

Important things to look for before buying a Web Hosting account

before buying a Web Hosting account
By understanding what the hosting companies are offering and how they differ from each other, you can find which company is the best suit for your required needs. Here is a list of checkpoints to know what to look for when selecting a server: –

Availability & Server Load time

A web host is mostly known for its availability. When you find your site or server down for some unknown reason, your first option is to check with your web host and see if they can solve your problems or at least help you troubleshoot.

The most important part of a web hosting service is its uptime and server load time, most of the web host companies run marketing campaigns such as 99% uptime guarantee which is just a myth and thus it cuts the best apart from the host services offered by them. Uptime is simply the time that a web host offers for its server availability running online. A minimum amount of downtime most of these hosting companies face apart from their uptime guarantees is an average of 7-11 hours each month, which differs from host to host.

The server load times are also an important part of the hosting services offered. A site can suffer some hard times fixing its speed issues and lose some good profits in case if its web server is taking longer than average time to load.

So it is advised that you should have a quick chat with your web host for such services & real-time reports.

Requirements & Scalability

Your requirements are just one important thing compared to what the web host offers. You simply shouldn’t choose a web host just because it offers useless services. You should keep your checklist prepared for how much data space and bandwidth you require to run your online business or site.

Nowadays web host companies do a lot of marketing campaigns of many useless services & fake guarantees over hosting. You should be clear whether you want a single site or multiple sites to be hosted on your server and what your host offers in their plans. There are many other factors that may divide your requirements & uses some good examples are SQL databases, Bandwidth, Number of domains/sites, Host space etc. It’s not required that you should know all of this but it’s a plus point in selecting a web host.

Your host should also be compatible or ready in all the cases of your growth to expand its services according to your use. Thus why scalability is also an important point of judgement in terms of long time investment. There are different types of hosting offered according to the use of the customer such as VPS, Dedicated Servers and Shared hosting etc.

A simple tip before going for a 2-3 year or a longer plan in one go would be, look for the services offered to you are expandable anytime you need and vice versa for the ideal pricing.

Customer Support & Service

The support provided in the quickest ways possible are from online chat, phone call and email, such companies are way more efficient in terms of customer satisfaction. Take a test look on the support and you’ll get the idea of how quick they’re in terms of their service & support. Searches for their customer reviews on online communities and hear from their genuine customers don’t get fooled by fake reviews on their site or any other. Read more below on hosting communities for customer reviews & reputation info & where to look for.

Price of Hosting

The price is a big point, not all the cheap hosting companies are bad in the services offered. But you should know how much on an average your required services are priced compared to all the reputed web hosts available. Also, remember that selecting a web host just because it offers highly discounted hosting can be a very bad idea. So, keep a check on what ideal prices are available for your required structure, this will also help you get some good results in finding both a good web host and at a good price.

Customer Reviews & Reputation Online

Customer reviews are the best way to check the services & reputation of available web hosts and taking a rundown from the best of bests. There are many host review communities which provide a comparison on all the services offered by web hosts, you should take some time going through all of this and then decide which web host is the best suit for you and your needs.

Some recommended sites to look for: –
WhoIsHostingThis.com – User reviews and lists of comparisons, and all you need to know about a web host provider.
WebHostingTalk.com – A popular community for consumer reviews on web hosting and services offered.


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