Web Domain & Hosting – Everything You Need To Know


Many of us have Comcast internet plans or other providers that we use every day. The internet is an important part of our life from recreation to business. Currently you have so much information on the internet about the web domain and hosting.

Many people also rely on the internet as a source of income. Bloggers, vloggers, writers, digital marketers and internet businesses all need the internet to generate income. However, many people are not aware of how the internet actually works. They don’t know how their site or page fits on the internet. This blog will attempt to provide useful information on how web domain and web hosting work.

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting

At its core, web hosting is essentially a service that allows you to put a webpage or website on the internet. A business or service provider that provides the services or technologies for web hosting is called a web host. Special computers known as servers are used to host a given website or webpage on the internet. To view your website, users only have to type in your website address, which will connect them to your server. Their browser will then deliver your web pages to them from your server. Many web hosts require that you have your own domain to take advantage of your hosting service. Most will help you purchase a domain if you do not already have one.

There are 4 types of Web Domain services:

1. Website Builders
2. Shared Hosting
3. Collocated Hosting
4. Dedicated Hosting

Before paying for web hosting services, it is important to have the basic knowledge of the types of services available. You need to know what kind of service you need, what server you require, the services offered and your budget.

# Website Builders

Website builders are great for beginners who need to host a website but don’t have the skills to build one. It is especially useful when you lack the requisite technical knowledge needed to build a website. The website builder services will provide you with an interface based on online browsers to build your website. They will also usually host your built website without any additional setup, for example WordPress.

Website Builders

# Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when you share one particular server with one or more other website owners. You share both the software within the server as well as the physical server itself. For shared hosting tends to be more affordable, the cost of service is divided between all the people sharing the host. This is probably the best reason shared hosting has a strong market. Sharing servers can also lead to some problems, on the other hand, such as slow server speeds.

Shared Hosting

# Collocated Hosting

Collocated hosting involves purchasing your own server and having it housed at the web host’s premises. While the server is run from there, you will still be responsible for its maintenance. However, one obvious advantage that collocated hosting offers is full control over your server. You have the freedom to install any applications or scripts you may need.

# Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting service means you have the entire server to yourself, unlike shared hosting. This means there is faster performance and none of the slow speed issues associated with shared hosting. You get to take sole advantage of all the server’s resources. The downside is, you are the only person who has to bear the cost, making dedicated hosting expensive. Dedicated hosting is preferred for websites with higher security and system resources needs.

Dedicated Web Hosting

What is a DNS?

A DNS or Domain Name Server can be considered as a directory of all the IP addresses on the internet. Every computer connected to the internet is assigned a unique string of numbers known as an IP address. It is difficult to remember the IP address of the websites you frequent during the course of the day. Words are much easier to remember than numbers. This is why we use domain names like facebook.com to connect to Facebook. As long as you know a website’s domain name or URL, you can access it on the internet.

Remembering the IP address is your computer’s job. A DNS helps your computer convert the domain name or URL into the IP address of the required website. Your computer will then take you to that address.

Hopefully, this blog will have given you a better understanding of how domains and web hosting work. There are many companies such as Buckeye cable phone number, who can help you start websites.

Remember the internet is the future. Position your website with understanding and information to reap the benefits. Cheers!

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