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Once you think of entering into a specific industry, you start searching online what if and what then! A regular visit to some of the popular web design resources (websites) & communities of that industry can help you get all the answers you’ve been searching for.

Before we delve into website, there is one thing you should actually focus on – hosting. Hosting is one of the most important aspects of building a website. If you build a website, but no one sees it – is there really a point of making a website? Since hosting is a crucial element, ensure that the hosting option you select is perfect for your website. It should offer the speed, security and space that you need for your website to run successfully. If you need an additional guide to help you select the perfect host for your website, then you can check out The Best Web Hosting Review. They have the pros and cons for popular hosting services and can help you figure out which hosting is right for your business.

Well logically speaking search engines are a great way to simply search for the question & answers that are already solved & available online but eventually you may realize that there’s a limit of what you can get from these instant searches, but while being in a community of experts you will get your answers way faster with a trustworthy source.

Furthermore, you can get additional suggestions from the experienced ones available there. You’ll also get a chance to help others that are facing a problem and learn from them what to avoid and what not in your respected field.

In this article, we are focusing on the beginners in the design industry. Design industry varies with fields such as Graphic design & Web Design but it is vice-versa for many skills in common. Internet is full of communities & valuable web design resources you just have to know where you have to look for your interests.

With popularity in online video tutoring, many video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion have become a go-to place for newbies to build their hobbies or interests but these tutorials can be limited to their timings and one can learn way more in online communities with people that hae the same interests. Discovering industry specific results & experiences can help you grow your skills a lot faster and captivate your interests both at the same time. Let’s look at the list of popular web design resources & websites where you can find the best industry designs on the web, getting started on these sites is as easy clicking on a link.


Dribbble is a Top-level community famous for sharing design related tasks, projects & screenshots and is full of top-notch designers all over the globe. Dribbble has a different registration condition compared to other online communities where in order to upload and share your projects you need to get an invitation from any registered Dribbble member.

Although you can explore various projects from designers on Dribbble for free and you can also make your way in by paying a small fee starting from $149/Year for your team registration and get instant access on uploading and sharing on Dribbble. Dribbble also offers jobs & hiring and one can easily apply and get a full time job with a good enough qualification.

Dribbble is a great community for inspiration when starting as a Designer whether you do web design or graphic design. A proportionate amount of time can be saved while using Dribbble and one can captivate their momentum for awesome ideas and inspiration.

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Like Dribbble, Behance is also a design community where you can share your projects, screenshots publicly on the web and unlike Dribbble, Behance offers free uploads without requiring any invitation. Behance is a community managed and handled by Adobe. Behance is an online portfolio and showcase community by creative professionals across design industry. Adobe Creative Cloud products are well known for their design tools and features, furthermore each Adobe CC product offers direct sharing on Behance from the application making it more easier to build & share with others.

There’s a lot to learn from the projects shared on Behance and discover a world full of creativity and ideas watching experts how they made their last project with pixel to pixel details.

Reddit Forums – Web Design Resources

Reddit is full of web content and sub-communities & is well known for its management & authority online. Reddit communities and groups are famous by the word sub-reddits, finding a community of your industry is pretty easy, simply a good old Google search will do it.

Reddit is a good platform for having a group discussion on a significant idea and you could learn more from the people already their in the community. Some of the good known design sub-reddits are listed below check them out and join the ones that suit you the most.

1. Design – Sub-Reddit – A design community sub-reddit from the past 10 years with over 278,745 designers. A place where you can share and captivate creativity among each other.

2. Design Critiques – Sub-Reddit – A design critique sub-reddit active from the past 7 years with more than 31,540 professional critiques inside. A sub-reddit where pros help amateurs learn their way in professional design and idea flow.

3. Graphic Design – Sub-Reddit – A graphic design sub-reddit active from the past 9 years with over 251,881 online subscribers. A perfect place to share your artwork and creativity and get recognized online by people with same interests.

4. Web Design – Sub-Reddit – A web design sub-reddit and community active from the past 10 years with over 310,605 subscribers worldwide. A place for exploring things happening inside web design, development and in the life cycle of web designers. Every new designer is appreciated to join the community and share their work all alike.

5. Learn Design – Sub-Reddit – A design resource community active since the past 4 years. A place to find everything interesting to someone who is learning design. Some topics that are covered in this sub-reddit are graphic design, web design, typography, prototyping, etc. Materials offered for beginners to intermediates.

An important thing to note here would be while using these sub-reddits remember to follow the rules as stated in the sub-reddit by their moderators. You might get yourself banned from that sub-reddit if you are a rule breaker.

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Web Magazines on Design

There are many magazines running online that cover topics on design in general. These web magazines provide a lot of interesting content on the latest trends as well as industry standard guides, if you wish to stay updated on the new design technologies and trends running worldwide you might need to get yourself involved in these magazines.

Web Magazines may vary with free and premium services but most of them will be free according to what I’ve seen and in this case they earn their revenue from advertising and product sales.

Here are some of my personal favorite magazines on design trends & guides. Be sure to check them out one by one to know which of them is best suited for you.


An online web magazine which delivers the best guides and information on web design & development. It covers the majority of topics in design like CSS, Javascript, Photography, Typography and much more. Noupe is a professional web magazine best suited for designers and web developers globally.


An online magazine for graphic design inspiration and career advice for beginners. Visit the site to learn how designers make mindblowing designs & illusions in a matter of time.

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There are tons of popular web magazines running online, you might need to search accordingly and once you find the one which suits your interests most you will have an authority on which you can rely to get professional guides & updates regularly.


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