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Since the introduction of modular art techniques, it’s no longer hard to create a digital sketch in minutes but only if you have & know the right skills and information needed. Logo design is one of the complicated yet hard tasks available in the art industry it doesn’t only depicts a face of the company but also provides an impression of their culture, goals & success. Making a logo can be very time consuming yet confusing if you didn’t do your homework around its area well. We’re going to cover the types of design used to classify Logo Design and the ways to help create a brand adhesive logo.

Starting off with the first & important point, here are the classified types of logo design.


  • Types Of Logo Design

1. Illustrative Logo
With the colors & the type patterns, illustrative logos are a great option for all the sectors looking for a creative & complex design type. Due to the complexity & graphical weight of the designs, illustrative logos are not preferred by most of the corporates. It’s also important that they scale down nicely according to the pace. Some great examples of illustrative logos are listed below.

2. Iconic Logo
Iconic logos are made for a strong & professional look, it’s created by placing a symbol next to a text. It is considered a good practice of logo design since it gives a strong typography to the logo with the use of an extensive symbol. With this type of logos, symbols can be used in its own certain ways as well as the text typography. Below are some exceptional examples of iconic logos.

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3. Typographic Logo
Typographic logos are the most simple, clean & traditional style of logo design. These types of logos only consist of text and are strong & bold in look. Due to its simplicity & strong look corporates also prefer typographic logos and are highly used in law & finance sector. Look for examples below to know some best industry typographic logos.

Process of Creating a Brand Adhesive Logo

  • Research
    Before starting with a brand-new project, it’s a good practice to kickstart your creativity with some research in your client’s areas & criteria provided. This will not only help in getting a clear idea for the project but will also minimize the execution time. Also, it’s a good way to jumpstart your brain by performing a search on the client’s competitors & have a look on the branding to get on the same page as your client needs it.
  • Ideas
    After the research, you’ll need to capture the ideas you’re getting in your mind and try to recreate some of your ideas into a paper it’ll clear your doubts & certain other logics. You must have gotten a clear idea of the design you need to get started working on for your project & don’t hesitate to modify your ideas anytime you feel like improvising.
  • Selecting Type of Design
    It’s the time when you select the type of logo your client is most compatible with and to have a good idea on the type you can or may already have inspired by the logos you earlier researched for. It is important that you choose the right type of design for your client in order to create the perfect & versatile product. Remember not to over think or complicate your ideas and make your logo clean & sharp to make it stand out the most with the test of time.
  • Typography & Colour Scheme
    Since a logo is bound to have typography & colours, it is a great idea to take some time in order to work around with this schema. Typography is the most important part of logo design since it gives the perfect touch to your product so making it sharp & clean is a good idea. Colours can also be the most complex part of the design but if you’re into these type of things, colours are the most inspiring & refreshing part of design also accepted by industry professionals. It all depends on the logics & hard work you put into it to create a great enough end product. For a tip, there are also some online tools which can help you in figuring out your colour logics and text typeface problems.

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Summary: –
By following the above practices it’s well guaranteed that you’ll be able to create your way around logo design & skills. This is not only helpful if you’re a freelancer or a designer but can also help if you’re trying to create a logo for your company/internet face on your own. While creating a logo remember to create it in a vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator to ensure high quality & industry standards. Well after all the hard work, once you start to feel like that this is what you wanted to show out loud, it is time when you save it & make your design portfolio if you don’t have one.

We wish you a great journey with your career & project & hope this article might save you some time understanding logo design types & creation.

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