Top 5 Two-Factor Authentication Tools For Your WordPress Site

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Web security is one of most tricky yet important part when it comes to your online data. With an unbelievable increase in data piracy & its uses, there are thousands of sites & online data being compromised every minute, so the question now stands, how do you remain safe?

There’s no perfect answer to it but there are many secure enough solutions by which you can stay hidden from being compromised.

There are levels of security which one can use to secure an online site or data, today we’re talking about two-factor authentication which works as a two-level deep verification technique to verify the right person. Unlike simple login with passwords, two-factor tools work with various types of verification that can be used such as with temporary QR code scanning or temporary pass codes each time you log in. Thanks to the open-source availability of WordPress, there are plugins made available now to easily integrate such features within minutes.

Top 5 Two-Factor Authentication Tools or Plugins for WordPress

In this post, we’re sharing the top 5 two-factor authentication tools you can use to secure your WordPress site. These plugins will help you keep a sustained security level and prevent any harmful activity from happening on your WordPress website.

1. Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Clef Two Factor Authentication
Clef is a highly rated two-factor authentication tool which is being used by many industry professionals. It uses a unique feature called “Clef-Wave” to verify the user’s identity. It totally changes the way you log in with required username, passwords instead you can now login without even having a password or physical identity proof at all. After activating Clef plugin, you can simply use the clef app from your smartphone to synchronize with the Clef smart-wave which then will automatically log you in. This will not only increase login security but is also a time-saver. There are many other exceptional options available for you to increase login security, recommended is to keep an alternate for logging in.

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2. Two Factor Authentication by MiniOrange (Google Authenticator)

This two-factor authentication plugin is one of the top security plugins available in the WordPress market which is available for free. It has the proactive steps to secure the site login and multiple backup options for desperate times. After activating this plugin, admin as well as all the site users can get the two-factor authentication method, which can then be easily configured to use two step login process for WordPress site security.

There are many awesome features such as OTP login through SMS, OTP over email, QR code etc. which can be easily activated using this plugin.

3. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo is an advanced level two-factor authentication plugin which can be easily integrated with WordPress & does not take time setting up. You can simply start using this app after signing up for its service on the official Duo site. Duo gives full control over your login security whether a user wants to use a feature or not, one can simply opt out for the two-factor authentication and set back to old log in options. It also covers many options such as OTP through SMS, via Phone Call, via Email, or OAuth-complaint hardware like Yubikey, Solidpass etc. all of these can be used to logging into your WordPress site using this plugin.

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4. Rublon Account Security: Two-Factor Auth+

Rublon Account Security
Rublon two-factor security auth+ plugin is a one-click setup tool which can be quickly used to log into your WordPress site. It is available free to use for a single user and requires users to purchase business plans for multiple user support. It uses its smartphone app or email service to verify the user’s identity while logging in. There is no extra care needed to use this plugin, all you need is a smartphone or email account. Additionally, its email login doesn’t require you to go through all that OTP and stuff instead you just click on a link received in the mail and get redirected back to the logged in state.

5. WP Simple Firewall

Simple Security Firewall
WP Simple Firewall is exactly what its name suggests, an easy & simple two-factor authenticator login tool. It comes with two login modes: Email based or Yubikey (Hardware) based. It also gives you an option to choose IP or Cookie based logging in for authentication via email. One can simply create a preferred IP based login if one’s IP address doesn’t change often and would want to create multiple WordPress login sessions from multiple computers on a single IP Network. Although, there is this other option you get which is by Yubikey OAUTH-complaint hardware token based authentication.


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