Top 10 Trending IOT Startups to Watch Out in 2018

Trending IOT Startups

The IOT industry is going to be huge in the near future. You can say that it will be responsible for the next industrial revolution.

The Internet of Things industry is growing and will continue its growth beyond 2018. The IOT experts have predicted that by the year 2020 more than 75 Billion devices will be interconnected.

A few years back, the IOT industry was mainly ruled by the big players including Google, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Apple, etc. but these days the IOT industry has given identity to thousands of startups.

Featuring those startups at one place will be great, but it may overwhelm the reader that’s why I have compiled a list of top 10 trending IOT startups for 2018. Many IOT products can be easily bought and imported by using a UK forwarding account and the service will send the product anywhere you want.

The IOT industry is spreading its arms continuously and currently, it is doing great with few industries such as energy management, fintech, logistics, healthcare, agritech, money transactions, blockchain industry, and manufacturing.

1. Actility


Actility is one of the finest IOT startups of the European continent. This IOT startup was founded in 2010, by Olivier Hersnet and the place was Paris.

Actility deals with a wide range of IOT industries like telecom, smart cities, agriculture, smart cities, factories, infrastructure, mining, transport, logistics, energy, utilities, and biogas.

Actility helps firms deal with the latest IoT technologies and to accelerate development. Actility had made the commercialization of IOT industry more easy and efficient.

2. Adveez


Adveez is currently working on the data capturing of the airport sector. Doing this Adveez ensures the safety of the airports as well as improving the safety of the people and goods too.

This IOT giant was found by Karim Bendhia in 2011. Adveez has the potential to become one of the best IOT companies and is growing rapidly with no signs of downfall. I have listed some of the key features of Adveez below.

• This IOT startup is known for developing innovative software and hardware solutions for advanced communication purpose.
• It develops modules equipped with advanced communication software, sensors, and electronics.
• The software and hardware developed by Adveez are compatible with both private and public radio networks.
• Adveez is a data capturing specialist and one of the biggest IOT giants in France.
• Adveez has the membership of LoRa alliance.

3. DroneHopper


This drone is a heavy-duty machine engineered for fighting with fire. Its innovative design and great efficiency make it possible to extinguish fires easily by attacking at the main source of the fire.

DroneHopper provides aerial support for fighting with wildfires and it can be used for agricultural purposes and pest control too. This flying machine is loaded with geolocalization systems and heat sensors to identify the adequate point or source of the fire.

Once that adequate point is configured it becomes easy to extinguish the fire in a comparatively less time.

What are the advantages of this giant drone and how it functions, you ask?

• This firefighting heavy duty drone is programmed to fight fires aerially.
• The geolocalization system and heat sensors help in targeting the adequate point of the fire.
• The DroneHopper is designed to carry up to 300 liters of water.
• Its magnetic system and heat sensors help this device in identifying the density of fire and then nebulize appropriate amount of water.
• DroneHopper’s thermographic cameras and great navigation systems make it possible to coordinate this flying machine with its actions.
• It can take-off easily from land and also can be launched from the air at a certain altitude

4. Zenatix


Zenatix is one of the leading Indian startups which has done a great job in the power sector. This startup was founded in 2013 by Amarjeet Singh, Vishal Bansal, and Rahul Bhalla.

The software and hardware developed by Zenatrix have been proved effective in saving up to 30% electricity used for commercial purpose.

Wattman and Wattman Lite are the great energy saving machines developed by this IOT firm and here are some of its specifications.

• This hardware has multiple sensors for monitoring temperature, energy, humidity and few other relevant parameters.
• The intelligent and automated controls ensure quality service, governance, and reduced energy waste.
• Its cloud-based software makes it possible to access all the features of your mobile devices.

5. GraphCore


GraphCore was founded by Simon Knowles and Nigel Toon in 2016. This Bristol based IOT Company is creating next-generation AI chips.

GraphCore manufactures IPUs (intelligence processing units) and claims that its hardware is more capable of enhancing the machine’s intelligence if compared with the current hardware available.

GraphCore is working on making Artificial Intelligence smarter. Its innovative technology and the completely different view about AI are responsible for attracting investors.

GraphCore has raised a $50M fund in just after about 2 years of foundation.

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6. Smartrone


Smartron is going to change the way we live. This Indian IOT startup was founded by an ex-Intel, Mahesh Lingareddy in 2014. He is also the co-founder of Soft Machines.

Smartron had launched an intelligent and innovative connecting platform called TronX. TronX makes it possible for anybody to control multiple devices such as TV, home appliances, lights, AC’s, windows, doors and other household gadgets through voice commands, touch or gestures.

Other than TronX, Smartrone doing great in manufacturing low-cost quality Smartphone and tablets same as Xiaomi. Currently, this Indian startup is still in its early stages, but it’s trying its level best to be a tough competitor.

7. Vula Telematix

Vula Telematix

Vula Telematix is a South African startup and working on building machine networks. This IOT startup was launched with the idea of providing seamless Internet of Things connectivity to all organizations.

Vula Telematix is currently working four sectors to enhance the interconnectivity of devices and applications.

• Smart Power Distribution – The management of water, gas, and electricity will be smarter with Vula Telematix resulting in better use of every atom of the power source.
• Smart Lighting – Smart monitoring of street lights reduces the risks of power wastage.
• Asset Tracking – Tracking your devices and assets will improve productivity and provide great security at the same time.
• Agritech – Agritech is going to revolutionize the way of agriculture. Monitoring soil moisture, health, and quality will improve stock health and crop yield at the same time.

8. Lilium


Flying cars will completely change the way of transportation in the near future and Lilium had created something excellent for us.

This Berlin-based IOT startup is working on developing the most power efficient and smartest flying taxis. It was founded in the year 2014 and the founders were Matthias Meiner, Patrick Nathen, Sebastian Born and Daniel Wiegand.

This flying machine does not need long runways to take off. Its simplicity and ease of operation are one of the biggest key features.

9. Seebo


Seebo was founded on the Israeli land by Liran Akavia and Lior Akavia in 2012 has become one of the biggest IOT platform providers in the world.
Seebo works on its own cloud-based software to add value to both industrial and consumer IOT systems. Seebo is doing a great job on multiple IOT platforms including IOT modeling, IOT system, IOT simulations, IOT prototyping, IOT service and IOT behavior analysis.
Investors have invested around $22M in Seebo in November 2017. This funding is going to be very helpful for Seebo in extending its reach worldwide.

10. Carsense


What about an IOT system which will provide brief details of your car’s health? It will be truly great and with Carsense it is going to be possible.
Carsense is an Indian startup founded by the few IITians in the year 2015. The founders are Rohan Vadgaonkar, Urmil Shah, Prathamesh Joshi and Pushkar Limaye.
Carsense claims to provide complete car diagnostic solution. The software ensures your vehicle’s safety, send repair alerts and provide power consumption data of your car.
Carsense is looking forward to vehicle security industry by deploying gyroscope, GPS, Bluetooth, and accelerometer.

Final Note: –
Finding investors is not a very big deal these days and if you have an innovative idea you can make your dreams come true.

Internet of Things had changed our world a lot and the more is yet to come. That’s the reason behind the origin of IOT startups in almost every part of this globe.

IOT is currently making our life easier and going to be stronger in the future.

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