Top Web Design Trends To Make Your Website Standout in 2018

Top Web Design Trends

A website is more or less like your throne from the Game of Thrones in the digital world. We all want our business to flourish and the only way to do so is to create a high impactful impression of it, digitally with the top Web Design trends.

Why digitally? Well, practically speaking, that’s where 90% of the audience is spending their time. And, your website becomes the digital face of your business.

Just ask yourself this simple question, how many times do you wonder “Hey, have you seen our website?” or “How about you check our services online?”

Why do you propose it? It’s because your website describes a success story better than you would be able to dictate. Even though, you aren’t physically present yourself, your website can dictate who you are and what strong proposition you are offering.

Okay, it’s all understandable.

But what if your website is non-functional or not able to convert visitors into potential customers? While, your brand story has a strong impact, people would fail to address it if your website isn’t perfectly designed. Audiences are trendy, they like to stay up with the trends. Just like any other product on the market, website designs are equally important and it’s just that time of the year where your website needs a total overhaul. Here are some of the best website design trends adopted by most web design agencies which will make sure that your website speaks to the world on your behalf.

Consider the following…

Web Developers of 2018! Brace Yourselves for the top Web Design trends

The Great Fall of the Interstitial Website Pop-ups

We all know the driving force of traffic behind every website is Google. It defines whether your domain is going to shoot up to the top or fall behind in the race. Recently, Google announced that it is going to penalize those websites that display website pop ups on their web platform. While, some of them do have “X” to shutdown the pop ups, others are simply interstitial in design and wouldn’t go away unless a visitor fulfills their requirement. The purpose of Google is to grant maximum knowledge to users, unlike the world leveraging it for business.

Does your website has an annoying pop-up? It’s time you give a check on it and replace it with a better alternative. There are multiple notification pop ups as well which do not result in creating a hindrance for the visitor, but rather offer them the liberty to enjoy the content on your domain and then sign-up for the newsletters or any of your other offers.

The Serif Returns Back from the Dead

With the rise of flat designs among audiences, the idea of going ultimately flat in design seeped into every part of the website. As a result, even the serifs were removed from the typefaces. However, now flat designs are becoming obsolete and as a result, we are now observing the return of the serifs in typefaces.

Serifs add class and standard to your website. It brings out the personality of the website design. With serifs, the look and feel of the website does not only become sophisticatedly cleaner, but it will also create an element of authenticity within your business. Do you think your website is not convincing enough? You can add serifs to it.

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Add the Video Element to Your Platform

Videos are now becoming common. Even social media promotes ads based on videos so why can’t websites entertain it. According to a research the memory span of an individual has become comparable to that of a goldfish. You want something that readily grabs attention of your visitors. Just think how impactful can a powerful 30second video on your website can transform your platform for the better.

By year 2021, it is estimated that more than 82% of the internet traffic is going to shift to videos. It’s because videos are more demonstrating and holda higher potential of conversion ratio. The only downside of video marketing is that it incurs a heavy budget, more time and additional resources to create and deploy. If you think you are way past the static website design then I suppose it’s time to add the video element to your platform.

Bring your Website to Life with Animations in 2018

Previously, website designs were mostly static with minimum dynamic elements because people were more focused towards marketing aspects of getting a website rank high on Google. However, in time, the perception of the audience has changed. Now, people want unique elements or immersive experiences when they are visiting platform.

Animations add life to your website by making your brand story alive. An effective animation will capture the mind of your reader and keep them engaged on the homepage of your website. Before you know it, they are already grasping the message you wish to deliver through your brand building strategy.

Apart from that, if you are working in a digital firm, adding animations will confirm your audience that you are quite tech savvy and create excellent software products for them.

Trending 2018, in the field of animation, is none other than the use of GIFs and Logos in design. Does your website have either? If not, then you may consider adding it.

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Ramp Up Your Website Typography & Garnish Attention

Do you know that typography plays a significant element to attract the attention of visitors coming to your website? Typography has always been a part of your website. The way you utilize the fonts creates the perfect attention grabber for your website visitors. Although, the typographic element on your website holds great impact; yet, it fails to create a strong visual presence on a page. When we talk about the right typography, it means that you should up scale the size of your typographic elements as well.

By using a mix of graphics and visuals with the right typographic elements, you can easily create your website design an entity within its own self. Certain brands are already on the track of experimentation, they are creating multiple font entities and checking which results are displaying the best results. Some prefer minimalist approach to design, while others prefer simplicity. Does your website offers font typography that resonate waves of simplicity? If not, then you may want to go over your typography.

Wrapping it Up

A performance-oriented website is the brainchild of a wide array of platforms functioning in unity. There are coding languages involved, frameworks involved, other software elements involved. Now, if you are already aware of what is new and trending on the market, just imagine how profoundly you can create software products which sells into the market rest assured your very own.

Everyone likes to stay at the top of their ball-game. And one way of doing so is to stay up-to-date with the rising of top web design trends in the design world. Above stated are some of the most interesting trends which is sweeping the audiences off their feet. Do you believe there are more trends which are going to transform the world web design in the coming days. If you feel that way, then let us know in the comments section below!

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