Top PHP Frameworks & Creating a Next Big Thing

Top PHP Frameworks

Since the Internet started rapidly growing, web frameworks have also became quite popular for creating a great presence on the web. PHP is one of the advanced server-side languages which took great space in the heart of web developers and later on many web frameworks were made with PHP to make the web a better place than it was ever.

These frameworks took a hit when developers found making web apps & websites complex & time consuming, since they have to start from scratch whenever a new project or web app comes into effect. This is why Frameworks with standardized code & a library full of years of expert concepts were made, which made it simple & clear to make your way through a perfect coded program. PHP is among the top server-side languages which has a wide range of web frameworks available at present.

Whether you’re a developer or a programmer, once you started using these frameworks you’ll find it great & better because when it comes to beginning from scratch we all know how irritating it can be without any errors or bugs. We have shortlisted some of the top & most popular PHP frameworks used worldwide take a look to know which one is the right suite for your casual web development tasks or for your next big project or idea.

Watch Out Five Best PHP Frameworks in this list below: –

1. Laravel

Laravel is one of most popular frameworks made on PHP since it was first released in 2011, and many developers instantly fell in love with this framework. Laravel offers a huge ecosystem & instantaneous hosting & deployment engine, and comes with much more power out of the box than its competitors. Laravel provides a wide wiki of tutorials with highly explained documentation & the official Laravel website also has many video tutorials called Laracasts.

Laravel has many great features that makes it more of a state-of-perfected framework. Laravel supports rapid application development making a website or an app to be made faster and easier. It comes with well-organized files & code which makes the syntax easy for human readability. It supports very strong encryption packages making your final product more secure & safe. Laravel has also tons of other features such as authentication, queuing, caching, & RESTful routing.

Many great websites & web apps were made on Laravel; some of them are –,,, etc.

2. Symfony

Symfony is also a topmost PHP framework since it used by many great web projects such as the Drupal CMS, phpBB Forum, and even the Laravel framework relies on it. Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components/libraries that you can use to complete your different tasks such as templating, object config, authentication and much more. It has a wide development community & impressive fan base.

Symfony framework comes with a great set of well coded php components, which makes it a perfect suite for your next big web app or idea. It’s official website also has a showcase gallery where you can view some great accomplishments achieved with the help of Symfony framework.

3. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework all among the list presented here, built for developers in mind with simple yet well integrated libraries to create full-featured web apps. Ultimately, it is a great concept driven for the development of web industry and was created by EllisLab.

It is mostly a popular framework among the developers in website development. CodeIgniter is a well-developed framework with an ability to use normal web hosting services well, using standard databases such as MySQL. It comes well documented & with long term support.

4. CakePHP

CakePHP is among the most popular frameworks built on PHP, and due to its active community it has always managed to keep up with time. CakePHP was first released back in 2005 and since then it became insanely popular among the web industry.

CakePHP supports scaffholdingsytem and fastbuilds and is perfect for commercial web applications since it comes with MIT license. It comes with built-in support for Database access, authentication, caching, validation etc. CakePHP is well programmed to make a secure & safe web app or site with Scripting prevention, SQL injection prevention & Input validation.

Its official website showcases some of the websites & apps developed on CakePHP, checkout the site to get a more hands on view.

5. Zend

Zend is an advanced & stable framework made for complex projects in mind and comes with a lot pre-packed configuration options which makes it a perfect suite for complex & advanced projects. Zend framework has partners such as IBM, Microsoft, Adobe & Google. Zend framework is ideal for enterprise based applications and is much stable in maintaining the high performance speeds & tuning. It is well integrated with best security approaches available on the web such as bcrypt, AES-256 & more.

Zend framework also packs many advanced features such as tons of components for validation, feeds & forms. Standardization of your program is much more important when it comes to releasing the product publicly, and with these frameworks there is no compromising with your ideal concepts & approaches. One of the most excellent advancements from these frameworks are the industry specialized classes & libraries stocked at one place with bugless codes & approaches. With the help of these frameworks you can get your next great idea up & running with less effort & time.


  1. You missed the Yii2, with many features ready out of the box and genereate responsive cruds in 2 minutes. And the use of actual PSR’s, adoption of new standards like [] instead array(), and a bunch more.

    • Yes you are correct but before uploading this content i was allready made up my mind to choose only five instead of going for more.

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