Useful Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photographer

Tips to Become a Successful Real Estate Photographer

1. Create your online portfolio

Online portfolio, along with an updated blog, will bring you closer to your subscribers and help them gain confidence in you. Your website is an integral part of starting a real estate photography business. Download free and fashionable templates, write useful photography tips and tricks about how to get into real estate photography, review cameras and lenses, and become necessary.

how to get into real estate photography

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2. Free projects

Do not be afraid to spend your time on free photography projects, it can be beneficial to both parties. In social networks, it’s easy to find beginning models, popular bloggers, magazines, etc. Discuss the terms of cooperation: for example, 10 photos in return of mentioning your name and the website address on their website.

3. Practice as an assistant

The best start for your photographer career path will be working as an assistant with a leading photographer or as a second shooter.

4. Marketing of real estate photography

• Create your profile on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These “instant” social networks are most convenient in order to keep subscribers informed in everything that happens to you. Update them once in 3 days.
• Work with Google Ads that bought keywords. It helps generate more website traffic.
• Arrange discounts and competitions. To attract new audience, organize the competitions, the discounts on your real estate photography sessions. A free photoshoot for a repost, a themed photo session with a discount.
• Use customer feedback. Publish customer testimonials on the site and in social networks. If it turns out to be coordinated with the client, add a link to the customer profile in social networks. Do not be afraid to ask the client to share their opinion about the photos: write in private messages or send a link to the section of the site where you can leave a review.

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5. Create your own unique style

Learn the work of the best real estate photographers of America, their style, the path to success. Never copy anyone. If you use stylish interior design Lightroom presets, experiment with them, work with settings, etc.

real estate Lightroom presets

6. Evolve and gain different experience

Get new info from various business classes, professional projects, and workshops. Attend classes about real estate photography gear, sign up for the courses of Scott Hargis, he will teach you how to take photos in one minute; or find online courses of Charlie Borland who has over 30-year experience in this genre of photography. Find out how to manage your business with Bplans. Maybe a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign can help you to get additional real estate photography income if you create really wonderful photos.

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7. Share your experience

Introduce the public to the difficulties and tips about how to take real estate photos on the thematic conferences, show yourself and teach other beginners. Teach people during your photoshoot, make a video and share it on YouTube. Join groups in social networks, for example, Flickr, 500px, etc. Find and join international associations in the real estate photography business, where potential customers can find a real estate photographer.

8. Save your time

Plan your trip to the location, time of photographing and time spent on photo editing. When you are on the spot, go around the territory or the room, find the right angles, and start working. After that, choose the most successful shots and use real estate Lightroom presets, which will produce the basic color correction and stylish image editing very fast. Do not hesitate to use free applications or resort to third-party real estate photography services, they are created in order to save your time and leave more space in your life for creativity.

real state photography

9. Care about copyright

You have to learn to develop your memorable style, which will be recognizable without your signature, but you simply have to protect your work and license, especially if it is commercial real estate photos. Following the basic rules and requirements of legalizing your photos, in the future, you will not be deceived and earn a good reputation and increase your real estate photography income.

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10. Participate in public life

Do not just be limited to real estate photography. To be familiar to everybody, you need to participate in the public life of the city. For example, join charity events in honor of some city holidays or significant memorable dates, participate in various thematic exhibitions, photograph cultural mass events of a city, collaborate with the media, together with real estate photographers organize interesting projects, perhaps even on a non-profit basis.

Remember, creating a boom around your person will raise interest in your business. Be active, and your real estate photography business will thrive!

What is the secret of a successful real estate photographer? The secret is simple, like your work, constantly develop your services, be educated and do not copy anybody. Perhaps this is a universal way to achieve success in photography business.

We wish you creative projects and bright photos!


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