Skydio R1 First Autonomous Consumer Drone – What You Need to Know?


Won’t it be fantastic if you could film your adventures hands-free with an autonomous drone? Many drones are available with automatic features but Skydio R1 comes power-packed with the AI or Artificial Intelligence and can handle the complex photography environments on its own.

Drones were initially used for aerial photography to survey the lands used for real estate or agricultural purposes. They were also used to model the climatic season in the Arctic. However, apart from this, the common users and photographers started using it for clicking photographs or filming an adventurous outing. These days’ drones have become cheaper, smaller and sophisticated.

Introduction to Skydio R1

The Skydio R1 is the first autonomous consumer drone or a Quadcopter that will not crash when compared to other drones. The startup ‘Skydio’ has designed and manufactured this Quadcopter, which is based on the outskirts of the Redwood City in California. This AI equipped Quadcopter autonomous drone shoots 4k video and can be flown without any kind of expertise or without any controller in every unimaginable situation. The drone flies by itself with the help of the ‘Custom Computer Vision’ system.

The Skydio R1 drone works just like a self-driven car, as it not only keeps the track of its surroundings but also envisions what is going to come up next. It moves based on the forecasts that help it to avoid any kind of obstacles occurring in its way. However, the most important thing about this drone is that it never loses sight of the particular subject.

Skydio R1 Introduction

Considerable Features of the Skydio R1

The Skydio has recognized itself as an ultimate ‘follow-me’ drone in the market where the big companies have already grabbed fame in the drone-manufacturing sector. This ‘self-flying camera’ drone marketed by the Skydio startup has become popular with nearly 13 cameras aboard that is a fascinating factor. This nifty dronewill set you back approximately $2,499, but the number of features that it offers can definitely justify the price of the product in the market.

• It avoids the Obstacles within the 360 Reach
The camera technology of the Skydio is great as it not only includes 4k lens that is placed upfront, but also 12 other cameras present on the drone. These cameras help in mapping the surrounding environment. The R1 drone senses any kind of obstacles in the path, people or objects. It considers every minute detail while managing its flight path. Therefore, Skydio R1 offers the complete features that are required out of the drone.

• Formation of the R1
In comparison to today’s manufactured drones, the Skydio R1 is quite big but the company claims that people can fit it easily in their backpacks. The R1 consists of a lightweight body made of aluminum and possess carbon rotor guards. However, one needs to be careful while packing the drone because of its formation. This drone functions on the ‘Nvidia Jetson TX1 Processor’ that is a 256-core chip designed for the AI computing. It has an onboard storage of the 64GB that can capture few of your rides and weekend trips.

• Capturing Videos
This autonomous drone has 13 cameras fitted around its frame that help in capturing videos of the surroundings. The Skydio R1 can shoot the videos in the 4k front lens by making 30 frames per section that are captured in 1080p at 60 frames per section(fps) or 30 frames per section(fps). Moreover, its battery life is nearly 16 minutes but the users do not have to worry as it comes handy with two batteries. These batteries can be quickly swapped and used for shooting videos.

Skydio R1 Other Specifications Point

• Other Important Specifications/Features
The R1 flies by itself and can be controlled with the help of your Android or IOS devices. This self-flying drone has many other versatile features mentioned below:
-This drone can fly at a speed of 25mph or 40 kph while it is moving around the obstacles in its way because of its autonomous engine.
– The drone does not need a remote control to manage its landing function. The users can download the Skydio App on their Smartphones and can control the functionalities in the manual mode.
-This autonomous drone provides nearly 8 cinematic modes to choose when it is flying over or side by side its object. It has an Orbit mode in which the R1 encircles on the specific subject, Lead mode when the drone is moving ahead of its subject and the Side mode when the drone moves beside the subject.
– For the generation of the navigating information, the drone uses its cameras instead of the GPS system. This helps the R1 to make quicker flying decisions and a great advantage is that it can function indoors too. This is the only reason why many fulfillment centers also use drones since they can change their directions in case they are about to hit some obstacle.

Video capturing by Skydio

Quick Look at Some of the Skydio R1 Pros and Cons

Here is a quick look at the advantages and the disadvantages that are associated with the Skydio R1. They are as under:

Pros of Skydio R1

• It can be easily be used with the help of the Skydio App on your Smartphone or iPhone
• It generates 4k video footage that is of great quality
• It has a 360 obstacle prevention system
• The R1 has a in-built ‘Hard Drive’ too
• However, the ‘Mirrors’ can trick it but we find that it isn’t much of a problem since the drone can choose its path.

Cons of Skydio R1

• The consumers find it much expensive in relation to its rival companies
• Not portable because of its design (although the company states it can be backpacked)
• It does not have an adequate battery life that lasts till few trips before users have to change to other battery
• It does not possess an expandable storage system
• The R1 drone is not waterproof and cannot work properly over water bodies


To sum up, the Skydio R1 designed by the startup has already made a buzz in the market but it will take time for the drone to give tough competition to its rival companies. Most of the users like its specifications and features, but they find it bit on the expensive side. However, if seen overall the RI is set to give tough competition in future.

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