15 On-Page SEO Techniques That Can Help Boost Your Webpage

SEO Techniques

If you want your website or blog post to rank first on the search engines then you need to optimize it. Optimization can be on-page seo techniques or off-page seo techniques and in this post I would like to share with you the best on-page seo optimization techniques that would deliver you positive results under all situations.

On-page optimization is related to the optimization of the entire site and here the 15 things that needs to be on the checklist!

On Page SEO Checklist

1. Title of the Blog or Website

It is important to create a well optimized and attractive title for your blog post or website. This is the most important on-page SEO factor to consider. Make sure you include targeted keywords in the title and avoid repeating the same keyword more than once in the title tag.

2. Structure of Post Permalink

It is essential to display your URL appropriately on the on-page metrics. Avoid using targeted keyword in the URL and other special elements like brackets, symbols, commas, and more. You can differentiate your URL strings using dashes, which are supported by every web browser.

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3. Use Heading Tags

Highlight sub-headings, headings, and vital aspects of your post using heading tags. One H1 tag is enough in the post and avoids using many H2 and H3 tags as this is not preferred by Google algorithms.

4. Maintain Keyword Density

Make sure that the keyword density is around 1.5% including the LSI keywords. Use main keyword once in the first and last paragraph. Make sure the keyword makes sense.

5. Meta Tags

Adding a relevant and unique meta description to the blog post would help enhancing the on-page optimization experience. You can also include the targeted keyword in meta description as search engines will always pick keywords. While Google does not care about meta keywords, Bing still does.

Basic On-Page SEO Optimization

6. Image Optimization

Optimizing the image is another important aspect that would drive traffic from the image searches. Including a keyword in the image title and alt text will make your post more targeted and focused. But at the same time make sure your image is engaging.

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7. Check the Content Count

Make sure your blog posts have lots of words so that it is able to perform well on search engines. It is because such posts appear more informative. Hence, make sure that the blog post holds at least 500 words, which is standard for most of the cases.

8. Internal Linking

Interlinking blog posts will help your readers spend more time on the blog and at the same time increase the ranking of your site with the help of Digital Marketing Services India. Use a keyword or anchor text when interlinking but make sure you maintain the relevancy and necessity.

9. Focus on External Linking

Besides linking to your own posts, it is beneficial to link to external sites as well. While linking to other sites you must select the trusted websites and the sites must be authoritative and popular. Use a no follow tag in order to avoid linking your site to bad external sites.

10. Keep Engaging

If you wish to get more ranking and higher engagement then make sure you avoid writing low-quality Content. You must be aware of the proper ways to engage your audience so that they are more interested to read about you and are willing to spend more time on your post.

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11. Remove Misplaced No Index Tags

Any post or website page with no index tag will not be able to index by search engines. This way, your page will not be able to rank well. In such cases, it is essential to remove no index tags from the pages.

12. Make sure your website structure is secured

As per official announcement from Google, it is essential to create a website that is secured using HTTPS as a ranking signal. This is essential not just to maintain the security of your site but also to get better ranking on the website. This is worth using as chrome will soon begin to label all non-HTTP pages unsecure.

SEO Optimization

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13. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Almost 60% of searches on Google and other search engines are done through mobiles. Hence, it is essential to create a responsive website that is able to perform well on mobile devices. It is essential to keep your website mobile optimized.

14. Boost Engagement with Multimedia

Though there are no confirmed results that multimedia and videos can help increase your site’s rank, but yes it is true to some extent that they can increase the overall customer engagement.

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15. Keep Check of Broken Links

Broken links can result in a base user experience. Hence, they must be avoided at any cost. Even Google does not prefer pages with broken links.

That was a List of On-Page SEO Techniques you must have

Besides these 15 on-page SEO Services musts, you must ensure that none of your site page is time-consuming and if it is so then optimize it right away.


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