How to Send Push Notifications to Your Subscribers & Readers

Push Notifications

There are many reasons why you should think about constantly keeping in touch with your visitors, including the main one – to keep them coming back. Push notifications are a great way to ensure that you prompt your visitors into coming back. . If you’re a regular internet freak, then you must have crossed to some website at some point where you’ve been prompted for a browser notification or a newsletter subscription. And coincidently if you’re also a site owner you must be thinking of adding such a feature to your website too, Right? Or do you want to know how it works?

Well it doesn’t matter unless you don’t want to know what you can do with it.

Coming back to the point, these notifications are a new way for marketing & to promote content. Back in the days RSS feeds were the only option we had for reader subscription and to send regular updates to your users, but many novice users to the internet found it tricky to follow RSS feeds along the years. After the arrival of browsed-based notifications it all sorted out easily as there were no drawbacks to the ease-of-access or to the compatibility of the users’ system.

What is a Push Notification?

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Push notifications are a way to send regular & instantaneous updates to your readers & subscribers from as easy medium as browsers. It’s quite similar to the notifications we get on our mobile phones from apps such as Facebook and other apps like whenever a new thing happens there comes a notification with the resource link to that page.

These push notifications can be easily subscribed to without any registration on a web browser and can used to send push notifications whenever a new post gets posted or however you want your notifications to be delivered. Most of the browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. are supported for these push notifications yet there are also other browsers available too but it can’t be surely said that all-of-them are support these notifications or not.

These push notifications can simply be subscribed to by a simple interface popping up on a webpage and then you’re all set to receive instant notifications whenever something happens. All you need to do is get your readers to Accept actively instead of clicking the alternative No to your push notifications subscribe interface, which is a difficult part as experienced.

Benefits of Push Notifications:

The browser based notifications not only gives you an easy& fast way possible to reach your readers, visitors & subscribers but also assures you that your users can stay updated on your latest content & activity.

The best benefit you may get is an improved click through rate, which compared to promoted mails, is rather cool and easily available to the user without even spamming their whole online workspace. It takes minimal space at the bottom of the browser and it just pops up at the bottom whenever a notification comes in and automatically gets erased down in some seconds of interval.

There is one important thing though – if you keep sending too many notifications, chances are it’ll annoy your readers & subscribers which will result into user discrepancy and breakouts.

In this post we’re going to illustrate how you can use PushCrew to send push notifications to your users, follow the steps below to integrate PushCrew notification plugin on your WordPress site.

Add Push Notifications to a WordPress Site Using PushCrew

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PushCrew is a plugin available for WordPress to integrate push notification feature onto your site. Although there are other options available, in our case we found PushCrew to be best suited for any website out there. PushCrew has many great features which keeps it at the top of all push notification plugins and is amazingly popular among website publishers and content creators.

PushCrew helps you easily setup push notifications on your website with the compatibility for Chrome, Firefox and Other Smart devices running similar browsers.

Here is a quick list of steps you need to follow to get along with PushCrew:

• Step 1 – Add PushCrew Plugin To Your WordPress Site
• Step 2 – Sign up For A PushCrew Account
• Step 3 – Setup Your Push Notification Interface/Page
• Step 4 – Add PushCrew Account Id To Your WordPress Site

Step 1 – Add PushCrew Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Add PushCrew To WordPress
Download & Install PushCrew plugin from the WordPress plugin directory to your site. It can be installed directly from your WordPress admin panel by browsing into Plugins>>Add New and then search PushCrew in the right hand side search box and then press install and then activate.

Or you can manually upload the plugin after downloading it from external WordPress plugin directory to your WordPress installation folder, you can find online guides on how to upload a file through FTP or Cpanel just Google your search.

Step 2 – Sign up For a PushCrew Account

PushCrew Signup Page
You’ll need to sign up for a PushCrew Account in order to work with PushCrew plugin on your site.
PushCrew Plans & Pricing
You’ll be asked to choose between plans just go for the free one for now, there’s a limit of 500 Subscriber in the free plan which is absolutely good for starters and after that you can upgrade to a premium plan or so.

Step 3 – Setup Your Push Notification Interface/Page

After the above steps you’ll be provided with the options to customize your user side interface, which will be your web box-type page to ask your readers to subscribe. You can customize all you want like the logo and color and typography and the Yes or No options, etc. After hitting all the customizations to your liking it’s time you press the Save button.

Step 4 – Add PushCrew Account Id to Your WordPress Site

PushCrew Account Id
After going through the above steps you’re all ready to go to the final step where you integrate your push notification box to your site.
Make sure the PushCrew WordPress plugin is activated on your site, after that browse to your Account settings in the PushCrew site and then copy paste the Account Id to the PushCrew Plugin page in your WordPress admin panel, here Settings>>PushCrew.

Now hit Save and you’re done. You’ve well configured your PushCrew push notifications with your site, now your users will start to see a popup box for notification subscription.
There are many options available for you to customize according to the condition for which you want your users to get the push notifications, just go tweak and comment below if you’ve any errors or questions.

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