How To Secure Your Site with SSL Certificates – Types Explained

SSL Certificates

With the revolutionary growth of the internet, there has been a great increase in security threats & data leaks on the web. Hence, the data you enter on the web may remain at the risk. This is where SSL certificates play a vital role in securing your site from such attacks & in future as well.

Tips for Creating a Secured Website with SSL Certificates

What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?

SSL is a protocol used to secure websites throughout the web. It comes in a form of certificate which can be easily installed on the web server, which helps in preventing & securing your site data. It basically merges itself between site data communication resulting in more secure & encrypted data to be sent & uploaded in & out of the server.

It doesn’t secure only your single site but also secure its sub domains too if you are using Wildcard SSL certificate type. By installing any SSL certiifcate type, you can improve website/webpage user experience and creates confidence of data security for your users.


Types Of SSL

Secure - Https

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of SSL certificates, resulting in the expansion of SSL types assigned to the consumer. On a classification basis there are three types of SSL certificates and here’s how you can identify them:

Domain Validation SSL Certificate (DV):

DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate can be issued to a user by simply verifying the domain ownership. There is no additional authority verification needed for Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate. Because it doesn’t show other vetted information included. This SSL type simply works as a security gateway of the site which comes with free site seal.

Organization Validation SSL Certificate (OV):


OV (Organization Validation) SSL certificate is issued to an organization after validating the domain ownership & evaluating organization information. Additionally, it displays the verified information alongside the Secure site seal, improving the site user experience & trust by providing the organization behind the site.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV):

An Extended Validation or EV SSL certificate is issued to an entity by validating domain ownership and a thorough evaluation of the organization/company behind. The processing behind this SSL certificate is a strictly defined guidance which is clearly mentioned in the EV guidelines, which specifies all the guidelines necessary before issuance of an SSL certificate. EV SSL certificates are used for all types of businesses, whether it’s a private company or an accredited government organization. This evaluation cycle is repeated every year in order to verify the status of the organization. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate shows site seal at the web page, green padlock and a verified organization name in the browser.

How SSL Works?

SSL Works
SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, in order to make it work you must have a domain. For getting SSL certificate, you require CSR (Certificate Signing Request). The CSR is used for integrating SSL certificate to your domain and is a gateway to verify the domain ownership & access. After confirming with the CSR key your SSL certificate is installed on your domain server and starts encrypting your data.

Now have look at how SSL actually works?

  • When any user wants to connect website which is already secured with SSL then that browser ask for web server identity.
  • After that server sends copy of SSL certiifcate to the browser and browser autheticates SSL certificate.
  • After checking SSL certificate, it sends messages to the server and in return message server will send an acknowledgement to start an SSL encrypted session.

To ensure that your site is secured & that the SSL is installed, you can simply check the site url in the address bar of the browser which will turn from http to https followed by your site url.

Some browsers also indicate it visually by showing green text for compnay name in the site address bar. The best of all it’ll work with no any additional technical guidance or errors and will remain intact until its expiry.

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