5 Ways to Recover Valuable Disk Space on Your Windows PC

Recover Valuable Disk Space

Your system requires due diligence when it comes to keeping your system performance well over time. Here, your system generates and accumulates a lot of unnecessary data in different forms that not only occupies valuable disk space but it also makes your system run slow. In this article, we have discussed ways how you can recover valuable disk space on your Windows PC following some simple steps.

5 Tips to Recover Valuable Disk Space on Your Windows PC

Remove Bloatware: – Bloatware come pre-installed on your system in the form of manufacturer offered apps & programs. While some of these items remain useful to you rest remain idle on your system. These unnecessary apps & programs not only occupy precious disk space but they also run in the background affecting your system performance negatively. Thus, it is suggested that you should find and remove all bloatware items to speed up your system performance. In addition to bloatware, you should also look for those programs that you have installed before long back and stopped using for a while.

Apps & Features

To find and delete all such unnecessary apps & programs on your Windows 10 system, search & select “Apps & Features” in the search box on the taskbar. Once you are on Apps & Features window, sift through the programs list to find all unnecessary programs. To remove any of these items, simply select it and press the Uninstall button given below that. This simple step will help you recover gigabytes of data storage on your system. It will also help you speed up your system performance significantly.

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Try built-in utility: – Your system stores abundant junk files over time in different forms. Here, you can find these junk files in the form of temporary files, thumbnails, offline web pages, obsolete Windows folders, downloaded program files, game news files and other unnecessary files. These unnecessary files not only occupy valuable disk space but it also affects your system performance negatively. To deal with junk data, you can use built-in utility called Disk Cleanup on your Windows system for quick results. This built-in tool not only helps you give insights about junk files on your system but it will also help you get rid of them to boost your system performance. To use this utility, follow these steps.

• Search “disk cleanup” in the search box on the taskbar and select it from the given options.
• Here a pop-up window will appear asking you to select the drive that you wish to clean.
• Once you select the drive, it will start scanning your system to find all unnecessary files and display it to you on Disk Cleanup window.
• Now on Disk Cleanup window, you can tap on the “View files” option to view these junk files.
• To delete any of these files, simply select it from the list and press OK to delete it.

Disk Cleanup

Clean up System Files: – In addition to cleaning junk files, built-in Disk Cleanup utility also helps you clean old & obsolete system files effortlessly. Here, system files accumulate in large numbers over time on your system that may include service pack backup files, device driver packages, system compression files and other unnecessary files. These unnecessary system files are generated as second copy or idle files by your system. To get rid of these unnecessary system files, simply open Disk Cleanup utility (as discussed above) and click on “Clean up System Files” option in the lower-left corner. Next select the drive that you want to clean. Here, it will scan your system to find and display all unnecessary system files on your system. You can click on “View Files” option to view these files or you can select and delete them by pressing OK button.

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Clear Browsing Data: – Disk Cleanup utility helps you clean temporary files accumulated on your system over time but it doesn’t help you clean temporary files accumulated by third-party apps like a browser. Here, when you keep on performing different activities on your browser while being online it generates lot of temporary data in the form of cache & cookies. This temporary data could be in gigabytes of space. Thus, we suggest you remove all such unnecessary data to recover disk space on your Windows PC instantly. To do this, you can visit your browser settings to find and delete all unnecessary browser data. This is also useful for your security as no one can trace your online activities based on cache & cookies.

Clear Browsing Data

Remove Duplicate Data: – In addition to other junk data, your system also accumulates lot of duplicate files over time. Possible reasons for this accumulation could be multiple times sharing of the same file using different apps, data backup of same files, file download and multiple other reasons. While you can find and delete all such unnecessary files to recover disk space, you can also use duplicate files finder tools for instant and effective results. These powerful tools work automatically to help you find and clean all duplicate files on your system to recover valuable disk space. It will also boost your system performance significantly.

Conclusion: – Windows systems come equipped with many useful built-in utilities to help you deal with various performance issues. These utilities are not only helpful to fix the issue but it also helps you speed up your system performance significantly. Here, we have discussed top 5 ways to recover valuable disk space on your Windows system, if you know more such steps feel free to comment below.


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