7 Most Popular Disk Cloning Softwares for Windows PC in 2018


To make sure your system is running smoothly, you need to upgrade it on a regular basis. Moreover, when your PC runs out of space, you focus on upgrading your hard drive. However, upgrading your computer’s hard disk or OS, needs a secure place to put your data to ensure that you don’t end up losing everything on it. And that’s where disk cloning softwares come into the play.

Here’s the Top 7 Disk Cloning Softwares for Windows PC

1. EaseUSTodo Backup Home

It is one of the best disk cloning tools for Windows PC users which helps them keep the machines secure by taking the backup of the data. The software is not only suitable for businesses but also reliable for home and home office.

Features of EaseUSTodo Backup Home:
● EaseUSTodo Backup Home is a one-stop solution which helps you to back up your system to make sure you avert tragic data loss and keep your machine protected always.
● The software is fast, secure, and efficient system deployment tool that comes with various machines system installation at one time.
● It is a suitable disk imaging tool and advanced recovery tool that comes handy to organize your machine.

2. Nova Backup PC

Nova Backup PC
Nova Backup PC is a powerful and extremely effective tool which comes with a simple interface to make your life easier than before. Apart from automatic PC backup, NovaBackup PC also helps you to access local technical support.

Features of Nova Backup PC:
● With Nova Backup PC, you can easily back your vital files, pictures, video and audio files on the cloud.
● The tool lets you share your files with your friends and family through OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SafeSync, Dropbox and many more.
● As the tool uses the new technology so you’ll get multi-threaded I/O process that will help you to fix overlapping of files.

3. DriveImage XML V2.60

DriveImage XML
DriveImage XML is an amazing yet useful software that allows you to copy directly from drive to drive. It supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. DriveImage XML V2.60 takes a backup of your files and restore drives formatted with NTFS, FAT32, 16 and 12.

Features of DriveImage XML V2.60:
● The tool allows you to restore your photos to the similar or a different drive without any trouble.
● With DriveImage XML V2.60, you can backup logical drives and partitions to image files with ease.
● You can schedule automatic backup according to your preference to ensure your computer’s performance.

4. Hard Disk Manager Version 16

Hard Disk Manager Version 16
If you’re looking for amazing disk cloning tools, then Hard Disk Manager Version 16 is just perfect for you. With this tool, you can manage your disks; enhance the performance of storage media and machine.

Features of Hard Disk Manager Version 16:
● You can clean up your personal and redundant data before disposing of a hard disk.
● The tool provides additional benefits like live transfer your systems and data which will help you manage the data at the time when you are switching to SDD from HDD.
● Apart from backup automation, the tool is also capable of disk cleanup, backup, restore, and data migration.

5. DAEMON Tools Pro 8

DAEMON Tools Pro 8
It is simple, effective and professional emulation software that comes handy for working with disc images and virtual drives. DAEMON Tools Pro 8 is a useful tool that comes with a capability of mounting all popular forms of photos from app or explorer.

Features of DAEMON Tools Pro 8:
● You can create new or edit already created Audio files and Data images with ease.
● To be organized, the software allows you to store all your preferred photos in handy Images catalogue for quick access.
● With the software, you can compress, convert, and protect photo files with password to add an extra layer of security from intruders.

6. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect
Macrium Reflect is an incredible image-based backup and cloning software that allow you to safeguard your significant data, files, documents, operating systems through advanced disk imaging technology. The software is fast, secure and reliable for disk cloning as well as backing up your machine.

Features of Macrium Reflect Software:
● It can manage GPT and MBR disk.
● You can rely on the software to clone the disk swiftly by using the feature Rapid Delta Cloning.
● With the built-in feature Rapid Delta Restore, you can easily recover your photos in real time.

7. Runtime’s Shadow Copy

Runtimes Shadow Copy
Last but not the least, it is another amazing tool that has the power to copy all your files from one location to another. You can also copy the files that are locked with a password and access them in with no problem.

Features of Runtime’s Shadow Copy:
● It is a multilingual software.
● You can run Runtime’s Shadow Copy software from the command prompt.
● The software is useful for copying all your files, even in case they are locked.

So, these are the list of the top 7 disk cloning softwares for Windows PC users. You can get on-board with the software you liked the most. As all the above-mentioned software are excelled in their files and offers you the best.

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