Podcast Marketing Strategy – How to Create the Perfect Podcast Strategy

podcast marketing strategy

With heavy advancement in media, curiosity within the audience is at its peak for newest addition of Podcasts in corporate, entertainment, education and sports. Podcasts were an unexplored medium to reach population, until recent years when businesses started to seek them as a powerful tool to brand their image. Let’s know about the perfect Podcast Marketing Strategy

Understanding Podcast : Past & present

Understanding Podcast

Generally, an episodic digital format of a series of interlinked audio clips, which a user can download or listen to live over the web is called a Podcast. The Podcast jockey, produces a season of episodes for specific listeners to listen to and download respective audio clips holding information either related to social issues, entertainment purpose, branding, subject education, etc. Audience subscribe to the likable podcasts, which makes them aware of the newest episodes or seasons being broadcasted.

Historically, this whole credit goes to Adam Curry (former MTV VJ) and David Winer of syncing audio content into audio players. Later August Trometer and Ray Slakinski developed iPodderX, which bought a heavy revolution into the world of podcasting. Finally The BackStage Pass in 2003 and Daily Source Code became the first of the kind podcasts, eventually hottest talk of the town, and attracted noticeably successful number of audience. Following the culture, CBC Radio One, NPR, BBC and Public Radio International also stepped forward with their podcasts on iTunes platform in 2005.

Another interesting way of Podcasting includes going live with audience. The format is much similar to a Radio, but still what makes it different is- firstly it is online and secondly it’s still available for you to download from the web feed. The platforms which allow the audience to connect to Podcast are known as ‘Podcatcher’, which could either be a desktop, tab or mobile through special podcasting service applications or software. Yes, with more and more Podcasting channels debuting on web platform, Podcasts are becoming new-age Radio for audiences to catch-up with.

Following the trend, web is flooded with Podcasts being uploaded globally. Somebody must have just uploaded a new Podcast audio, while you are reading this. Working on right marketing strategy, could become a major breakthrough for any podcast to gain audience attention.

Podcast Marketing Strategy

How would your Podcast gain traffic, if no-one really knows it exists. Producing good content for listeners is one of the most important factors, but the real struggle comes in establishing popularity among masses for same content; and word-of-mouth advertisement is a very time consuming process. Here are some points you must take a note one that can make your Podcast spread like wild-fire.

#Tip 1 – Reserve your Podcast on iTunes platform

iTunes has more than 70-75% of the total Podcasts available throughout the web medium. Apple at WWDC 2018 confirmed over 550,000 podcasts available on its platform. This could be a major motivation, for any podcast generator to understand that iTunes could be a major turning point for his Podcast, with a huge loyal audience support at iTunes.

#Tip 2 – Utilize full potential of Social Platforms

Utilize all your social presence on the trendiest social media platforms to promote your Podcast. Social Platforms can be utilized for a massive global reach, within hours rather than months or days. The comment section could also be utilized as fan reaching section or feedback analysis portal for self-assessments and improvements.

Social Media Platforms

#Tip 3 – Make the opening description interesting, but not content revealing

Sub headings and descriptions are important when it comes to seasonal episodic Podcast production. But, the main query lies what description would be considered appropriate to buy in audience to download or listen your podcast. Well the answer is, “not too revealing” description the best way to attract audience towards your episodic Podcast. Remember, if you described all the major content of your Podcast in mini description sections, nobody would invest time to go through your podcast to retrieve the same information.

#Tip 4 – Involve audience through live Podcasting

Live audience chats, Live-shows and Live rewarding sessions are some great tricks that can elevate huge audience attraction. Say, out of sheer greed for reward or expectation of being acknowledged on-air among masses, people do join such live podcasting shows to involve themselves and mark their presence live. It turns out be a benefit factor for Podcast generator, since he is getting a big audience pool with a little investment in reward section. Moreover, generating a fan base which obviously would do a free marketing base for the show.

Podcast Marketing

#Tip 5 – Old trick of Email marketing, always works

When it comes to marketing your Podcast, leave no stones unturned. Email marketing is the oldest form of one of its kind, and has been still acceptable throughout globe. Two main reasons to utilize this platform for your Podcast Marketing; firstly its slightly economic and secondly people do read these emails, even if they don’t click the link. It is important to make your presence in people’s mind first, even if they still are not listening to your podcast.

Podcast is the trendiest on-demand tech which is making a huge impact on the whole information consuming media platforms. Being easy to download, digitally available like forever and moreover consuming much less space on hardware devices, Podcasts are going to be smartphones’ next best add-on we are going to witness in near future.

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