How to Personalize and Quickly Put Your WordPress Site under Construction


If you have any experience surfing the web, we are sure that you have stumbled upon a website that was under construction for some time. No matter which URL you opened, that website showed a simple landing page that was designed in order to tell visitors the status of the site. It was under construction, so there might have been logos, images, a simple text and probably a newsletter or contact form.

Although not as difficult as designing an entire site, creating an under construction page may be time-consuming for someone who’s doing it for the first time.

Luckily, if you’re using WordPress to power your site, there’s a perfect plugin for the job. Let us show you how easy it is to create an under construction page in WordPress.

Under Construction Page plugin for WordPress

This amazing plugin is designed for creating landing pages that you can use while your site is undergoing some maintenance. Whether you’re tweaking out the theme, trying out a new plugin that might cause problems or actually fixing an issue on the blog, you will want your site under construction.

UnderConstructionPage will let you put your site under construction with a click of the mouse button! The only thing that’s up to you is the design of under construction page and content that will be presented on it.

  • Design
    The free version of UnderConstructionPage lets you choose one of many professional designed themes. Just by heading to the right settings tab, you get to choose a theme that controls the looks of your page. Although you can’t make changes to the elements in the free version, you still get to write custom CSS to change every aspect of the design. So, with a little CSS knowledge, you can have custom images, colors, and fonts in no time.The PRO version gets is much better – with it, you get a full page builder that allows you to drag and drop modules and customize them. Since it’s basically a page builder, you can create much more than a simple under construction page. Whether you want to add MailChimp or Zapier support, embed Google Maps or get access to more than 400,000 free photos, you’ve got it! We suggest that you take a closer look at the official site and the templates for more details on this.

create an under construction page

  • Content
    Write, add images and videos and personalize the page. We don’t think it’s enough just to select a theme – you have to write something and inform visitor what’s going on.Since you get to work with the default WordPress editor, you should not have any problems with entering the content.
  • Social media
    Embedding social media into the under construction page is quite easy – you just have to copy the URL to your social media site, and the plugin does the rest.

Wordpress Website Under Construction

  • Support
    Even the free version of the plugin connects you to the developers. If there’s anything you want to ask or if there’s anything not working for you, you’re one email away from contacting the developer.


Whether you want a quick solution that will have your maintenance page up and running in less than five minutes or you want to have complete control over the page, UnderConstructionPage is the plugin you just have to have. While the free version will help you solve the under construction page problem quickly, those who really want the best out of their blogs will need to opt-in for the PRO version that comes with dozens of extra perks.


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