Optimize Company Website To Bring In More Traffic

Optimize Company Website

Optimize Company Website To Bring In More Traffic

The internet is vast, with billions of people online sharing and digesting information every day. Well, sharing information is the easy part but getting people to digest, that is the hard part, where all the benefits of the internet reside.

Somehow it seems your company website isn’t fetching your business any of those benefits. Instead it just huddles there online, as if isolated from where all the activity is happening. It is like a leafless tree dying on an arid desert island.


The good news is that there’s something you can do about it. You can still jump start your company website to life so that it can deliver on the purpose for which you created it. First, start by analysing what you are doing wrong using the four tips below. Then improve from there.

● You Website Has No Company Blog

You need a blog to consistently pull traffic to your website, engage that traffic, and convert it to sales. Without a blog, you will only need to update your website when there’s an update to your product or service information or your company’s operation, which is only occasional. With a blog, you feed your website content more frequently. This doesn’t only boost your SEO, it can also boost your visibility on social media and the internet as a whole, as you have set your site up to be shared by users that read your blog content. If you got your website from companies like Freeparking Domain Names Nz, you shouldeasily be able to add a blog to your main domain.

● Your Website Lacks Proper SEO Implementation

The first page is for search engine results. When your company website constantly lands on that page for a great keyword phrase, it is in for a lot of traffic.

SEO Implementation

Do you understand Search Engine Optimization? If you don’t, it might be wise to hire someone that does to produce your content. There are many great SEO copywriting services out there online; Pavilion Copywriting, for instance. You just have to know where to find them.

SEO isn’t just about keywords, link building, meta description, and so on. It’s about understanding how to properly use them to produce your desired result.

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● Your Website Lacks Calls to Action

What do you want the visitors on your company website to do? Download your free eBook? Signup for your newsletters? Buy a product? Share your content? Why not let them know? Use proper calls to action. Give them that nudge they need to make the decision you want.

The problem is that you can’t just go about asking favours. You need to be strategic about your CTAs. You need a firm understanding of the difference between CTAs for inciting on-page action and ones for revenue-driving conversion. You need to recognize when and where to use them so you don’t push your visitors away instead.

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● Your Website Doesn’t Leverage Social Media

Facebook and Twitter might look like a playground for teens and twenty-something-year olds, but they are much more powerful. In the current internet age, you can’t just pretend they don’t exist. Social Media is where billions of people meet and share content from various parts of the world, where they make friends, chat, have fun… Why not leverage that network for the growth of your website?

Activity on Social Media

As a company, you ought to have proper social media presence, so that your present and prospective customers can connect with you there. Display your social media feed on your blog, share your blog posts on social media, make it easy for your visitors to share your content or follow you by including social buttons, and have your employees regularly share the content of your company website on their social media. Your company’s online visibility, leads generation, engagement, and conversion rate depend on it.

Once you have analyzed your website based on the tips above and implemented the suggestions that accompany them, you should start seeing some difference in the performance of your company website. But don’t stop there. Scour the internet for more tips on improving your company website and leverage the viable ones.


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