Growth Of The Online Gaming Industry 2018

Online Gaming Industry

Games have been around since the beginning of time, it is a great form of entertainment to pass the time. As we progressed through the ages, the online gaming industry has also done the same. From the rocks and sticks in the 15th century, to the high-tech computers todaygaming has seen a drastic change.

Computer games have existed as long as computers have, but they weren’t as advanced as they are now. The old games were simple and text based, which then progressed to basic graphics that can be seen in mindsweeper, and as the technology grew – games got better graphics and play functionality.

Then came the biggest change – the internet. The internet changed not only our lives, but also how we see the world and how we interact with it. With the internet, players could now play with other players around the world. A player from the US could now compete with someone who was sitting in India. It made gaming global in the true sense.

History of Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming can be dated back to the 1950s with games such as NIMROD, OXO and Spacewar!, which required one or two users to sit at the same computer. It wasn’t until the 60s, when we saw computers support time-sharing which allowed multiple users to share the user of a computer simultaneously.

The introduction of modem links and dial-ups, allowed users to be in different rooms and even in different locations. With the increased remote access, “host based” games were created, in which users on remote systems connected to a central computer to play single-player, and soon after, multiplayer games.

The introduction of packet-based computer networking in the 1970s lead to the creation of the internet and to the popularity of online games. As the technology improved, games with better graphics become the norm.

The Gaming Market

The gaming world is expected to continue to grow. According to the data by Statistics Portal, the online gaming market was worth $37.91 billion, which grew to $41.77 in 2016 and $47.11 in 2017. According to its predictions, the online gaming market is expected to reach to $59.79 billion by 2020 and USD 171.96 billion by 2025.

The online gaming market has also opened the market up for online gambling, where people can now gamble online without any restrictions. However, money is not limited to just gambling, but other games have also become open to accepting payments by offering purchasable aspects – such as gaming money, health, or even especial diamonds, etc.

The gambling sector is expected to get another boost as governments are considering easing regulations, which are set to drive the expansion of the global online market until 2021. Governments around the world are being motivated by the benefits offered from easing the regulations, as well as legalizing online gambling such as revenue from the tax levied on these websites.

Another gaming aspect that is doing exceptionally well is online betting, this is where people place bets on games, sports, and even events. There are even websites where you can go and place bets on things. All you need to do is simply go to the website, select what you would like to bet on, add your payment details and wait for the result. It’s simple and efficient for people who like betting.

The online gaming industry is expected to see a number of changes, especially with VR and AI entering the picture. Companies are now designing virtual reality software especially for games that can give you a more realistic feel. In the next couple of years, you won’t even need to get up to play – instead you can simply connect from players from around the world using a headset and an internet connection.

The Debate on Online Gaming

The biggest resistance to online gaming as been the misconception that online gaming corrupts minds and can cause violent tendencies. However, this is a gross misconception as there are no research that supports these ideologies.

However, the times are changing and more people are now looking at the way online gaming has been bringing the world together. Games have allowed people from around the world to put aside their differences and form teams online that have each other’s backs when it comes to fighting wars with ancient demons.

The Future of Gaming

The future of gaming looks promising especially with the introduction of technologies such as VR and AI, even if they are different, they becoming integrated into your next consoles and headsets. Games will offer a more realistic look and feel, making it feel comparative to real life. Gaming trends are expected to offer a richer experience compared to the games that we have today.

The consoles are no longer going to be limited to the ones that we have today. The latest consoles are already miles apart from the first consoles that were chunky. In addition to the designs, the latest consoles support modern technologies such as 4k, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and even VR. We can expect the future consoles to keep up with the latest trends that are popular at that time.

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