Online Data Storage: How and Why it’s Useful

Online Data Storage

Online data storage is also known as “Hosted storage”, “Internet storage” or “cloud storage”. Online storage is basically a platform that allows users to store and access their data safe and securely using some applications and software. Now some of you might think that “Is online data storage secure?” “Can anyone hack your online storage?” and such other questions related to internet storage. So in this post, we will clear all your doubts regarding online data storage and let you know why it is helpful for you.

Storage Data

Same as any folder on your hard disk, online data storage lets you to backup your data and keeps it safe for you. Cloud storage includes storing data on hardware in a remote physical location which can be accessed through anywhere via the internet. For storing your data in cloud storage you can use Google drive as it provides 15GB of free online storage so you can keep your data there but for that, you must have a Google account. Apart from Google drive, you can use some other sites for cloud storage like ADrive,, Carbonite, Dropbox and much more. Some of them are free but have limited storage and some sites have payable plans which may vary according to cloud space provided by them. Well, that depends upon the website you use. Online storage provided by Google drive, Dropbox and SugarSync is appropriate and efficient but in some way it is insecure. The reason behind it is that files are infrequently encrypted, data transfer is not protected typically and companies usually keep eye on your data (even if there T&C states that they won’t, they may be legally forced to do so). As hackers revealed that by hacking many icloud breaches and besides that poor password security can provide hackers an all access pass to your cloud storage. Although the biggest reason of concern for online storage isn’t hacked data it’s to save your data from getting lost. Now let’s have a look at the uses of online storage. The main advantage of storing your data in the cloud is that you can access them virtually anytime and from anywhere using the internet. Almost all online storage services have their personal apps which you can install in your mobile. Most of the online storage services can be used from the browser so if at any instance if you didn’t carry your computer and mobile you can browse your files using a device other than your own. You can share your data with anyone. Commonly the person with whom you decide to share your files requires being a user of that same cloud service. Sharing any work documents or official material is very fast and easy. If your pc or mobile gets lost or broken then you should not worry about your data as it is safe and easily recoverable from cloud storage. You can also put your online storage on auto upload and then after every specific interval of time it will automatically create a backup of your data on cloud storage. So in any case, if your mobile or pc is damaged re-installing the app and signing in from your account will resolve it.

Cloud storage

* Storage of ordinary data
If you want to store some non-sensitive data such as songs, pictures and video clips you can use basic online storage package as it doesn’t contain the high line encryption and safety features. But this storage is appropriate for storing such ordinary data because it is cheaper and up to some extent it is even free and can be accessed through multiple devices.

* Storage of confidential data
This storage is used to store company officials, financial information, and personally identifiable information. It contains the advanced encryption which is mainly used by intelligence agencies to keep their information safe. If you want to store some confidential data then you should use storage with high-security measures.

We hope this post helps clear your misconceptions regarding online data storage and will lead you to get the best of cloud storage in your upcoming gigs related to it.

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