Nano S 360 Degree Camera Built for Social Media

Nano S 360 Degree Camera

Changing technology had taken a dig on everyone in the present times. The Social Media is a big hype that connects people worldwide. It is commonly used to share pictures, videos, live videos etc.. Have you ever desired for taking a 360-degree view of an occasion or fun you are having with your friends? The Insta360 revealed an upgraded version of the Nano S 360 Degree Camera that can easily be attached to your iPhones.

Insta Nano 360 degree camera

The Nano S 360 degree camera is a newer version that has 4k video recording and takes 20 MP still shots. It is same in terms of looks as its predecessor but with few upgradations. It connects to the lightning port of the user’s iPhone. The user can record videos or photos through the Nano S 360 Degree Camera and share it with the help of the Insta360 Nano S application. This Camera is quite affordable as it is priced below $300.

How does Nano S 360 degree Camera Work?

How does Nano S works

The Nano S is a compact camera that fits right into the hands of users or their pockets. It takes a 360-degree view of videos and photographs. The photography enthusiasts have developed a liking for this new upgraded camera.

In this, the user can simply click the ‘Shutter Button’ and can frame things later on. This camera is great for people who are on the move and want to capture a full 360 degree view. The fantabulous experience provided by this camera is, it places the user in the center of the particular environment and clicks a photo of the moment.

This camera is simpler to use as the camera does a great job of capturing the user as well as the surrounding view. All users have to do is:

• Click on the Nano S camera
• Open the installed Insta360 Nano S application
• Camera screen opens in the Nano S App

The users can move the viewfinder in any of the directions to see how the 360-degree photo view will look like when captured. This camera is deemed great for photographers who love to travel and love to capture their favorite moments with friends and family in 360 degree.

Key Traits of the Nano S Camera

Key Traits of Nano S camera

Most of the time Nano S 360-degree camera does not provide high-quality images at it get pixel-like patches. However, it works fine if the user is posting directing to the social media sites. The users can edit and share the photos directly from their iPhone. Here are some of the key features of the Nano S Camera:

• Camera Filters:- This camera has filters that are similar to Instagram and can be applied in real time to the pictures.
• Beauty Mode Feature: – It has a beauty mode that helps in smoothing face complexions. The user can control the features according to their own desire.
• Customized Features: – The Nano S 360 Degree Camera also has customization options like layouts, stickers and choosing different angles. These all can be done when the person is sharing his/her photos on the social media sites.
• Calling Feature: – Its Beta app contains the 360-degree call feature that provides the link to the user so that they can call the concerned person. It works as a regular video call, but the only difference is that the user can slide across the screen to make the receiver see the 360-degree view of user’s surroundings.
• Multi-View Option: – The users can use the Multi-View option that will divide the screen into various configurations. The person can choose distinct angles to display the live pictures or photos from varied angles.
• Design of Nano S: – It is a small device with two fisheye lenses fitted on the opposite sides. It records 360-degree view picture with 4k resolution and shoots 20 MP still photographs. The single hardware button serves as a shutter and power button with micro SD card slot for storing the pictures. It also has a lightning plug for connecting to iPhones and USB Charging port.

Fewer Issues Relative to Nano S 360-Degree Camera

The Insta360 Nano S camera has made photography fun for iPhone users. However, few issues are relative to this camera. Below are some of the pointers that show some quirks in this camera:

• The Nano S 360 Degree Camera has some software issues that hamper the working of this camera sometimes.
• The battery life of the Nano S is stated to be quite good but before taking live shots, the user needs to charge it so that it does not die.
• To interact with the Insta360 Nano S app, users have to hold their iPhone upside down. It can be confusing to capture the 360-degree view of the surroundings and shot down as the photos.
• Users find it frustrating if they are using the Insta360 app without the Nano S camera. They have to turn their iPhone upside down in order to view the photos and then turn to normal orientation if they want to share the photos on Social Media.
• Few consumers stated Nano S Camera is not user-friendly and it is not able to capture a high-quality picture or 360-degree view from much distance.

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Conclusion: –
The Insta360 app helps users to directly call the receivers and take 360-degree photographs of the surroundings. The Multi-View option is also an add-on feature of this camera that helps users click photographs in the standard form or split view. This camera allows users to directly share the clicked photographs on Social Media sites with direct editing. Its upgraded version from its predecessor comes with customized features that make it popular amongst iPhone users.

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