Top Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Integral To Digital Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing

Digital marketing is the practice of marketing products and services by leveraging digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media emails and mobile apps. With the breakthrough in mobile apps development technology and over 1900 million people using them all over the world on a day-to-day basis, mobile marketing interaction has now become an integral part of a consumers’ journey.

Mobile Marketing is the art of marketing your services to potential customers using mobile-apps with personalized, location-based services so that they can get exactly what they need exactly, when and where they need it, even when they are on the go. Mobile devices account for nearly 70 percent of digital media time and are still growing. Moreover, Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64 percent compared to Desktops conversion rates for e-commerce.

Importance Of Mobile Marketing

According to recent reports, 70 percent of users access internet via Mobile devices. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, the number of mobile devices has already outpaced global population, so in this digital age, businesses need to alter their marketing efforts to make them mobile friendly because it’s not just a trend, it’s a revolution in the Marketing industry. Marketing via a mobile device is about exposing your business to an ever-expanding, captive and a more engaged audience.

– The Global mobile traffic surpasses that of the web simply because users are spending more time with mobile apps than on the web. Experts predict that mobile apps will make up a massive of 72 percent of what consumers spend online by 2019.
– With more mobiles comes more data which provides more feedback and room to optimize and redesign digital marketing strategies to target more consumers, it’s only through tracking consumer’s needs and measuring important data can brands continue to add value and relevance to consumer lives.
– Over 80 percent of users mobile time is spent on Apps, Services like Google’s ADMOB, Startapp, and Inmobi help advertisers create interstitial mobile ads that appear within third- party apps. Facebook also allows advertisers to create customized advertisements that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app. Facebook’s mobile promoted post ads integrate so seamlessly into their news feed that users often don’t realize they are looking at ads. Game Mobile Apps also presents ads as pop-ups and video ads between loading screens.

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Potential Of Mobile Commerce

An average American spends approximately 10 hours a week using mobile devices which makes 500 hours per year to capitalize. A total of 67 percent of the retail time is spent on mobiles which accounts for 20 percent of sales, Mobile-commerce has huge upside potential and is expected to reach $333 billion by the end of 2021.

This industry is a Micro-Moments industry. According to Google, a micro-moment is an intent rich moment when a user turns to a mobile device to act on a need to know, or buy. With the rise in the number of smartphone users, there is also a steep rise in micro-moments dependency and it’s market potential.

How To Keep Yourself At The Top Of The Game

According to official Google statements 60 percent of search queries globally come from mobile devices with the food and beverage segment on top, following this are the health, sports, news, lifestyles, and retail. Google announced in late 2016 that it will start indexing websites based on their mobile sites, not their desktop sites. Therefore, for a site to rank high apart from search engine optimization and paid search, its mobile presence needs to reflect the proper content.

– Optimizing your site not only means cleaning it up code-wise; it also means paying attention to the load speed . Doubleclick found out that if the page’s loading time is more than 3 seconds, the bounce rates rises up to 53 percent whereas, according to Google’s statistics for 1 to 5 seconds the bounce rates goes up by 90 percent.
– The Digital Marketing India is trying to create a personalized experience for its users, with the help of Artificial Intelligence marketers can personalize the customer experience at an entirely new level.
– With the advancements in mobile security more consumers are starting to trust their phones with access to their banking information. In-store mobile payments are expected to reach $503 billion by 2020 and mobile wallets are expected to surpass the use of both credit and debit cards by 2020.

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Mobiles have changed the way people consume content online with consumers creating more data than ever, it provides digital marketers and advertisers an opportunity to refine their marketing strategies and connect to users using location and specific needs to create a more personalized experience.

By 2018 more than half of the consumers are using mobiles for anything they do online so it’s no longer a question of whether mobile marketing is important, it’s now the case of understanding how they behave online and strategically monetizing them.


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