How to Avoid Simple Mistakes Newbie Programmers Make

Mistakes Newbie Programmers Make

In the world of programming, programmers are often unaware of the mistakes that they commit, especially beginners. This article is for all those programmers who have just started their journey in the field of programming. But before we jump on to your mistakes, trust us we don’t intend to make you feel bad about the unknowing mistakes that you commit, rather we want to help you understand what those mistakes are and how you can fix them. Common Mistakes Newbie Programmers Make that Should be Avoided To Prevent Burnout


In this article, we will let you know how to spot your mistakes and avoid them by letting you know what these mistakes are exactly. All of us have made these mistakes in the past and over the years have learned a lot from them.

So here are some of the common mistakes Newbie programmers make:

No planning:

This is the most common mistake that we programmers make – in order to complete our tasks quickly, we don’t plan well. If you want a good product, you need to spend as much time as you can in planning it. Just remember high-quality content is not a cake walk . There are a high number of programmers already in the market and if you want to stay ahead in the competition, you need to follow the strategy. Writing without planning will not only consume more time by rectifying it but will also create your negative image as a developer. Plan your workflow before starting it.
a. Think properly
b. Research thoroughly
c. plan even minutest of details
d. Write all the details
e. Validate them by rechecking
f. If any changes then modify
Develop a habit of planning things before putting them into reality and trust our experience you will seldom create any mistake.


Too much of planning:

Now you must be thinking, that what we are trying to do. In the first point, we said never go ahead without planning and here we are saying too much of planning is a mistake. But it is right, you must have heard that overdose of anything is not good. In the same way, don’t spend too much of time and your energy on planning, because chances are you will definitely deviate from the plan, as well as you won’t get to finish your project on time and with efficiency. There is nothing like perfect planning, stop planning when you find a plan which is good enough to complete your project. Planning the minute details is just not possible in the world of programming. Planning small features and not focusing on planning all the features is called “waterfall approach” in the world of programming. Moreover, codes and programmers go ahead following the responsive approach, therefore even if you plan from the start to the end you may need to modify according to the response. However, once few of your features have worked you can always plan for few of the next features.

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Picking up the first solution to our problem:

Not only in the world of programming, but for everything we often pick up the first solution that we find to our problem and run with it. However, it is always better to explore a few more options and choose amongst them a solution which solves your problem permanently. Before selecting the solution to the problem, we need to look for the complexities and structures that we may encounter while applying the same to our problem.


Don’t quit:

We can be tempted to give up, especially when the problem is tough. However, the key here is to not give up. If we gave up on problems the first time we encountered them, we wouldn’t have any solutions left. So, if you fail, simply pick up and start again. It is always better to fail at the early stage rather than failing at several stages.

Making unnecessary comments:

It is not important to put a comment on all the coding and formulas that you have been applying. Some formulas and coding are self-explanatory and do not require additional comments. Only write comments where you feel it is necessary as it will add more clarity to the code. Avoid being such a programmer, clients generally get irritated with unwanted comments.

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Don’t get obsessed with performing well:

Newbie programmers often fall into this trap and focus on performing with perfection, that it becomes their obsession. And in that obsession, they often end up committing lots of mistakes. It is good to give the best solution to your clients but making it your obsession is just not acceptable. You must have heard the quote,” Slow and steady wins the race”. In the world of programming as well the one who performs steadily without taking any pressure leads the competition and the one who takes the pressure of performing best often remain behind.


Picking up a tool according to popularity:

There is the number of tools available online that allow you to develop your programs and all of them are really good. But it is not necessary that the tool which is good to develop “X” program will be good to develop the “Y” program as well, in fact, it may prove to be worse. Therefore, never select a tool on the basis of its popularity rather select the same on the basis of its utility and compatibility.

Conclusion: –

Coding and programming is a joy for those who enjoy doing it but don’t end up doing it at a stretch, so ensure that you take breaks in between, relax and come again with the fresh mind. We hope that we have been able to guide newbie programmers about the mistakes which they end up doing unknowingly. Though this article focuses on beginners, however it does not mean that experts don’t commit such mistakes, at times even they take pressures, plan too much or don’t plan at all. These mistakes are likely to happen, but now when you know these mistakes we are sure that you will make them less often.

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