Messenger Bot Strategy : Benefits of Using Messenger Chatbots

Messenger Bot Strategy

Chatbots Messengers are the new era messaging technology involving ML or AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the backend, for imagery, textual or auditory exchanges. The chatbots are programmed to perform much human friendly conversations, mostly respond back to queries, and self-educate itself based on the information gathered during the dialog. Chatbots are being utilized in lifestyle, automobiles, retail, banking and even healthcare. Moreover Messaging Chatbots are helping business owners to gain much benefits in handling a big customer pool. We are going to discuss about Messenger Bot Strategy in details below.

Historic Relevance

Michael Loren Mauldin, Natural Language Processing SME and author of 2 books and 10 papers on NLP, expert systems, autonomous information systems and information retrieval, is credited to be the first, bringing chatbots into existence by coining the work “chatterbox”,back in 1994. Mauldin’s earlier work on Rig-O-matic, Verbot, Julia and Lycos, opened gates for immense possibilities of AI and human interactions. Mauldin’s creations were passed Alan Turing’s famous Turing Test, a basic test postulates for all chatbots to pass through the criterion of intelligence quotient.

A lot of evolution was witnessed in later years, withintroduction of chatbots like ELIZA, PARRY, Jabberwacky, D.U.D.E and A.L.I.C.E. They laid major early foundations for recent developments in the field of simulated conversational messaging chatting robots.

Understanding Messaging Chatbots

The Messaging Chatbots run on messaging platforms which are sourced by computer programs or self-learning artificial language which generates human-like conversational messages as responses. In other words, a much advanced expert program which is able to interact with humans likewise over a messenger tool.Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Facebook Messengers, WeChat, Skype Chatbotsare utilizing self-learning Neural Network, NLP and AI programs to bring a simulating environment for humans to interact with these chatbots to get their queries answered or for desired output.

In simpler terms, these chatbots try breaking the whole sentences (input given by the users) into keywords which are matched with the database at the backend. Then based on the keyword analogy, a reply is generated which is displayed on user’s screen. Due to a massive development and evolutions in the field of simulated conversational field, Chat Messengers are now gaining a wide acceptance in almost every field.

Messenger Bot Strategy – Chat Messenger Utilization & Benefits

E-commerce Websites
Many e-commerce sites have installed AI regulated messenger bots to help their customer find the suitable buy on their website within accurate budget range provided by the user. Many successful e-commerce giants such as Sephora, eBay, Arrie, H&M, etc., are running successfully with their newest edition of messenger chatbots.

In Online-Marketing Industry
Digital Marketing strategies are attaining new heights with trending evolutions in chatbot domain. Many organisations have found a new way of reaching out, through chatbots, to people with product-based gifs, video and helpful text, in order to generate certain brand curiosity withinuser’s mind. With organisations like National Geographic, Harper Collins and Whole Food, utilizing chatbots for marketing their brands by reaching out to masses with their FB messenger bots.

Healthcare Apps
A heavy utilization could be seen with Health-Care Chatbots which are already into the market, addressing health problems much efficiently and fast. Apps Like Your.MD Sensly, Florence and Infermedica are some of the top messaging bot applications, targeting both patient-only patient-clinician users, serving healthcare industry well.

Corporate Sector
With Human Resources chatbots running successfully in many corporate organisation employees are getting benefits with their leave structures, meetings appointments reminders, recruitment and on-boarding, FAQ’s on company policies, etc. These HR messenger Chatbots are extensively used to collect company feedbacks from both current and former employees. UbiHR, and smHRTy are some of the great bot examples of HR chat messengers which are making it easier to measure employee productivity.

Education Sector
Messaging Chatbots have also grown roots into education sectors, providing a great amount help to the students world-wide. Messaging bots are benefiting both educators and students to come over same platform to get solutions. With guidance provided over latest advancement in subjects and syllabus, it helps students to stay ahead of time. Chatbots like Botsify, SuperBot and SnatchBot are running live over internet curating students with much advanced e-learning and e-classroom guidance.

Personal Assistants
Google Assistance and Siri provide,undoubtedly,an incredible experience when it comes to human assistance in day-to-day life. These messenger bots again work on the concept of self-learning and can copy user’s conversational routine to interact back much more effectively. Right away from hands-free mobile operation to providing solutions through internet searching, these chatbots are providing a defining user-experience over messaging application embedded in android and iOS operating systems.

With a heavy development witnessed in recent years, the future of Chatbot Messenger looks very bright. The self-educating learning curve of chatbots, is an interesting factors that makes them much adaptable to human interactions; ultimately bringing value -addition their own database. Since chatbot messengers are being gradually adopted by varied sectors, it will raise the bar for public dealing, marketing and services and certainly would bring healthy competitions among organizations globally.

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