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Marketing Tools

When starting up as a business online you might get frustrated if you don’t know where to look for the right tools & apps. With different types of marketing tools & apps, there may come situations where you just can’t figure it out. Then there’s the problem of being crucial on time and money, not every business has the right amount of money and time while their start-ups which lead into conflicting feelings over online growth. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any efficient ways to get your business up on track, you just need to have an idea or call it a plan over the use of right tools & apps for marketing.


Living in this generation of apps, there is no better way to solve your everyday problems, be it a business or multinational company rather than using these applications. Applications or apps, these are a package built to serve your online requirements & needs automatically using a click. Marketing apps these days have all the right tools and strategies to get your brand out there. Before the internet was born, it all worked out up to the results of your fliers and local events. Now there’s a much broader way to see what you can do with your business, one can easily promote their business at a global pace without any limitations.

Since we know how far our horizons can go now, let’s get into the list of apps & ways you can use to promote your business online.

Promoting Your Business Online

Marketing is not an easy or short-term thing, you cannot sit silently after one time of active work it is an iteration of your marketing strategies & ideas; a constant slew of tasks and devising strategies one after the other.

Since these marketing apps & tools are built in a way that can remind you every time of possible errors, I’m pretty sure it will be a no brainer when you have such apps backed up your marketing goals. With such advancements, it’s obvious that there might be additional management tasks, which is where one needs to be rigorous while handling. Don’t worry we have covered all the crucial & important parts you need to know while working with these marketing tools & apps, you just need to get your head in the game.

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Here is the list of marketing tools & ways to promote a business online alongside help you save time & money:

The place where it all starts or Local Listing Sites

We all know the first thing a user does while looking for their needed goods & servicesis a quick search on local listing sites or on search engines. So what better than getting your business up with a right placement on these places itself?

Search Engine Listing: –
Google, Bing & Yahoo these are the top search engines performing in the online market. Each of these search engines has their separate business listing tools where one can easily register for free. Google is the top search engine taking a global pace and it allows businesses and brands to register themselves using its Google Business listing feature. Yahoo also has a similar feature called Yahoo places & so does Bing. To register your business on Google Business listings, go to Google My Business, it’s very easy to sign up there the steps include filling up a signup form and then getting verified with a confirmation process which can be done through a postal mail or a call. These steps are vice versa for all the search engines and are worth taking some minutes to do it. It’ll get you a local listing of your business on these search engines and a mapped location on their map engines.

Local Listing Sites: –
Alongside search engines, to have a dedicated page on local listing sites & apps is also crucial. These sites conclude of nearby places for restaurants, bars, beauty salons, doctors etc. you get the idea. If you do not know already, I’m talking about sites such as Yelp, JustDial etc. these sites vary from country to country according to their reach & availability. These sites have their cross platform apps built already giving you mobility and ease-of-access. You can easily register your business on these local listing sites and can quickly reach your potential customers. Some of these places offer free listings and some others might charge a short amount from your pocket but it’s all worth the profit. Some modest recommendations for local listing sites will be YellowPages, FourSquare, MapQuest.

Social Media Sites & Tools

Social Media
Social media sites are a game changer when it comes to online marketing. There is no device left in this world which doesn’t support a social media site or app, every day billions of people browse sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. You might be thinking what is it takes to get to them? Frankly speaking, there’s nothing much to do simply a page or profile is enough to get you started on these platforms. Social media sites aren’t just tools of your daily exposure, but they have simply become a necessity to all those businesses running around be it a global or local. A business can easily reach back to its multiple customers with a simple follow up tweet or post. Through social media pages, you can share offers and deals which can later be tracked for its reach & working in real-time. There are many customized apps available now from these social media sites which will help you manage & track your online behaviour on these sites. Facebook lets you manage your pages & brands through its Facebook Pages Manager and provides youwith full control with mobility and ease of access.

There are many customized apps available now from these social media sites which will help you manage & track your online behaviour on these sites. Facebook lets you manage your pages & brands through its Facebook Pages Manager and provides you full control with mobility and ease of access. Similarly, other social media apps & tools are also available to help you manage & customize your online profile on their sites. There are many other third party apps which are way more resourceful and useful while working on social media optimization such as Hubspot Marketing, Buffer, HootSuite etc. You can level up your whole business with these social tools in a quarter of your scheduled time.

What other way than being official as an online website

Website Marketing
While talking about online business, there’s no better way than creating your own website, blog or both (will explain why). There are plenty of chances that your consumers will search you through internet for getting information especially while looking for your entitled services & products and they might find you unreal if you have zero online presence. There might be some people who can claim that being online is not everything you’ve to do but before calling yourself an online business believe me this is the least & best you can do. This is just a generation gap away to be a stated fact but yes, an online site can help you claim your identity at a bigger pace. Now on to some technical terms while deciding whether you need a landing page or a full-fledged site or a blog

It’s fairly easy to say a business needs a creative mixture of all these. A landing page will act as your intro to the visitors which then will lead them back to certain pages of your site giving a broader idea of what you do & can do after which a blog can help them reach back directly to you and which later helps populate a good list of visitors into followers. This is how online business conversion works. For starters, you should understand that no online presence is perfect unless it’s timely updated. A business website should cover all its availability- online & offline, easily accessible at one place so make sure you prepare your marketing strategies & ideas over your site.

You can easily create a website with these online site creators such as Wix, etc., but these sites are not the right choice if you’re looking for a good enough site in which case you should try to create a self-hosted site. Not everyone is an all-rounder, so if you need help creating a website you can hire a professional from sites such as Upwork, Freelancer & Fiverr. There are thousands of freelancers who are happily available to assist you in every way possible and you might get it all done under your budget.

Advertising with Multimedia on right place

Advertising is a fairly easy enough job when it is done at the right places. Since there are many online advertising platforms now, it’s good we get options to consider which one suits the best. Advertising can be done on a budget minded pace or at a bigger level it all depends on you and your needs. Figure out what your business targets & goals and then pre-post your advertising ideas and then select the place where you need to start some good advertising options are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising & Linkedin Advertising.

Google Adwords is a great place to advertise your business since Google advertisements (Adsense) are nowadays run by almost every website in the world it’s easy enough to target your consumers no matter where theyare. Google Adwords is a fully native & keyword based advertising which means your money spent on the ads will earn you high profits by reaching to potential customers. Native ads is a new transformation of advertising, from the data gathered by many machine learning bots which work by what the consumer seek is what they get. Bing Ads&Yahoo Advertising are some good alternatives when it comes to targeting a global audience since they’re one of the top 3 search engines used worldwide.

Youtube is also a good place to promote yourself by getting some digital content uploaded promoting your business intellectually; you just need to make sure that your content is worth watching the targeted users and is useful to them in one way or another. Additionally, Youtube is a free place for you get millions of traffic without even paying a penny. You can also upload your digital content or video on any other digital media site for online promotion some good options are DailyMotion, Vimeo etc.

Facebook Advertising is also a great place to advertise your business online. You can picture a site showing your ads, which get billions of hits a day, think of how much potential a Facebook ad has as they run all over their sites and apps compatible with every cross platform device. Their ad rates are fairly cheap compared to other paid online advertising companies and are even more targeted to your customers. Similarly, there are other online advertising options such as Twitter Advertising which is also a great place to target a bigger audience and then there’s Linkedin Advertising, which is a place to advertise if you’re targeting entrepreneurs or business markets.

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Managing your projects & tasks

Project Management
Quite a lot of work, Isn’t? Yes, we know this is how it all works out in the marketing field. You’ll need to manage a tedious amount of tasks in order to keep going. After going through the steps above you might have an idea of how much project management a marketing task involves. For such management needs, there are some good project management apps which can help you process your tasks and can keep a track of what’s going on. Here’re some good project management apps recommended for marketing & online projects:

Trello – A suitable project management companion for marketers & publishers.
FreedCamp – A great project management tool for all kinds of projects with team leaded environment.

It’s good to have all your gears sorted out and keeping everything in its place. I’m confident with all these great apps & tools, one can easily sort out all the burdens of marketing strategy coming their way.

Let us all know what’s your handy tool for online marketing & promotion, and show us how your app creates a difference?


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