Magento vs Shopify – The Best CMS For Your Business

Magento vs Shopify

Looking at the latest trends, it has become very important for every business to make their presence visible online. If you want your business to grow manifolds then your presence online has become mandatory. In recent years, it has been observed that people are more inclined towards products and services which are marketed online. Being online is cost-effective, easily accessible that too 24/7, convenient to use and undoubtedly boosts your sale to a greater extent. Magento vs Shopify, which CMS is more affordable and more effective

But it is important to choose the right e-commerce platform for a positive result, otherwise it can have adverse effects too. There are a number of E-Commerce platforms available which are majorly being managed by either Magento or Shopify. Both of these platforms are popular for managing online content. But it is up to you and your preference that you want to go which one amongst these two.

To make your choice easy and simple, here is everything you should know about both of these platforms. All this information about Magento and Shopify will help you choose conveniently that which one is better for your business.

All you need to know about Magento and Shopify:

CMS Platforms
• Magento is extremely popular when it comes to managing content online and has various options to customize and integrate the content you want to make online visible.
Shopify is equally popular, but has more functionalities when compared to Magento, it is easy to set up this program and is equally easy to use and function.
• Magento is really easy and simple to use but has lots of versatility to show. The community edition of Magento is completely free and gives permission to the merchant to add any number of items in the store.
Shopify, however, is not free to use. Its starter plan costs $ 14/mo and has a restriction of only 25 items per store.
• Magento is a power pact tool for calculating shipping charges. It gives you the number of options for choosing amongst almost 50 payment gateways.
Shopify is also very flexible when it comes to calculating shipping charges. It has more options as compared to Magento while choosing payment gateways. It allows 70 gateways to connect with this e-commerce site.
• Magento allows accessing shopping codes and discounts to attract more customers on almost all editions of it.
However Shopify’s starter plan does not allow the same, it has various plans and if you want access to apply discount codes and coupons, then you really need to register and buy a higher edition of the same.
• A number of free and premium level templates are available with Magento that you can use for your e-commerce site.
When compared to Magento, Shopify has a smaller collection of templates and themes, which leaves users with fewer options to explore and use.
• For better and increased functionality, the Magento extension store has almost 5000 plus add-ons. Also, it supports a variety of multi-lingual function. Many traders and merchants realize the fact that how important is it have extensions for better business and trade. Extensions which are not available for free at Magento are pocket-friendly and traders can easily afford the same.
But Shopify has around hundred add-ons only in order to expand its functions and versatility. It does not offer any multilingual support.

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Apart from having these differences, there are certain features in both of them that can help you to make your choice.

Features of Shopify and Magento:

Shopify Plus Vs Magento
• Shopify offers various marketing tools for SEO, which helps you boost your website for better reach. Search engine optimization helps websites come at the top while you search for relative services.
• Shopify is recommended more for such businesses which are at the initial stage or are start-ups.
• Shopify’s starter pack’s almost all features in relatively very price. Initially one can just work well with its starters pack and later on can modify to relatively higher price.
• Extension marketplace is one of the most distinctive features of Magento that makes it more desirable when compared to other e-commerce platforms.
• Magento undoubtedly is the best amongst the rest because of the larger and extensive marketplace.
• Magento offers an easy interface, it makes the experience of shopping altogether different and easy.
• Magento offers various functions which allow making websites flexible, with lots of customization and integration options.
• Looking at the relatively high usage of mobile phones both Shopify and Magento are extremely mobile friendly and easy for customers to adopt a mobile version of online websites.

Magento vs Shopify – Fight To Win The Best CMS

Both e-commerce management systems have their own sets of advantages which can benefit your business to a great extent. But it depends on the type of business you own, few businesses are more compatible with Magento whereas some are more compatible with Shopify. It is always better to check the features of each system to understand which one is the best CMS for your business.


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