40 Best Selling Magazine WordPress Themes 2018

Magazine WordPress Themes

Are you planning to start a news or magazine based website? Then you are in the right place. Magazine or news sites are everyone’s go-to sites when looking for information, current affairs or even for entertainment. Many of the renowned publishers have now established their online presence along with the physical copies that they sell in the market. When planning to launch a magazine site, the first thing that jumps right up is the platform. As 25% of the website owners recommend WordPress as their preferred platform, this is highly popular & reliable. There are many such Magazine WordPress Themes that you can choose with some amazing features.

To make it easier to choose one theme based on your needs and requirements, we have selected 40 themes and reviewed it. You can select any WordPress theme for your magazine-site, and there are various reasons why you should. All of these are highly responsive and search engine optimized; two features that make a site or break it. Whether you want a magazine based on sports, fashion or politics, you will get the choice. Keep on reading to find out more:

Here’s 40 Best Selling Magazine WordPress Themes 2018

1. NewsToday

Do you need a great magazine theme with a great design and multipurpose use? This is the one for you. It has a gorgeous homepage layout with predefined demos. This theme is speed optimized to deliver the best performance and user experience to your visitors. This theme is best for niches like newspapers, breaking news, travel, sports, politics, technology and much more.
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2. Magazine

Being packed with some versatile features, this theme surely stands out in the crowd. It is designed especially for the websites that have a lot of content to display. The main highlight of this theme is the multiple layouts that allow you to display your posts. Along with that it also has several formatting options. Other features of this theme are SEO friendliness, integrated social media sharing options, and user-friendliness.
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3. SevenMag

Looking for an exceptionally beautiful theme for your magazine? Then this is an awesome theme which is crafted with an elegant, modern and flat design concept. This theme is ideally best for magazines, news, gaming, blogging and reviewing websites. This theme is featured with some powerful and advanced options to customize the site and build its page. The main highlights of the theme are that it is fully responsive, customizable, speed optimized and SEO ready.
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4. Newsmag PRO

With so many common themes available in the market, you have to make yourself unique. This theme with a great unique design is quite suitable for different types of websites. The strikingly beautiful and modern design of this theme is ideal for your online news portal website or magazine website. Few of the features of this theme are its elegant design, good speed, user-friendly layout, SEO ready features and so much more.
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5. MaterialZine

Want something flashy and sophisticated for your magazine website? This is the best theme to choose! The design of this theme can display a lot of content at a time, but it is well-organized and visually pleasing. The main highlight of the theme is the three-column grid which gives more control over the layout. Other features of this theme are – SEO friendliness, fully responsiveness, advanced page builder, and e-commerce support.
This Theme is No Longer Availabel

6. NewsTimes

This WordPress theme is a pixel perfect, ultra-responsive which is designed amazingly. It features hand-written CSS3 and HTML5. The highlight of this theme is that its incredibly fast speed. Additionally, it is characterized by an inbuilt review system which makes it easier to write insightful reviews. This theme is completely SEO ready to get a better rank for your website on the search engine page.
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7. Digezine

New portal magazines need a theme that is professional and elegant in design. This theme is crafted very skilfully with some neat design. This will get you a perfect background for all the content you post. It will undoubtedly grab the attention of visitors which is very important. The main highlights of this theme are the integrated social sharing options, SEO ready layout, and user-friendly design.
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8. Radians

You must check out this theme if you are a magazine website owner. It strongly focuses on the ease of use, minimalist design and typography. This is best suited for a fashion magazine website. It can even be used for tech news websites, food bloggers, and travel writers. Among many features of this theme, few are its user-friendliness, minimalist and sophisticated layout and SEO ready design.
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9. Tabloid

If you are looking for a highly responsive and beautiful WordPress theme for your magazine, then this is the one! It is perfectly designed for news and magazine websites. This theme has some major highlights like translation ready, advanced page builder, speed optimization, retina ready and customizable widgets. Additionally, this theme is search engine optimized which will help you to rank higher in the search engine result page.
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10. Newsider

Looking for a theme which is comfortable on the eyes as well as stylish? You must check this theme! Newsider is ideal for tourist blogging, fashion blogging as well as for magazine websites. The theme is quite flexible and can be customized easily by choosing the right color, fonts, and style. It is quite easy to use and simple to install. Significant features of this theme are its responsive layout, advanced customizing options, stylish and elegant design and speed optimization.
This Theme is No Longer Availabel

11. Cool

The eye-catching design is the specialty of this theme, and if you are looking for something cool for your magazine, this is it! This theme features a lot of options for customizing the theme in your way. Undoubtedly, this theme can be a great one for impressing visitors. It is also perfect for monetization. The highlight of this theme is the plug-and-play solution which offers a very stylish and effective way of creating websites.
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12. TechMag

This is one of the most powerful and ideal WordPress themes for any tech-magazine. If your magazine website focuses on gadgets, technologies and another tech-related information, then this is the theme you can opt for! Main highlights of this theme is that is fully responsive, SEO ready, has advanced page builder options, and elegant design.
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13. FlyMag Pro

Are you looking for a gorgeous and stunning theme for your magazine website that keeps the classiness as well as tradition alive? Then you must choose this! It has several great features like responsive design, custom widgets and footers. It also includes SEO ready features. You can also adjust the way you want to display content with the help of multiple customization options.
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14. Publisher

For any newspaper based website, the theme has to be relatable to the newspaper or a magazine layout. If you want such a theme, this can be a super attractive theme which can grab a lot of attention. It also has some incredible features and customizing options to create a stunning and outstanding website. It is fully responsive, speed optimized, and SEO friendly.
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15. MagXP

Want different options and styles of your homepage so that you can adjust it when you need? This theme is then perfect for your needs. It has 4 different homepage layout styles and several options to customize the theme. With all these options you can control the design completely. Whether you want a clean and bright design or dark and minimal design, this theme offers it all. Among other highlights of this theme, few are its flexibility, forms, and great functionality.
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16. Kingnews

As the name intends, this theme is ideal for websites that publish news or features. You need to be unique to be noticed, so this theme is quite stunning with a unique design. For your publishing business or online news portal business, this theme can be a great one. It is characterized by different features like multiple widget selections, user-friendly layout, SEO friendly layout, and speed optimization.
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17. MH Squared

Are you in need of a theme that matches with your magazine niche? Well MH Squared is a theme that can match your preferences then! With some helpful customizing options, powerful widgets and SEO ready layout, this theme is going to be the perfect choice for any magazine based website. It is a quite sleek and sophisticated theme perfect for a fashion magazine or any other online publication in any genre.
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18. Feminine

Want something chic and girly for your magazine website? Keep the freshness alive with this theme as it is aesthetically designed on a girly concept and colors. Thus, it is the best option for any feminine magazine website. The unique highlight of this theme is its layout and three sliders. You will also get a lot of choices for customizing this theme based on your own needs.
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19. MH Joystick

Do you own or are thinking to start a game based magazine? This is a perfect game magazine theme that you can definitely try. It offers a lot of options and widgets to control and customize the theme. This is a very stunning website which can convert your boring blog into a very vibrant and beautiful online magazine. Among many features of this theme is its responsiveness and SEO ready layout, loads of customizing options and widgets perfect for a magazine site.
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20. Noozbeat

It is a stunning and completely responsive WordPress theme which is ideally designed for any news and magazine based websites. The highlights of this theme are easy to use design, unique layout, speed and SEO friendly features. It also comes with several options to customize this theme.
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21. Novapress

Novapress is a theme that is great for viral new. This is because it is characterized by a highly responsive grid layout, social sharing icons, easy to scroll and other customizing options. This theme is completely SEO ready with a great clean and clutter-free design.
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22. MoneyFlow

Want a serious living and money flow from your website? Then this theme is a modern concept theme which can provide you with some amazing chances to earn money via your website. The main advantage of this theme is the dynamic impression it creates on visitors and easy monetization methods. It also has a very appealing layout which is fully SEO ready, integrated with AdSense and WooCommerce support.
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23. Reporter

A news magazine must have that sophisticated and professional look in its theme. If you are looking exactly for those, then Reporter is a great option! It offers a very modern layout to display different articles and featured categories on your homepage. This is a quite high-quality theme which has several important features like cutting-edge drag and drop page builder, unique header mega menu, social share buttons, and a review section.
This Theme is No Longer Availabel

24. Daynight Magazine

The theme is characterized by clean typography, good spacing, great framework and perfect AdSense placement. This theme is designed in a perfect way which can increase the efficiency of your website. It is a highly responsive theme crafted following all the SEO rules and advice.
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25. BitNews

This is a ready-made newspaper template theme perfect for your heavy web projects. A responsive theme which can adjust amazingly with any screen sizes. This theme has some major highlights like complete SEO ready layout, speed optimized features and various customizing options. It is a perfect layout to provide a lot of focus on the contents without making it boring and monotonous.
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26. Monospace

A multipurpose and multifunctional theme is always preferable. Are you looking for one with an amazingly stunning layout? Then, undoubtedly you will like this theme. The main features of this theme are a fully customizeable layout, unlimited color variation, and many other features. This is a great theme which you must have!
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27. WunderMag

This is a stunning multipurpose magazine or blog theme. The main characteristics of this theme are its smoothness, professionalism, and sleek design. This clean and clutter free layout is stunning, and the best part is you can customize it in your way. It offers high user experience with easy to navigate and read design. This theme is perfect for lifestyle, fashion and food blogs.
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28. Garage

This is a very creative WordPress theme which is perfect for personal blogs, newspaper or magazine websites. This design is SEO ready with lots of options to customize in your way. The highlight of this theme is its responsiveness, efficiency, and functionality as well as the attractive design to catch viewer’s attention. If you want a theme with highly progressive and modern layout, this is perfect.
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29. Immunity

This is another multipurpose WordPress theme which is highly responsive and SEO ready. This theme is ideal for blog and magazine layouts with enough options for formatting your posts and theme. The main highlights of this theme are the integrated WooCommerce, custom widgets, several features and Shortcodes. Whether you want a theme for breaking news, magazine or video blogging, this is an ideal one.
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30. Verb

This is a modern, elegant and clean WordPress theme which is highly responsive in nature. This sophisticated theme is perfect for review sites, newspaper, and magazine based sites. Among other features of this theme, few are its theme customizing options, translation ready, browser compatibility, social sharing and easy menu.
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31. NewsLine

This is an ultimate WordPress theme for your political, sports or any other news-based website. It is designed with a very new, fresh and wide concept packed with the latest features. You will get a lot of options under the control panel to build and customize the page like the way you want. This is a great theme with some major highlights like multiple review modules, responsive layout, SEO ready features and customizing options.
This Theme is No Longer Availabel

32. Newsmag

This is a modern WordPress theme which is a great choice for your website where you can write articles and posts on various topics. It offers friendly support to help you in customizing the theme in your way. This theme is designed using the best SEO tactics and ideas. Thus, this theme is best for magazine and newspaper based theme. The best feature is the responsive Google AdSense layout.
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33. Featured

This is a powerful magazine WordPress theme which allows you to create a beautiful website. This theme is fully customizable with lots of exciting options. You can build your magazine with the help of the page builder. Some of the main highlights of this page are SEO ready, elegant design, flexible navigation, and responsive design. It also has drag and drop builder, great slider and is fully advertising ready.
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34. DailySports

Are you looking for a theme which is mainly suitable for entertainment and sports-related websites? Then this is the ideal theme to pick. This is because of the dark color palette of the theme. It is characterized by some amazing features like convenient drop-down menu, powerful slider, and responsive layout.
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35. ColorNews

This is a perfect WordPress theme for any news based sites. It has a highly responsive design with a very well-organized magazine feel and look. This theme is carefully designed for creating a stunning impression on the visitors. Highlights of this theme are customizable options, SEO ready and user-friendly layout.
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36. Respublica

Having a theme that comes with some great set of controls for customizations is always preferable. If you are in search of one such theme, this WordPress theme is an ideal one. The options are accessible wherein you can get a live preview of the changes with the help of WordPress Theme Customizer. The highlights of this theme are its countless options that you use for altering the feel and look of your website. Besides that, it has features like responsive design, and easy of use.
This Theme is No Longer Availabel

37. Doberman

Do you want a theme for your website that can deliver your content in the best way to the viewers? Then Doberman is the right one! It is an ideal theme for viral magazines and news contents. Some of the main highlights of this theme are Go Viral features, countless styling options, drag and drop builder, live editing and custom widgets. This theme is fully SEO friendly as well as responsive in nature.
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38. Click Mag

Click Mag is another magazine or blog based WordPress theme. It helps you get maximum clicks and many visitors as it is highly optimized for SEO features. Other highlights of this theme are the trending posts, social sharing options, maximum ad exposure and attractive design. This theme delivers the best user experience.
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39. Glamour
This theme by WordPress lifts the minimalism beautifully with a splash of color. It is designed with multiple column post display with clean design, and also you will be able to customize the theme in the way you want. This is the best choice of theme for the bloggers who are looking for an elegant theme with great speed and flexibility.

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40. SocialNow

Are you looking for a great WordPress theme which is ideal for websites that rely heavily on the marketing based on social media? SocialNow is one such theme that can be a great choice. Some of the best highlights of this theme are user-friendliness, inbuilt community tools, and social sharing icons. There are many other features like customizing options, SEO ready and responsive layout.
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So, these are the top 40 best WordPress themes that you can opt for your news, newspaper or magazine based website and personal magazines and blogs which has been curated by Sunalini Rana. All these themes are highly SEO ready and also comes with various options to customize it the way you want.


  1. Good work.
    I would like to recommend one of the theme related to news and magazines – Ybrant WordPress theme. It has responsive layout and available as fully widgetized pages. It has many features like cross browser compatibility, social counter etc.

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