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Creating a blog is easy, but to get traffic on your website is not an easy task. There are thousands of blogs that are created daily, but not all of them make it past the first few months. Once you start a blog and publish your content, it just doesn’t end right there, the hard part is to reach to your readers. A successful blog is all about reaching out to the users & helping them find what they’re looking for. But is it that simple to get to those readers of your niche?

Technically Yes, but you’ve got to use the right tools at the right time to achieve such heights in terms of internet traffic that you’re hoping for.

With the increase in blogging these days the competition is getting harder as now it’s not only limited to the content you share, it is also about getting the right content to the right reader. There was a time when publishers only had to focus on their content to achieve traffic & popularity, but with the enormous growth of internet, there are ways from which you can get genuine & crazy traffic in minutes. The only thing that is limiting you is your knowledge of it.

Well, not to worry because if all the above lines are the things you’re related to, you’ll get your answer very soon to how you can achieve crazy traffic onto your site within minutes.

Tip on How to Get Traffic on Your Website

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization
In terms of internet traffic, there is no limitation on how much traffic you can get from social media sites now. There are sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. with an average rate of 3.2 billion active users daily, from where you can easily get a crazy amount of traffic in no time. You just need to find the right groups or pages to where you can share your content which is much likely to be seen by the active readers in the group or you can create your own page, which is where you can start your own fan following or kind of a notification to your readers whenever you share your post.

While looking for such sources on these social sites, remember to follow the terms of conditions you’re abided by while posting your content out of your network. One of the important things to keep in mind is that you don’t spam others while looking out for the readers related to your content, this will not only help you from getting blocked by the site moderators in fact it’ll also help you get genuine traffic and save your time for the other important tasks you can do.

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Things to follow in SMO:
• Make your social profile impactful and impressive, do not overload it with unwanted or fake content.
• Be active & keep promoting yourself socially, post regularly & be responsive.
• Remember to share an image with every post you publish as making your content visual will lead you to get double the traffic being compared to a visually disabled post.
• While sharing on twitter remember to use hashtags (#), although many other sites are also making it possible to use tags around to make the content more accessible e.g. Facebook, Instagram.

There are lot of other things you may need to know in order to get traffic that is worth your time, for this to happen you should research on the internet for SMO & how to do it.

Forums & Communities

Forums & Communities
Forums are a great deal, where people come to explore the content & data they might find useful. You can use this to your advantage in populating your content on forums related to your site/niche. Communities on the other hand are places where people converse about all the data they’ve gathered and where you can put the content related to the topics of active conversation.

While pointing to the forums of great traffic there is reddit, a place where you can find every type of content getting published every second with an average traffic of million users at a time. The best thing about reddit is that it’s free and can be used to share content by anyone, anytime. You may only have to follow the protocols for the topic you’re in while posting links or content. There are many other great forums available as well such as StumbleUpon, Voat, Quora, etc.

On the note of Communities, a great known & popular place is Quora, a community as well as a forum, where you can discuss as well as populate your content easily. There’s a lot of traffic present in every discussion in Quora, you can either create a discussion or walk right in. The best part is if you’re into the topics relevant to the content you publish you may get the best traffic anytime.

Just remember one thing, that you don’t spam your readers as it may affect your impression to the public out there and your site ratings. Use catchy lines to stand out among the competitors ahead & beware of posting anything anywhere.

Premium Traffic or Purchased Traffic

Premium Traffic or Purchased Traffic
There are also ways to get traffic without even doing the hard work which is by purchasing traffic, this is not about fake traffic instead, it is something where you pay for displaying your content to somewhere related to the audience you’re looking for which then be converted into a genuine lead for traffic onto your site. It’s highly powerful for ecommerce & businesses in terms of leads & consumers.

Although it’s not recommended for bloggers & content publishers as it may only lead to waste of their money. This is only useful when you’re selling something or providing a product.

Guest Blogging & Commenting

Guest Blogging & Commenting
There’s been quite a trend of guest blogging these days, by which you can pitch your post to a well-known blog or site and as a payback you get to linkback to your site which is a win-win for both the publishers. You can do this by contacting any of your favourite sites which may find your content useful or in any way you can create a useful content for them.

Commenting is one another proven way to get traffic linkbacks. You can simply do so by finding the relevant yet top stories in your niche and commenting back with a useful data linking someplace related to your site. And to get such updates on any keyword or niche you can use Google Alert service, which is a free service to find useful content you’re looking for.

Linkbacks & Success Stories

Linkbacks & Success Stories
The best way to get most of your traffic is linking back to your other relevant pages or posts. Most of the publishers don’t even use such methods which is a crucial step in converting your viewers into subscribers. This will help your viewers get an even better pagination & accuracy to the content they’re looking for.
You can also linkback to other sites to help your readers find the data they came for. This will increase your search engine optimization accuracy and may also help you get linkbacks from those sites in return.

Success stories are one other way related to link backs while promoting your content. You can share stories of your readers where they found your content useful & made some results out of it, which indeed point back to the results made. This way you can get the best internet traffic possible as well as internet publicity, which is not a common thing.

Quality Posts & Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Quality Posts & Search Engine Optimization
Well, enough about all those things listed above, the two major things for getting crazy traffic is the quality of your content & the SEO done on it. Nothing is going to change the fact that the content you publish is the king of your growing empire; the worst thing there is to a site is spamming the content so remember not to do that. Remember only to include worthwhile content for your readers as this will directly affect your traffic & content accuracy.

Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is an important thing to keep an eye on while publishing online. It’ll not only get you to the traffic you’re genuinely looking for, but also an effective yet easy way to reach them. There are many levels of SEO’s one can do which is by primary classification simple and advanced. Simple SEO can be done by any novice and is much likely to be less effective than the advanced. Advanced is an in & out site SEO which can only be done by an SEO expert. Now it’s your call to decide whether you can keep up with the simple yet easy one or you should do a full SEO. My recommendation is to start with simple SEO & find some help online to get done with the advanced too and if you feel like you can keep up with the price you pay for an expert to do it for you, you can simply find such help from upwork, freelancer or any other freelancing sites.


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