Learn Latest Web Development Frameworks in 2018

Latest Web Development Frameworks

Online space is getting versatile with the passage of time. However, with growing need for more advancement, users demand advanced applications that promote better working. The onus of such developments lies with the web developers and for sure the task of developing applications which are user-friendly is not a child’s play. Before they ask for it, you need to give them advanced, improvised and updated features as per the changing technological trends. You cannot afford to stay behind in making and updating these changes in this virtual world. But in this virtual race, the burden of a web developer can be reduced if they are well versed with the latest web development frameworks. These frameworks keep updating, and amongst the pool of these frameworks, it becomes a tedious task to choose which framework fits best for your project. Here we have tried to gather information of trending web frameworks which you can learn and become well equipped with to get quality work at low cost and lesser time.

Latest Web Development Frameworks That Every Web Developer Must Learn In 2018

• Laravel:


Laravel is one of the best frameworks for backend web development. It was introduced in 2011, and since then it has proved to be a bright light for developers. Its main focus is on constructing artful web applications, for which it follows the architectural pattern of the model view controller. It has modular and advanced features and utilities that help the controller in deployment and maintenance of the application. It empowers you by giving you access to the major relational database and its inclination toward syntactic sugar makes its one of the most outstanding and demanding free and open sourced PHP framework. Currently, on Github, Laravel has around 38,150 stars.

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• AngularJS:


AngularJS is a familiar and a known framework for those developers who are updated and well acquainted with latest technological developments in the web world. It is an open source framework that relies heavily on JavaScript. It is specifically designed for single web page applications using architectural pattern of MVC. AngularJS basically deals with front-end frameworks for developing web pages of your websites. The latest version of AngularJS is version 4. It is the complete makeover of its previous version AngularJS 2, however, it has skipped version 3. With the help of Angular 4, applications will consume less space and will work faster as compared to the previous versions. However, it is still in the development stage and developers are keen on making continuous improvements. Developers who are already well versed with Angular 2 will have to start from scratch with Angular 4, as it is completely different from the previous version.

• React. JS:

React JS

Maintained by Facebook in collaboration with large developer’s community, React.JS is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is a convertible web development framework is used for developing a user interface for web applications. The motive behind developing this framework was to build applications which are large in size with huge data and where changes are made time and again. Facebook’s React.JS has helped in revolutionizing the virtual world, making it one of those frameworks which will never become a dead end for web developers. Its works extremely efficiently and includes a blend of HTML and JavaScript. Most importantly it works efficiently with most searched engine i.e. SEO, whereas other Java Scripts frameworks don’t work well with these search engines. It is a user-friendly web framework, which is really easy to use and has something unique and out-of-the-box about its framework.

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• Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (ROR), as the name suggests is a funny programming language that makes developers happy while working. Its happy nature makes it favorite amongst all developers. Ruby on Rails has been used to develop major company websites such as Airbnb and Hulu. It runs on Linux and is totally free of cost since 2005. It is easy and joyful to work with and is extremely fast in moving from planning stage to final development stage. Its latest version is RoR version 5, it has been 23 years since the first framework was launched but it has undergone the drastic change, and over the years has developed for better.


Microsoft ASP.NET

Built by Microsoft, this web development framework is one of the finest and powerful frameworks for creating websites which are rich and dynamic by nature. It was first launched in 2002 and is developed on CLR, i.e. common language runtime, providing developers with an opportunity to write ASP.NET code by using any of the languages supported by .NET. For desktop and web development, ASP.NET is the first and prominent choice. Like other web frameworks that we discussed, this is also an open source technology and has a marketshare of about 15%.

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• Symfony:


Being a PHP framework, Symphony is suitable for large-scale and complex projects. It is one of the best frameworks for websites that are flexible and adapts easily changing requirements of businesses. It offers easy collaboration options for work, with major open sourced platforms like PHPBB, Drupal, and Piwik. Symfony gives easy and variety of scalability options and if executed and implemented well then it gives an outstanding speed compared to any other web frameworks. Apart from operational features, it is also cost-effective as it gives the opportunity to reuse the components to make developers life easier. It promotes professionalism by standardizing web-based applications which are user-friendly, comfortable and convenient to use.

• Node. JS:


Node. JS is one of the favorites frameworks for web developers and its benefits will keep it intact in its place. It is particularly used for non-blocking I/O to keep them light weighed and efficient, with applications having a large amount of data. Node. JS provides the web developers a complete environment and not just a framework. For complete JavaScript environments the require all tools and procedures, then it is ideal to develop Node.JS for your application.

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• MeteorJS:


For rapid software development, MeteorJS is best web development framework as it uses JavaScript on both front as well as back end. It has been built on guidelines of other frameworks to improvise and easy to build applications. Its advantage is its flexibility and requirement of little coding which in turn will generate less bugs and will give high-quality apps.

While offering modish solutions for web development is a vital factor to stay in the competition, these latest web development frameworks ensure that the developers have the ease to bring forth the desired results. Learn and excel in these latest web development frameworks in 2018, to have a competitive hold over the industry.

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