Top 7 IoT Trends to Watch Out For In 2018 and Beyond

IoT Trends

The last year was quite interesting and this year is going to be an impressive one for the IoT(Internet of Things). It is going to be a bit more interesting for IoT to successfully take off in sectors such as automotive, healthcare, smart cities, asset management, and usage-based insurance sectors by IOT. Here are the Top 7 IoT Trends to Watch Out For.

Research shows that by the year 2020, there will be more than 20 billion devices connected to IoT and as a result, businesses connected to this are going earn more profit. Moreover, this amazing technology is going to be more successful in storing a large amount of data in the field of Artificial intelligence, edge, the blockchain, etc.

So here is the top 7 IoT Trends that will determine the future of IoT in 2018:

1. The Growth of Number of Devices

Internet Of Things, in simple terms, is the exchange of data by connecting different devices together. The probability of a number of connected devices in this year is going to increase by leaps and bound. The use of smart devices like smart locks, smart doors is going to be increased in daily life.

The use of this technology will become common not only in industries but also for personal use. It leads to an idea of smart cities where most of the work is done by IoT technology. The concept of smart cities has already been started in some countries and its future seems to be quite promising.

2. Smart Home Devices will Increase

Although, the concept of smart home devices seems to be unrealistic for everyone. But the reality is, it will make its presence in 2018 and will become hugely popular. This highly innate and advanced technology will not only bring comfort to your homes but also the security of your home and family. One more advantage of the IoT smart home device is the ability to save energy. Smart lighting and thermostats help keep the bills as low as possible by saving much energy.

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3. An Era of Edge Computing

This will be the revolutionized moment for all of us. For a long time, IoT devices are depending on cloud storage to store the data but this will change the phase of storing data. These days, developers are becoming aware of computing, analyzing and storing the data on the edge.

Precisely, IoT devices will not send the data to the cloud but transfer it to the local device situated on the edge of the network. So, in order to get rid of the traffic on the network, the local storage device will compute and filter and send a little of it to the cloud.

4. Adoption of IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare institutes can take the maximum benefits with the adoption of IoT technology. This year, the healthcare will definitely embrace the importance and the abilities of the internet of things. According to research, the healthcare field is expected to enhance at a very high annual growth by the year 2021. Gears like wearable devices, sensors, health monitors, medical equipment are going to be connected to IoT technology. Today, from doctor to normal person, everyone is using smartphones than ever before and due to this, there will be more IoT adoption in the healthcare field for good.

5. Security Concern

As the number of devices is going to increase in near future, lots of interconnected devices will lead to a concern regarding security. Today, we can see that the number of cyber attacks is very common and it could be worse with IoT implementation. So, the security-related problems must be kept in mind before implementing this technology in daily life.

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6. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

With tons of industries and consumer’s devices being connected to this technology and sending data, the volume of data that needs to be handled and resolved will evolve rapidly. The objective of this technology should not be only to gather data but also using it for quality purposes. This thing needs severe AI and big data techniques to process all the data in an effective manner. A combination of IoT with Big Data and AI will give a boost to a stream of high-level growth in applications.

7. IoT and Blockchain

With the advent of technology, the security hazards in IoT devices become a bigger problem. Making use of blockchain in IoT projects would bring more security as it uses advanced cryptographic processes with decentralized control options. The best thing about blockchain is that it permits only the digital data to shared but not copied. The digital data at present provides effective information than before which includes real-time updates as the data is secured by some verification tools and encryption.

Conclusion: –
Internet of Things has an enormous power and can be used in everyone’s daily life. It also has the potential to revolutionize other departments including banking, medical and even small printing companies such as HotToner. If enforced perfectly, it can cause unexpected innovations that will influence both the common people and industries. Latest technologies will come out making IoT more user-friendly, but businesses will have to work stronger at protecting their devices as the risk to data breach will also grow.


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