Best iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2018

iOS App Development Trends

2018 will be full of opportunities for iOS app development trends. iOS app developers and iOS app holders should keep in mind that Apple is very specific about the app updates and other changes. If not followed properly, it becomes difficult to release your app to the Apple App Store. And last year, there were 2.2 million iOS apps in the app store in 2017. Even though Android apps are exceeding iOS, when it comes to generating more revenue for business and best ROI, people trust more iOS and buy more apps. The trends keep on changing year after year. So, today I would like to discuss iOS app development trends to focus on this year.

List of Best 11 iOS App Development Trends – 2018


This technology is gaining huge attention. And most of the banks are considering implementing it. Blockchains are basically shared ledgers which can’t be altered easily. According to a study by IBM, most government firms plan to invest in blockchains as blockchain helps companies have better financial transaction management and make sure the data stored on mobile phones are more secure.

Augmented Reality

The year will also see a rise in the iOS mobile apps using AR technology. Many companies claim that Augmented Reality enhances the current state of presence. And AR is not only for fun. It can also be used for more practical tasks. An example of that would be Google Translate. With an AR feature, it allows you to launch the camera mode within the software and snap a photo of a text you don’t understand. And then, it translates the printed lines.

Machine learning

Machine learning is really gaining momentum. iOS app developers use Machine Learning to enable apps to identify the complicated patterns and gain insights by analyzing large data. Also, to make iOS apps more intelligent, developers implement machine learning, which enables a more meaningful experience.

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Wearables are mostly used in the fitness and health industries. And we can see a growing number of iOS apps year after year. 2018 is not an exception, companies that want to improve the healthcare industry, work hard on developing meaningful and smart wearables apps.


When we talk about iOS app development trends, we have to talk about Swift. Swift is a compiled general-purpose programming language and an innovation of Apple. Swift 4 has a bug tracker source code and is available for everyone. Swift became the preferred language of the iOS developers as it is known for its scalability, stability and robust security.

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Since Apple launched Siri; its personal assistant, it has gained a lot of prominences worldwide. Siri has brought a major boost in Artificial Intelligence and contextual learning as it understands what people are searching for. Even though it doesn’t work very well and it should be improved a lot, it gave a big push in the AR development for iOS apps.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have provided innovative ways to dig customer insights in altogether different ways and made it contextual as well as real-time.

Also, AI is used heavily to develop chatbots that can be used within iOS apps for retail, banking and other industries. Just to give you an example: Starbucks released an app called My Starbucks Barista. How does it work? You just tell the app what kind of coffee you want, and it places the order for you.
The key benefit of AI is that the intelligence of the apps grows over a period of time, through learning by various means.

Cloud-Based Applications

Integrating Cloud-Based Technologies in your iOS apps definitely gives helps your application. Improving storage without wasting internal memory of a device obviously comes as a huge advantage to users. The booming cloud technology has given developers an option to make such mobile apps that would have cloud as a storage platform. And that is great!

Apple Pay

Apple has launched Apple Pay, a digital online mobile wallet that makes payment easy. You can book your flight tickets and conduct hotel reservation. What’s more exciting is that you can send or receive the money through messages. And iOS developers can easily implement Apple Pay in their application. In Apple Pay, you don’t need to store your debit or credit card information and that’s what users really love. And in 2018 we expect to see an increase in usage of Apple Pay for an e-commerce transaction.

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Data Security has always remained a matter of concern while using mobile phones. In the year lying ahead, mobile app developers have to take care of improving the data security.

Cloud-Based Applications

Integrating Cloud-Based Technologies in your apps definitely gives wings to your application. Improving storage without wasting internal memory of a device obviously comes as a bliss to users.


Analysts from Markets and Markets predict that IoT will grow to a 661.74 Billion Dollars Business by 2021. And this growth will have a direct impact on iOS apps as IoT devices are directly controlled by Smartphones.

Technology is changing with time and trends are changing even faster. It is important to stay up to date with what is on demand right now and what experts predict for the future. I really hope this list is useful for you! And as always if you know other iOS App Development Trends that should be here, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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