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Building an e-commerce website is on its own a tedious job to do. From the first smudgy idea that you get to drawing the final plan to coding, designing, listing products and launching… it’s a lot to do and yet more to achieve. All the hard work pays off once you have good traffic and sales on your e-commerce site.

It is, therefore, necessary to also plan with regards to marketing your site. A marketing plan before launching the site helps attract visitors from day one. If your site is already launched, it’s never too late to take the right steps.

The first method is very obvious – Social media. The second one is sending free samples. And the third is increasing your e-commerce site’s traffic with the help of bloggers and vloggers.

So here you will look How to Increase Traffic to Your eCommerce Site Site

-> Staying active on social media

How to Stay Active on Social Media
People search more on social media platforms than directly on search engines. Moreover, these platforms keep coming up with ways to become business-friendly and consumer-friendly. They keep researching and developing ways people shop online. Most of the social media sites today have shopping features, which allows the viewers from their site to buy from your site.

Thus, staying active on social media platforms is important. You might know that you have to sign-up with these sites. Which ones? Sign-up with all the top sites. Not just on those where you have your personal profile. You are looking for a different purpose here. Look out for sites, regional and international, which are good for selling products.

Be interactive. Post regularly with good content and images. Post with trending hashtags. Respond to comments. Use paid promotion at times. Do not irritate viewers or customers by over-marketing. Posting too frequently will pull back your site.

Remember – while having an account on these sites has implicitly become necessary, there are many sites other than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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-> Send free samples

getting review on site
Suppose that you are selling hair products on your site. Then, send free samples of your products to hair stylists and hairdressers/ barbers. You send free samples to these professionals; they use the products themselves and also recommend to their clients.

A few others who might need your free samples are – Journalists, entrepreneurs (of a relative sector), other selective companies in your niche or from a relative sector.

Give them discount coupons to give it to their clients. Offer discounts to the professionals as well. Get their review on your site and share it on social media. Find your target clients who can get their clients/ users to your site.

Another way to get traffic to your site with this sampling method is bulk emailing. Send emails to a wide range of people and offer them free samples on signing up. You can use this method on social media as well. For example, “Like this page and get a free gift” on Facebook or “Sign-up to our e-newsletter and win a free sample”.

-> Connect with bloggers and vloggers

how to write blogs
Similar to the professionals, bloggers and vloggers (video-loggers) can also refer your site or a particular productto their viewers. Get in touch with those who create content that matches with the products on your site. Bloggers will write about your product and site. Vloggers will talk about it in their video.

Select the right people. You can send them free samples too.

While you send free samples or just ask them to refer your site, make sure you praise their work first.

You yourself have to start blogging – about your site, products, etc.

Some other important points that matter are SEO, keywords you use while listing products, your site’s structure, layout, description, product names, content and more.

Sending periodic e-newsletters also works. Build good relationships online. Do your research well before launching. Keep looking for new ways to give away products; such as, contests, surveys, etc. look what your competitors are doing, what’s working and what’s not, what you feel is right for your site and what’s not.


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