Good Blog and Design Can Help Increase Organic Traffic and Reach

Increase Organic Traffic

Tips on How to Increase Organic Traffic and Reach

When it comes to boosting your overall standing in the online world, a lot of people look for tricks, hacks and shortcuts, when the answer is right in front of them the entire time. In order to attract people, you need to offer quality. Even though this is easier said than done, the end result is always more than worth it, seeing as how making an outstanding, well-designed blog content inevitably leads to an increase in organic traffic and reach. Here are several things you need to know about this.

1. It takes more time

One of the best indicators that nowadays the emphasis is on the quality of blog posts instead of quantity is this positive trend of a longer average writing time. Namely, in 2014 an average time for writing a post was at 2 hours and 24 minutes, while at the end of 2017 it was at about 3 hours and 20 minutes. This is almost a full hour’s increase; however, such stats are just the tip of the iceberg. There are fewer bloggers who spend under an hour writing a post, while the number of those who spend over 6 hours writing their posts drastically increases. In other words, apart from the average, the median is moving up, as well.

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2. Longer blogposts are in

The next thing worth taking into consideration is the fact that blogs that are 3000 words or longer are becoming all the rage. The main reason behind this is the fact that your audience prefers complete surveys, tutorials and opinion pieces since this means they won’t have to go through numerous resources in order to get the information they need. The traffic advantage of a longer piece usually comes from two things – authority and the increased duration of a visit.

First of all, the audience perceives you as an authority figure within an industry, due to the amount of content you produce on every topic. Second, the duration of time that people spend on your page increases with the length of the blog post in question. This directly impacts your SEO, which means that the visibility of your content improves, as well.

Good Blog Content and Design

3. Depersonalizing leads to greater immersion

Every great retailer knows that in order to make a sale, you don’t have to know how to sell a product, but only find a way to sell an idea. When writing blog content, what you need to do is write about situations, facts and statistics that an average reader can relate to. Don’t go on and on about the way in which a certain change affects the global economy, tell them how it affects their own budget and your words will resound much more strongly.

Think about traditional storytelling in movies and literature. Characters like Neo from the Matrix and Harry Potter are incredibly easy to identify with. On the other hand, you can hardly imagine walking a mile in the shoes of strongly opinionated characters with distinct flaws and virtues.

Moreover, when showcasing an item, you don’t want to focus on its properties and features. What you want is to help your audience envision themselves using or wearing the product you’re selling. In the situation where you’re a retailer selling clothes, ghost mannequin photography is a great technique of depersonalizing an item so that everyone can imagine how it would look on them. On the other hand, those showcasing jewelry or makeup products have a much better chance when using headshots. Regardless if you’re trying to create a subscriber or convert a visitor to a paying customer, immersion is key.

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4. Standing out

The problem with competition is the fact that a lot of businesses don’t know how to appreciate it. Think about the average conversion rates online. The bottom 75 percent of the industry has a 2.35 conversion rate on average, while the top 10 percent has a conversion rate of 11.45 percent. So, should the top 10 percent worry that the number of their competitors is rapidly growing? Of course not. In fact, by posting content that is clearly inferior to yours, your competitors are creating a point of reference that goes strongly in your favor. Same goes for design and functionality. Think about it, how would an average reader recognize outstanding content if they had nothing to compare it to?

5. Loading time

Finally, when it comes to the issue of design, responsiveness is probably the most important feature you need to focus on. People online expect their website to load instantaneously and they are willing to wait for no more than several seconds for this to happen. A failure to deliver on this end will reflect poorly on your SEO rank and therefore significantly reduce both your reach and your overall UX (user experience).

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Conclusion: –
At the end of the day, your content and its visuals are the reason why people come to your website in the first place. Regardless if you are a blogger or an e-commerce business owner, you need to offer something of value in order to make conversions. In other words, as always, you need to offer something of value in order to receive some value back.

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