Ways to Increase Business Rates using Facebook and Instagram

increase business rates

Today, social networks provide wide opportunities for increase business rates and promotion, sales, the level of brand recognition and the formation of its positive perception. Every popular social network today has opportunities for promotion. Both Instagram and Facebook have not spared these opportunities. Be sure that you are using all the opportunities and services of these networks.

Facebook and Instagram are great sources of traffic for any advertising campaign, no matter what kind of business they are talking about. However, to obtain an adequate result, it is important to take into account all the specific features of these social networks. Facebook and Instagram – a single advertising cabinet and a set of targeting. That’s why it makes sense to talk about both social networks simultaneously, highlighting only some differences.

Here you will learn How to increase business rates using Facebook and Instagram

The ways to raise the rates with the help of Facebook

There is a guide that will help you to increase the sales with the help of Facebook and its special options for business:

• Conduct advertising campaigns

After you make a business page for your company, Facebook will offer to start advertising your brand. Use the opportunity to configure targeted advertisements on Facebook.
Facebook Promote Page
Facebook Ad Preview
Before you start working with advertising on Facebook, remember the basic rule of successful practice: pay special attention to audience targeting. Facebook offers you millions of different data. Take the time to select your target group. It happens that customers are different, and for each of them you should have your own personalized advertising message, even if they want to solve the same problem. For example, girls can be interested in flowers, and boys with cars. Targeting allows your advertising not only to accurately achieve the goal, but also to make your advertising more effective.
Regularly monitor the performance of your ads. Change your ads so you do not bother with users. When this happens, people stop clicking on your ads, which increases the cost per click.
• Use different tools for publication: online broadcasts, slideshows, articles, etc. Publish short and long texts, videos, branded images with humor and motivational quotes. For convenience, use auto-postings, it will help you to always update the content on the page.
• Create an attractive cover: The professional design of the page says a lot about your business. You can also add the contact information: phone numbers, website address, and office address.

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• Be in touch with your subscribers

The audience of your page is diverse: these are the fans of your products, brand lawyers, the customers and potential buyers. Create content with all these groups in mind. The traditional recommendation for the publication of the corporate page is “80/20”: 80% of the content should be useful to the audience, and 20% – for your company (motivation to buy and increase loyalty). This means that most of the messages should involve the audience in the interaction.
Remember that Facebook is primarily a social channel that provides comfort to customers and allows the seller to look contemporary. Publish on your business page non-promotional content, which the fans of the brand will want to read and share with their friends.

• Write interesting and exciting titles and product’s descriptions

When users search for goods on Facebook, they see only the title text and description. Write an interesting and short text that represents the product the best.

• Do not be annoying for your audience

Your audience like your brand and products, but that does not mean they will put up with lots of ads. The customer will not return back to the page if he unsubscribes because of annoying spam.

It is also important to remember about new possibilities of Facebook for business and increasing the sales – “Collections”. This option means that a photo or video is compared from the news feed with the goods under them – the ideal combination of creatives and promotion of goods. Mobile function helps to sell using visual techniques and stimulates the transition from viewing the goods to buying. “Collections” is a paid format only for mobile placement, they are configured through Power Editor or Ads Manager.

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ways to increase the rates of your brand with the help of Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network where the main content is photos and video. Cafes, restaurants, boutiques, flower shops and all kinds of activities that can be “beautifully photographed” have long been cutting money from one account in the Instagram.

This is not only the ability to share photos and videos with friends, but also a powerful tool to support brand loyalty, the opportunity to be closer to customers, to know their interests and attitudes to your product. The popularity of this network is growing more and more every year. At the same time, Instagram users demonstrate high engagement with each other and with brands. Secondly, Instagram allows you to publish and consume visual content that is perceived by users thousands of times faster than the text. Add here the ability to use Instagram literally on the go with the help of mobile gadgets. It turns out to be almost an ideal social platform for a modern person who lives in a frantic pace. Thirdly, unlike traditional social networks, the platform for the exchange of visual content successfully generates immediate conversions.

Follow these simple tips to increase your rates and sales:

• Create a business profile for your company/brand
You will not notice the cardinal differences but get a few very useful features such as tracking account statistics and having an opportunity to contact you directly from the profile.
• Enter a branded hashtag
This is the main tool to find posts on Instagram. Design your hashtag so that your publications can be found quickly. At the same time, the request must match the subject of your business or name.
• Contact buttons in the profile
These buttons are for communication with your company. Use the contact information you provided at the last step of setting up your business account: phone number, email, or physical address (to find you on the map). When you click on the “Call” button on your user’s device, your phone number will appear, and then the standard phone application for calls will open.
If the user chooses “E-mail address “, the mail application opens. A new letter will automatically be created and the email address of your company will be inserted in the recipient field. The “How to Get” button will send the user to Google Maps with the location of the store.
• Synchronize your business profile with the web store.
You will get a single display window, but you will be able to monitor the performance of the profile separately. Visitors will be able to learn more about the product and make an automatic purchase without leaving the application.
• Use the shoppable options to tag the products
In order to promote the brand you can tag the products of the company on your photos. It looks as follows:
Tag Product in Instagram
• Use high-quality images that attract attention
Initially, Instagram was created as an application in which people can instantly share photos taken with a smartphone camera. But if you use social networking for business, monitor the quality of the images.

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Modern smartphones can also make beautiful photos with a lot of expansion. All the same, it is better to use a digital camera. By the way, many photo salons offer a service of objective photography. This is a great way to showcase your products to the audience. In another word, when you take pictures of a home cake with a digital soapbox, it looks beautiful. When a photo is made by a professional, the cake looks so delicious that they want to buy it.
Images should be attractive visually. If the goods you sell are not very interesting, think of some scripts for the pictures.
• Put the location of your company on photos
Decide where you want to sell your products: if it’s the city and you have an offline store geolocation is definitely needed. But if you are aimed at an audience outside your region it’s better not to put a location. This can scare away potential consumers. They will think that it is far away, they will not pay attention to the goods even if they were interested in them.
• Don’t forget about the logo of your company (consider the small size and round shape). When using the logo of your business, you need to make sure that it remains in the center of the image. In addition, the logo will look relatively small in the application, so do not use the text, instead try to make it more visible.
Instagram Profile
• Collaborate with popular Instagram bloggers to attract attention to the brand
Don’t forget that their opinion and advice can be taken into account by a large number of subscribers. Popular bloggers can start your business from scratch. Such a cooperation can be carried out as a paid advertising or a barter.
• Promote your account with paid advertising on Instagram
This is a way not only to promote an account but also to sell goods. The task is to correctly work out the target audience of advertising posts, pick up a qualitatively beautiful image and correctly call for action. Now the cost of promotion in Instagram is relatively low. For $ 5, you can promote to a record of 5,000 people. Imagine how many of them will buy the goods if you do everything right.
• Attract the followers
The effectiveness of using Instagram directly depends on the number of followers of your account. To increase the number of subscribers, connect the account in Instagram to the chronicle on Facebook, mark the published photos with popular hashtags, subscribe to updates of other users, comment and mark your favorite photos.
• Use Instagram Live and Instagram Stories to stand out from other accounts
Tapes of your subscribers are clogged so much that many posts are simply overlooked. But it’s not a problem. You have definitely noticed that live broadcasts that conduct the profiles you are subscribed to are displayed first. Go on the air and tell subscribers about valuable content.
Instagram Stories is also a great way to remind yourself. Few people completely leaf through the tape when they go to Instagram. But almost everyone can see the stories.
Now you know what’s important when creating an Instagram business page and how to process photos, use text, rules for maintaining their own rubrics and hashtags. Of course, skill comes with time. Do not be afraid to experiment and most importantly practice, taking examples and ideas from your favorite accounts. Try combining photo content in several styles, changing colors and accents. Over time, you will necessarily create your individual account with unique beautiful photos for the inspiration of others.

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What Social Network to Choose in order to Promote Business

Of course, the loyalty of the audience depends on the correctness of the chosen social platform. It is unlikely that the Instagram audience will warmly welcome advertising about new auto registrars or about stock market research. Marketers of Instagram argue that the portrait of their target user is young people, mostly girls up to the age of 24 years old.
Instagram provides great opportunities to promote brands that are easy to visualize. This is the best social network for promotion if your product or service is aesthetically attractive.
On the other hand, Facebook marketers highlight their audience as serious professionals that cover a wide field of professional activity. It is not difficult to meet here individual entrepreneurs, Internet figures, IT professionals, as well as representatives of the creative class, designers, advertisers, marketers and other representatives of “urbanized” professions. The main audience of Facebook has a high social status and income that is not lower than the average. The most promising for promotion services and goods in Facebook are focused on a serious paying audience. The social network encourages conferences, business training and seminars here uniquely will be in demand.
Nevertheless, while Facebook has a chaotic and uncontrolled algorithm for issuing posts, Instagram makes it possible to appear in the news feed of each subscriber. Your audience can be found in groups of competitors or by target hashtag.
With the right choice of ads and competent targeting, advertising on Facebook or Instagram can not only work for the image and brand recognition but also motivate to buy. In combination with product announcements, it will be an effective channel for attracting new customers and increasing sales.

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