Watch Out for 2018 – How to improve your Instagram Strategy?

Instagram Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of any business. There are a number of different platforms available for marketing these days. It is a necessary task for the growth of any business and social media platforms are much supportive in this. Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus all is the best medium for increasing the traffic on any website. If here we talk about Instagram, then no doubt it is the best platform with lots of existing features. Adopting an Instagram strategy for your small or large business is a must.

Digital Marketing Strategy

These days, more and more attention is being put towards social media.

Today almost, 60% of the users are using Instagram, which has more than 600 million active users. Almost every people share their photos and videos on Instagram every day to connect with their friends, family or with the new target audience.

In order to achieve the desired result here I will discuss some simple ways to improve your Instagram strategy:

1) Share high-quality content:

The content you share on Instagram will obviously play a crucial role in the success of your marketing strategy. The competition is so tough, it is not easy for users to check every piece of content they will read and share the content only which they found useful. You need to post high quality and informative content in order to stand out from the crowd. Quality is far more important and a big ranking factor is search engine optimization. Instead of quantity start focusing on quality.

2) Use hashtags:

Using Hashtags on Instagram is vital as it helps others to find you, even if they’ve never heard of you. It helps you to reach a target audience, also increase content exposure, helps you to made new connections with more new visitors. You can check what hashtags are tending to your content by using the tools. Also, do some research about what hashtags your competitors are used.

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3) Be consistent:

Be consistent whatever content you published, if you are publishing a single piece of content in a day or 5 content pieces daily, ensure that you share by measuring the quality of content. Don’t share randomly anything which your users don’t like, know more about their thoughts, likes, dislikes and then publish according to that. It will help in generating great revenue.

4) Use stories/Videos:

A recent study shows that people will love to watch videos rather than a simple piece of content. Social video can be a huge asset to your business and certainly provide another outlet to connect with more followers.

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5) Focus on your profile:

The first thing which people see is your Instagram profile. If that is not complete or something missing in that, then people can’t know about you more. Do it with perfection, and mention every detail like your bio, website etc.

These are some tips that may help in improving your Instagram strategy and can provide you desired result. To understand what you need to do and how to implement all these strategies you can also take the help of any digital marketing agency which also provides (SMM) services to their clients.

How to Market Digitally

SMM is a category that comes under digital marketing; any candidate can make their career in this field because it is an advanced field and growing field. You can start your career in any category. In coming years many digital marketing jobs opportunities will be offered by many different companies to both fresher and experienced candidates. Just select the category you are interested in and start your career in this.


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