Importance of Flexible Workplace in Business Growth

Flexible Workplace

When you start looking for your first job, you have a few expectations in mind, including what it would be like. Good people, big and clean offices, good pay, friendly and helpful colleges, good boss. Come on time, work whole day and leave at 6. On every 10th of the month, get the pay check. This is like ‘the dream job’.

It is only after joining and working for a couple of months you realize that this is not what you wanted. Colleges, office timings, workload, stress… all make it a ‘bad’ job.

On the other hand, employers and business owners are looking for that ‘perfect’ employee, someone who is productive and valuable to the company. In every interview, you’ll find an excited and positive person who agrees with everything you say. However, later things completely start changing in a few weeks.

The tension between the employer and employee affects the business. As a result, workplace flexibility is essential. But then again, it does not just come along automatically. You have to work on it.

benefits of flexible working

Workplace flexibility involves deciding upon ‘when to work’, ‘where to work’ and ‘how to work’. Here is how flexible work timing, flexibility in place and work environment enables overall business growth:

Flexible work timings

Flexible work timings

This will be hard to digest. But, let employees work at their suited timings; the time when they are most productive. Do not force them to come early or stay back late frequently. Agreed, some jobs are time sensitive. A stock broker, for example, has to be on his seat before the markets open.

Arrange alternative shifts between the employees in such cases.

Let employees select and work at the best time of their day. The important point is to complete work efficiently. Utilise unproductive hours – early mornings for some, afternoons for others – for some less important work or for self-development. Allow them to solve puzzles, draw, read or water plants at times.

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Allow them to take a break when required. During this time, they can stretch into some yoga pose or stare outside the window holding a cup of coffee. You must understand that the human brain functions up to a limit. After that, you need to take a break. There’s no point staring at the computer screen and wasting hours. Let the brain rest and it will get back to work in a short time.

Flexible timing is most valued by parent-employees. They often feel guilty for missing out their children’s events. Cooperate with them in overcoming their childcare difficulty. Allowing them to cherish their personal life moments is one of the greatest rewards.

All this makes the employees more dedicated towards your business. They become more focused while working. You will find yourself getting fewer excuses from your staff for not completing a task. And this directly propels your business growth.

Flexibility in workstation

Flexibility in workstation

Technology plays a big part here. It has enabled working, from home or any other place, comfortable. You can hire more talented freelancers for most of your work, depending on your business. You can allow your employees to take some work home. Not only can they work on weekdays, but also when they are on leave or on holidays.

This is beneficial from the productivity point of view. They can work more and better.

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Additional benefits to this are saving on office expense and administrative cost. You can find talented people, without geographical limits, to work for your business. You can even work remotely or from any place you want. Your employee might take a full day leave for some personal events that will end by afternoon. He can work the rest of the day from home.

This comfort does come with a price. You might expect your employee will work extra hours from his house and finish the project, however, he may not see things your way. There are many such risks with this. But the benefits are worth it. You hire carefully. Pay for quality.

The Office environment

The Office environment

Often the environment at the workplace is stressful. Not just because of the workload, but also peer employees and bosses. This causes deprivation in the employees work interest. This, too, affects the efficiency of your business. Retaining people becomes an issue and you will find yourself spending more time in hiring.

Make a habit of appreciating your employees. Create a positive environment at work.

Workplace flexibility is beneficial to both – the employers and employees. Better work equals to surging value to the business. Flexibility comes with a baggage. One must take care that it’s not taken for granted or misused. One must maintain a work-life balance.

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