High Quality Fonts & Where to Find Them

High Quality Fonts

Typography is a matter in point when it comes to expressing content. It’s not only important that you know your fonts and typography, but is also crucial that you select them according to the task at hand. Quality matters in comparison of using fonts in a quantity. One should only choose a font for the subject they’re writing in a way that it may reflect as a theme. A First question appears how and where to find high quality fonts for the usage.

As a designer I personally have a list of fonts which I prefer according to the project I’m working on. Fonts not only decide how your content looks but it also defines a subject to them. For example a bold font will give a look that is more of a strong point or heading, and it’s more likely that a reader’s attraction will be targeted first towards it.
Speaking about fonts, it’s usually a professional practice that you know the most of the fonts used popularly and the places where you can get them. Although there are many sites available now where tons of fonts are created & published everyday, yet there are some sites where you can easily find most of the fonts and use them in your own projects.

Here’s the list of popular sites for finding high quality fonts available on the web

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google’s free web fonts hosting service which offers some of the best font options available on the web. Google fonts also offers direct font embedding into your webpages through their font hosting service or you can also download the fonts to use them locally.

An important thing to note is most of the internet sites use Google hosted fonts for the site typography, this is because of the availability of most popular fonts anywhere without having to add the font locally on the site server.

Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit

Adobe’s Typekit serves the best of the fonts made by designers & type creators from all over the world and brings thousands of fonts to a single place to be used in everyday projects with a reasonable subscription fee for the Typekit service. Typekit is available free with Creative Cloud membership or else you have to pay a fee of $49.99/Year for the Typekit font service. Although there is also a free plan which limits the user to avail fonts to some certain types and quantity. Typekit handles the licensing matters so users don’t have to worry about such cases and can use the fonts with free mind anywhere they like.

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Fonts.com is a font subscription store which offers over 150,000 desktop & web fonts. Their products are available to be used with subscriptions starting from $9.99/Month and up to $299.99/3-Years. They also offer a free plan for font trials for about an hour without requiring any credit cards. Fonts.com competes with the top font providers by bringing over 2,200 most popular font families in one place and in a single subscription, with such great service that users can focus more on creating beautiful typography & spend less time on searching for them. Fonts.com is a Monotype Company and all the operations are handled by them.



MyFonts.com is the largest font provider on the web. It offers a direct font selection & purchase of fonts on the go with regular updates on fonts and typefaces. Covering all of the available font-families on the web it has topped to the level of largest font provider on the web. Not only that in fact MyFonts.com publishes tons of new fonts on a regular basis from new typeface designers & creators worldwide. Like the Fonts.com, MyFonts.com is also a Monotype Company and handles all their operations.

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TypeNetwork.com offers some of the best fonts created by independent type designers & foundries from around the world. You can find any type of font for your handwriting design to your calligraphy project, it’s all available in the TypeNetwork Fonts Store. You can find their diverse range of great fonts & typefaces to make your project look extra awesome in no-time.



Unlike some of the above sites, FontSquirrel is a free font resource site from where anyone can download the free fonts available on the web. Almost all of the fonts available on FontSquirrel are licensed for commercial work and thus can be used anywhere without any problems with licensing.

FontSquirrel provides most of the free & popular fonts from handwriting to typewriting, its only is up to you to choose from the wide variety of typefaces they offer.
Though some of the fonts listed in the site aren’t exactly available their in fact they redirect users to that font’s original listing site, in such cases FontSquirrel doesn’t take full responsibility of those fonts except that everything available their works out great for the users.

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FontsinUse.com provides updates on fonts popularly used on the web with old to trending statistics. It’s an independent archive for getting typography updates from all over the internet. Fontsinuse.com covers all most of the font-families that are being used on the web with rundowns of the site where they’re being used with some extra-engineered details. One can easily learn the best of the site design typography by their site rundowns and great explanations.



Fontstand.com is a font rental service application which offers font rentals on mac OS. You can try a font for free and to use them on the desktop or web you can rent the font by month from as low as $1.50/Month.

Fontstand offers a wide variety of fonts for such a very low price compared to the other premium font providers. It also offers sharing of rented fonts with your co-workers with a fraction of the rented price. Fontstand also offers easy-to-use font integration in any website or project.

One of the best perks of Fontstand.com is once you complete 12 months of period renting a font that font will be yours to use forever for free without anymore rentals.

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Fontspring.com is a font collection library and provides font licensing to individuals & businesses for desktop, web, ebook & apps. Fontspring focuses on providing worry-free font licensing to users so that they don’t have to spend more time researching their rights on using a font instead they can get a hassle free font orders without any right-restrictions on overall use.

These are high & premium quality font providers that have been running on the web for a good number of years and maintaining their online reputation for their services & products. We hope this might help you in getting a good enough idea on the available high quality font providers & to quickly decide the best font manager you can use for your typography needs. Feel free to correct us if there are any other available great font providers, we would love to populate them here.


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