Top 6 Essential Front End Development Tools to Use in 2018

Front End Development Tools

Web development tools have come a long way with improved technologies. New tools are introduced every year. Front end development tools has changed significantly over the past 10 to 15 years with emerging growth of JavaScript. Front end development is also called as client-side programming which uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS languages to code the websites that run on the browsers. The role of front end web developer is to create the better user experience and interactive websites. We can harness the power of highly tested libraries & tools to improve workflow and achieve responsive websites. With the increase of web development tools, we have created a list of top front-end web development tools.

Top Front End Development Tools for Front-End Developer

1. CodePen

Codepen is one of the best front end development tools which are lighter, faster & reliable. It is easy to get started with & give auto updates whenever the user makes changes. Codepen is a social development environment for front end developers & designers. It is the best place to deploy and build websites. It supports almost all libraries. Codepen offers a variety of features like preprocessors; embed features, live view and sync, the pattern library, prefill API, templates, etc. It is a great front end development tool to build small components without setting up the development environment. It gives instant access to preprocessors such as CoffeeScript, LiveScript, TypeScript, Babel, Less, Sass, SCSS, Stylus and the newer PostCSS.

2. Npm

NPM stands for Node Package Manager. Node JS is the emerging face for web development. It is the Node JS package manager for JavaScript that helps to discover packages of reusable code. It is the web development tool with command line utility that interacts with the repository in the package. It is one of the fastest growing package managers that all front end developers should learn. NPM reuse and discover includes over 5, 00,000 free code packages in the registry that encourages the code discovery and reuse within the team members. It is also an awesome team management tool with powerful integrations that simplify your workflow and supercharge your projects.

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3. CodeKit

Codekit is the front end development tool that provides the unified interface by which you can view the live projects developed using bootstrap 4 web development framework & languages such as LESS, Sass, Haml, Kit, Stylus, Compass and Bourbon. It combines checks and minifies the JavaScript pages. It automates the compilation of numerous languages and installation of frameworks which allow working efficiently with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Codekit is one of the best web development tools with multi-lingual compiler support, check syntax, validate and autoprefixer. It is the graphical user interface for searching project dependencies and managing version updates. It includes a web server tool that host project files locally without setting up the local web server.

4. Sublime Text

Sublime text is the cross platform source code editor with built in features like multi edit mode, plugins, and snippets support. It is the functional, clean and fast code editor with a python application programming interface API. It provides support for programming languages & markup languages with the variety of features like command palette. It is compatible with many languages that allow editing and interactive changes to multiple areas.

Sublime text is built from customized components that provide responsive editing support with syntax highlighting engine. It can capture the full contents of the workspace that includes unsaved and modified files. You can switch between projects instantly with no save prompts. It is customizable with JSON files that give you flexibility using snippets, macros, completions, key bindings, menus and more.

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5. Grid Guide

Grid Guide is an important front end development tool that lets you generate grids, define custom gutters and columns. It is a simple tool that adds guides based on the selected layers, artboards and canvas. It is a free web app that allows downloads of the PNG of each grid to import into Illustrator & Photoshop. It is an effective tool that helps to create new grids from scratch without calculating manually. Grid Guide helps you create the perfect grid within your application design as per the pixel details such as columns, rows, midpoints and baselines.

6. Yeoman

Yeoman is one of the greatest tools available for front end web developers. It aims to scaffold workflows for creating web applications. It allows generating the bunch of different projects that support SASS and Bower. It is a web based scaffolding tool that allows robust, client side stack, tools and frameworks that help developers to build modern web applications.

Yeoman tool workflow comprises into 3 different types of tools for improving the productivity of the web development as scaffolding tool, the build tool and package manager. All these tools are maintained and developed separately to make the workflow effective.


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