Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template

Custom Web Development

Let’s be fair guys, web development today is far easier, effortless and hassle-free than it was a decade ago. Thanks to the abundance of outstanding web development platforms like Joomla, WordPress, etc., today a layman can have his own website without requiring much money and coding knowledge.

However, web development is not just a process of creating a responsive website and making it live on the internet. If you want a quick online presence, you can start by downloading a template as it comes with built-in functionality. So all you need to do is to make relevant changes in the theme, move things here and there and boom; your business is live within hours. It is cheap, cost effective, time effective and apparently, a comfortable and safe option for a beginner level website.

However, in the broader perspective, a website is far more than just aesthetics and functionality. It is the face of your business on the internet; it’s your business card, and there are hundreds of different factors that contribute to making a website successful in the long run. A premade template is undoubtedly cost effective, but as you get along with the things, you will come to a point where the theme won’t suffice your needs.

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To be fair, be it website template or custom web development, there are pros and cons of each approach. In this infographic below compiled by, Go-Gulf, a web development company Dubai, we have distinguished the benefits of custom web development and what makes it a better option. We have also highlighted some back draws and disadvantages to show you both sides of the picture.


• Custom built websites tend to generate more ROI compared to their template manufactured counterparts.
• Custom web development offers more opportunities to make your website visually effective and appealing to internet users.
• Custom built websites provide a better user experience as they are developed keeping the business objectives and the target audience in mind.
• Custom built websites are more sustainable as they provide the opportunity to offer users a personalized experience based on their demographics and preferences.
• Custom built websites are unique, and they can easily accentuate themselves from the clones. That is why the custom built websites have a default advantage in rankings as search engines love uniqueness.


• Custom web development is an expensive solution and requires a lot of time in planning and research.
• Custom built websites require the services of professional web development experts to meet the particular needs of your business.
• Custom built must undergo testing phases to ensure bug-free functionality. Moreover, a custom-built website is difficult to handle so the maintenance can be expensive as well.

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template – Infographic

Infographic: Custom Web Development vs Website Template

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