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A great logo is very crucial for your brand success. There isn’t a big brand out there that does not have a powerful logo. Your logo will have a significant impact on how your customers distinguish your brand from others. It’s correct to say that every brand owner wants their logo to be outstanding. Recently we have got a new logo made for our startup from 99designs. Check out the review of 99designs logos complete with success tips on how to get a perfect logo design at the lowest price fast.

The process of creating a logo for your brand is not that difficult. Technology has now made it easy for anyone to create their logo.

Does your brand have a logo that represents it? Do you want to create a logo for your startup tech business but don’t know where to start and how to do it? Well, you are not alone. Read this guide to the very end, and learn what it takes to build an outstanding logo.

Check out the following steps to see how you can make your perfect logo.


Do not Complicate Your Logo


If you have noticed, logos have recently been getting simpler by the day. Most brands have opted for simple logos that clearly speak what the brand provides. A good example is Dropbox. Their logo is merely an open box. Its simplicity speaks for itself, and it’s very memorable. I am pretty sure that you have a mental picture of the blue box right now as you read this article. Keep it simple and memorable.

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Use the Power of Color in Your Logo


Color is very important when it comes to creating your logo. Most people do not think about the color of a logo. They simply care about the products the brand makes. However, as a brand owner, color plays a crucial role in the branding, marketing and selling of your products. Your customers do not know it, but it happens in the subconscious mind. Learn about how the psychology of color can boost your logo branding power.

Certain colors trigger specific emotions. You should be very careful when selecting the color of your logo. For example, a business that is centered in the romance niche would be okay using the color red in their logo. Just to name a few, green goes well with Health and growth, while Blue goes well with strength and trust. Dropbox’s logo shows color blue: you can trust the company to secure all your docs when you upload them to their servers.


Information About your Brand


The first thing that you must know before you even begin working on your logo is to inform your customers what you actually do. Your customers need to know which industry your brand is related to and what idea your business is based on. A good example is what we have previously covered. Dropbox’s logo is a box that is open. The moment you read the name of the company and see the logo, you know that it’s about keeping things stored safely in some form of a box. The open box speaks the primary objective of the company. Brainstorm your brand benefits to determine your primary objective and communicate that in your logo.

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Visually Define your Brand Personality

Now that you have defined the information about your brand, the next step is to identify your brand’s personality. You have to figure out what makes your brand unique, what edge you have over your competitors, and what differentiates your brand from all other brands in your niche. Knowing all these attributes is key to a perfect logo. Make sure that you can define your brand in three words. Ask yourself: what would you want your customers to think of your brand when they purchase your products. I like how the major logo design site 99designs gives you a slide rule to select the exact level of personality to include in your logo design such as; Classic or Modern, Mature or Youthful, Feminine or Masculine and Playful or Sophisticated.


Design Timeless Logos


Your logo should be the core of your brand’s representation. It should represent your brand even after 20 years; potential customers should be able to tell what you do. Over time you can update your logo, but it should speak the same message. It should remain recognizable even after decades. Your future customers should be able to tell your logo and your brand.

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A good example is Johnnie Walker, the famous Scotch whiskey. The logo has remained the same since 1909; it only shows a striding man. The color and some design elements have changed with time due to the brand being owned by different people at different times in history, but the brand has retained the same recognizable logo ever since it was established.

Make sure that you follow this guide when you are creating your logo. Also, do not be afraid to view your competitors’ logos. Do not attempt to copy them at all, try to figure out why they are so popular. They could inspire you and give you that extra kick you need to jump start your logo creation.

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