Learn How to Create Great Mockups Before Going Live

Create Great Mockups

Anything great isn’t just born, it is built overtime. Before Google become Google, it went through a number of different drafts and kept developing overtime. The same thing happened with Facebook, Twitter or any big companies or products that you can think of.

Drafts or as they are known in the design world Mockups are a simple way of jotting down primary ideas on the paper before you design anything final. Mockups do a great job in playing the messenger way of prototyping. One can easily create a layout or structure of what’s been in their mind and use it to help others to get a picture of it.

With the growth software market, there came many great mockup tools and software some of them are free and some are effectively priced. Let’s scan out the list of top mockup design tools available right now and which feature of theirs can help you build your project at hand.

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups
Balsamiq Mockups, this is a wireframing design software available publicly and is also one of the most popular mockup tools used right now. Balsamiq Mockups is available on Windows and Mac OS, not only that it is also available as an online cloud software though the Balsamiq Cloud only available on Balsamiq.com site/server only. Balsamiq Mockups is good for your daily wireframing projects, it has got many presets available for easy interface design and for sketching. Balsamiq also works as a team software which can be used to collaborate a project. Balsamiq supports PNG & PDF exporting options as well.

Balsamiq Cloud is good when it comes to availability of your projects created in it as it runs on web thus any tasks or projects on Balsamiq will be available to you anywhere and you can access it with an internet connection.

On the other hand, I prefer the Balsamiq Mockups for desktop as it is way more convenient to have your projects offline without any worries of disconnection from the web and for the best of it I usually take a backup of what I’m working on into a pendrive.

Balsamiq for desktop is way more responsive as well as fast in terms of performance as it runs offline.

With great features, you get a price to pay which is for Balsamiq Cloud starts at 9$ per month and for Balsamiq Mockups (Windows/Mac OS) starts at 89$ on a Single User License.

List of Design Tools to Create Great Mockups

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Suite is known for its gamechanger applications and is one of the top most design company out there. One of the best design software for which Adobe is greatly publicized is Photoshop. Photoshop is a tool with which you can create a design worth your idea. It’s not limited to anything, the only thing you need to use this amazing software is a creative mind to create a piece of art.

Since the arrival of Adobe Photoshop the design industry has adopted to the fact that once you’re into this field you gotta know your photoshop skills in order to grow.
Adobe Photoshop is a great software for creating a User Interface or User Experience design not only that in fact there are enough tools to level up your idea in a moment of time.

Adobe photoshop is a raster as well as vector graphics application. One can recreate a raster image or a picture with photoshop or you can also create vector images there.
Photoshop now comes with Creative Cloud support which is a new enhancement seen after 2013 in Adobe, it gives users the ability to use thousands of fonts, pre-made templates etc. from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe also treats you with video tutorials on the hand if you want to learn their products.
Adobe Photoshop is a premium software and is available worldwide, the paid plans vary from country to country.

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is the tool especially designed for vector illustrations and for the best of design industry. Now what I’ve seen from the past couple of years, it’s the top design tool used overall and I personally use this as my go-to tool for any projects at hand. Adobe has made many breathtaking changes in Illustrator over the past few years and has been updated regularly with industry practices and additional features.

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for creating logos, icons, illustrations & typography in an easy an efficient manner. Adobe Illustrator has no bounds on your creativity and the vectors created in it include way more depth than a human eye can see thus why Illustrator is an advanced software compared to other design apps available in the market. Well, the design industry is all over Illustrator for some reason and for what I recommend Illustrator is it’s top notch tools and connectivity throughout the Adobe suite of applications as I use most of them in my daily projects.

Adobe Illustrator is also a premium software and is available worldwide, the paid plans vary from country to country.

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Canav.com is a free as well as paid online application. Canva is a great tool for creating posters, flyers and cover images easily. Canva offers pre-made templates to create easy designs without further knowledge of graphics in specific. It runs a clean, simple & smooth UI and can be easily used in the first run. Though most of canva’s pre-made templates are available at a reasonable price and is why a good enough tool for creating simple images and covers for your daily needs.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe spark is similar to what Canva.com is and is available on The Apple store. Adobe spark also offers its services as a web app on Adobe Spark website. Spark provides an easy and time-less way of creating graphics and editing videos on the go with no any prior knowledge of Adobe software.

Adobe Spark offers some good tools to create mockups on the go if you’re busy person and don’t find such time to create designs and illustrations on the above apps than this might be the app for you. The one thing that may let some people down is that it is only available on the Apple store and not for Android but thanks to the web app it can be used anywhere with a computing screen at hand.

The most interesting part of this Adobe application is it’s free and is available with way more features than any other available Cloud design app.

Final Note: –
All of the above apps are great and there is no point in differentiating each of them in fact it’s all about a person’s preference and state of mind which will help you select the right one for you depend on the project you are working on Although if you’re new to design & graphics and want to know more about creating art, you should definitely try the Adobe products, they may help you get a better idea of what you can do with your creative mind.


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