Learn How To Create A Bootable Disk On Ubuntu OS

Bootable Disk

Just like in Windows or Mac, you can also make a bootable disk on Ubuntu to install your favorite Linux based operating system. And a bootable disk will be the preferred way to try out all new Ubuntu. Although, you can only download the ISO image file from the official website you will still need to have a reliable ISO burner to make a bootable disk.

Making a bootable disk on Ubuntu is really very simple, especially if you are making it from Ubuntu itself but still, we are going to cover each and every step thoroughly to show you how to accomplish this.

Here’s How To Make A Bootable Disk On Ubuntu

Step 1. Open Startup Disk Creator

In this tutorial, we will be using the default app called “Startup Disk Creator” which is only used for writing ISO image files onto CD/USB sticks. Here’s how to open “Startup Disk Creator”. Insert the USB flash drive into your PC and wait for the computer to detect it automatically. Click on the left-bottom icon and open “Show Applications”.

Open Startup Disk Creator

Step 2. Select ISO file and USB flash drive

After launching the startup disk creator, it will automatically detect the ISO files from the Downloads folder and it will also start detecting any USB flash drives attached to it so that it can write the ISO image file into it.

It is quite presumable that the computer will automatically find the ISO image file and flash drive automatically and will show it on the main display screen. If it’s not showing the ISO image file by default then click on “Other” option and select the ISO image file manually from the computer.

Next, click on “Make Startup Disk” to start the progress.

Make Startup Disk

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Step 3. Confirm the USB Device

After you have selected all the preferred USB device and ISO image file, you will be asked to confirm that the changes made are absolutely accurate. Now, before pressing the confirm button, make sure you have a complete backup of the USB device as all the files inside the flash drive will be permanently destroyed.

As soon you confirm the selection, the writing process will start and you can track the status in real-time.

Step 4. Finished

As soon the ISO file is successfully burned, you are done making a bootable Ubuntu disk, which is ready to use. You will also see the following pop up message with the following message:

That’s all. You may now try to install Ubuntu on any laptop or computer and it should work flawlessly without any problem. We have shared the easiest way to make a bootable disk on Ubuntu but if you still encounter any problem, please do let us know in the comments below so that we can help you.

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