Popular and Common Java IDEs for Java Code Development

Java IDEs

Java IDEs, an integrated development environment is basically a software application. IDEs provide an environment to programmers for developing software. Source code editor, automation tools, and debugger are parts of IDEs. Most programmers use IDEs for Java coding, development, and programming. Generally, a lot of time is invested in developing Java codes and numerous and variety of such integrated development environment are generally used for development of such codes.

Different developers have different needs and different choices when it comes to choosing an IDE for Java codes. So here in this article, we have compiled the list of various Java IDEs considered best by different developers for developing Java codes as per their needs and requirement.

Here are the Most Commonly Used Java IDEs for Java Developers

• Net Beans:

Net Beans is one of the most favorite open-sourced IDE for developing JAVA codes. Apart from being the favorite of almost all developers, it is also most commonly used IDE. It supports the development of almost all applications of JAVA such as mobile applications, JAVA ME, web, JAVA FX, JAVA SE and many other such applications. Its modular design allows it to extent the same to third-party developers, which in turn can help developers to create plugins which can further help to increase functions of such files. Not only it supports JAVA but it also supports many other languages like C, C+, C++, HTML, and PHP. It is also a cross-platform application allowing the application to run on Linux, Windows and many such other platforms that are supported by JVM.

• Android Studio:

Android Studio
Originated from the Google Android Studio was primarily designed for apps on android platform but it has the capability of editing java codes as well. Initially, it was built on IntelliJ IDEA Community and has the flexible grade-based system. It is compatible with various APK programs and is also easily available to developers with Apache License.

• Blue J:

It is a specially designed IDE for Java programming language. It is the best IDE when it comes to developing programs for educational purpose. But it does not mean that it is not compatible with commercial usage, it can be used for small-scale development of software. It has totally different design from other IDEs used for developing JAVA codes. The blue J is a really user-friendly and is interactive that makes it really convenient for the user to understand the same. It is one of the best IDEs for beginners. It has a powerful REPL that is must for JAVA developers.

• Eclipse:

Mostly used for JAVA, Eclipse is yet another IDE that is commonly used by JAVA developers. It helps in developing programs that can easily be used on mobile, desktops and web. It is compatible with all three genres. It has various useful features like integration with Maven, XML editor and it also has the workspace with plug in the system as well through which developers can customize the codes according to their needs and requirements. Applications on other languages can also be developed by using plugins, like Javascript, C, C+, C++, Ruby and many other languages of the same category.

• jEdit:

jEdit is basically a text editor, behind its development is a hardship of many years and many persons. jEdit has many such features which can easily beat some expensive IDEs as well. It is really easy and convenient to use because of numerous macros and plugins that are available with the same. Apart from Java coding, it can be used for encoding characters as well as Unicode, UTF8 and many other such characters.

• jSource:

J Source
Another IDE in the list is jsource and is one of the good options for programmers and developers of JAVA. It helps in developing cross-platform applications. The best part about jsource is that the applications developed using it are really lightweight and are less space consuming. In its latest version i.e. Syntax 2.0 even jEdit syntax package can be used and can help develop various JAVA tools and applications. To use jSource General public license version 2.0 needs to be taken by the user.

• Dr. Java:

Dr Java
One of the lightest weight integrated development environments used for developing JAVA code is Dr. Java. Primarily and majorly developed to simplify learning for students. It can be used as unit tool testing, debugger, it is interactive in nature for text evaluation. It is widely available for developers totally free of cost, one just needs to take BSD license to use the same.

• jDeveloper:

Primarily a product of Oracle, has various features for JAVA development. Apart from JAVA, it is highly compatible with XML, SQL, BPEL, PHP and many other languages as well. jDeveloper comes in the package of 3 namely Studio edition, J2EE edition, and basic Java edition. The uniqueness of its JAVA edition is JAVA SE support, compatibility with swing and many such prominent and unique features.

We hope that all newbies as well as experienced developers, will find this article useful and next time they can refer to the list before choosing the best IDE for JAVA code development.

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