9 Best Web Technologies That Every Developer Should Know

Best Web Technologies

A web developer has to go through the constant process of change and often has to adapt to new things while performing their best. With the well-known factor of the web that every day is a new day, every day I get to do something different as a web developer, whether I’m stuck in an error in the last program I wrote or working on this new program I’ve been trying to integrate into my web app. Well there is no good feeling than finding an answer to your question and that’s what we as web developers do most of the time, we might be looking for solutions to a new user generated error or a system generated failure & it just can’t get better than this so in this long journey of processing billions of codes and programs we use tools that can help us get a kick start or can help us be more productive all at the same time.

While productivity from these tools indicates so many things at this moment, yet learning is also a big factor from new techniques, programming languages and most importantly by adapting to new changes.

Here are the best web technologies segments that web developers must be adept in when picking up new projects:

1. Web Application Frameworks:

Web Application Frameworks
A Web Application Framework is a library of code or programs developed & designed by years of industry proven practice. Web Frameworks are a product of excellence which is being updated in a timely manner with latest changes & improvements. These frameworks are used to kick start any web app to a working level, with these you can easily get your project up & running on the web without spending much time.

2. Front-End Frameworks:

Front End FrameWorks
Front-end frameworks are a combination of HTML, CSS, JS and other front-end processors with libraries of industry proven practice. These frameworks are a stand-alone package of design to help you create your web applications & projects in a simpler & quicker way. There are many frameworks which are being used popularly to design the site’s UI by front-end developers & designers.

3. JavaScript Libraries:

JavaScript Libraries
A JavaScript library is a pre-made package of programs and code which helps to easily access the JS code in our web apps & sites. JavaScript is now a top-notch programming language of the web and is considerately progressing day by day. These JS libraries are one stop tool for accessing JavaScript based applications throughout your web program or app.

4. Programming Languages:

Programming Languages
A Programming Language is all it takes to create any web development tools & applications thus all these tools exist because of programming languages. A Programming language is simply a way to communicate to a computing machine and command them to create the required program with all controls and tasks you code it to do. These languages pack a list of humanized keywords which are assigned to powerful commands and thus knowledge of such languages can help you start your career in web development.

5. Databases:

A Database is an application which is used to store all the values & program required data. The data stored in these databases is used by their controller web apps and sites to manage view & update accordingly.

6. Text / Code Editors:

Code Editors
A Text editor is one of the most important go-to tools if you’re a programmer or developer, and you should know your requirements in order to work with one. A text or source code editor is a tool which can help you write text or code more efficiently and elegantly. These are the tools used in the first place in order to create web source codes and programs.

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7. Version Control / Source Code Management Tools:

Source Code Management Tools
Version control is an important & required thing when it comes to managing tons of code and files used on a big website or web app. Source code management tools are a one-stop solution for managing code edits and team monitoring all at once. It can help track records of edits being performed and solve quick errors without even going through the whole source code. It’s also a proven practice that by managing your code this way will improve site upgrades and debugging.

8. Local Development Environments:

Local Development Environments
Local development environments are a way to create, test & manage apps, programs locally on your machine without requiring a working internet connection. It helps you modify and manage all your sites and data offline with just simple software installed.

You can select your development environment according to the Operating system you’re running; it’s the fastest way to test your application locally on your system. This software includes a package of tools such as PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, and Apache etc. All these tools are bundled & installed with the software so that it may provide everything one requires in a local development environment which oozes simplicity and ease-of-access all at once.

9. Website Testing Tools:

Website Testing Tools
Every website or web app comes at a point where you need to keep a check on what’s working and what’s not and that’s where these website testing tools come in handy. Website testing tools are used commonly by every web developer and site administrators to keep a check on the speed, performance & working. It is a painless way to debug & handle website errors.

These are some important segments that an individual must know if they want become a web developer. If you can think of any other tools or technologies that are required by developers, then please let us know in the comments section below!


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