Best Web Development Tools for Developers in 2018

Web Development Tools

It’s commonly seen that we find ourselves attracted to the treasures of the industry we’re in, while in the development industry there’s always a new tool that’s in buzz and quite interesting that you get to know those tools that you can use to increase the productivity or can help you get a boost in your upcoming project, since we’re talking about web development here are some great tools that most of the developers and pro’s use to get their daily development tasks done.

So Let’s start with the list of Best Web Development Tools


Web Application Frameworks:

Web application frameworks are entire frameworks that allow developers with an advanced set of tool set that simplifies the process of creating apps and websites.

Here are a few web application frameworks: –

• Laravel: – Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which is used to create beautiful web applications on MVC pattern.

• CakePHP: – CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework available freely to be used for creating web apps with less code & without complications.

• AngularJS: – AngularJS is considered as a dynamic type of HTML that is used for creating HTML programs & extending HTML vocabulary using JavaScript libraries.

• CodeIgnitor: – CodeIgnitor is an open-source web framework, which is used to create powerful & lightweight web applications with better toolkits for creating a fully featured web application.

• Ruby on Rails: – Ruby on rails is a web framework which is built on ruby and is available freely for creating advanced web apps with simpler code.

• Django: – Django is a python based web framework which makes it easier to develop web apps more quickly with less code.

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Front-end Frameworks:

Front-end frameworks help simplify the process of designing the front-end of an application or website.

Here are a few popular front-end frameworks: –

• Bootstrap: – Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework which is a package of pre-made UI patterns & designs to be used in web applications & sites. It helps you create responsive HTML, CSS, JavaScript & mobile responsive sites.

• Foundation: – Foundation is an open-source front-end framework which is built in Zurb, and is surprisingly fast & responsive.

• Materialize: – Materialize is a responsive front-end web framework which is used to create modern material design based web apps & sites.

• Semantic UI: – Semantic UI is a human-friendly front-end framework which makes it easier to understand the code used and is responsible for simplified debugging. It uses concise HTML which makes it simpler to design beautiful sites & web apps.

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CSS Pre-Processors:

CSS pre-processors are used to extend the basic possibilities of available CSS to a top-notch level which could help create a better & easier adaptation of design & styling. A CSS pre-processor helps you write less code and create large-scale UI’s without even writing huge stylesheets and many style rules. These pre-processors extend CSS powers by nested rules, variables & mixins which make it quicker & easier to write and handle huge files of CSS stylesheets within less code.

• SASS: – SASS is a modern CSS pre-processor and is considered as extremely stable & powerful grade CSS extension in the genre of front-end frameworks.

• LESS: – LESS is also a CSS pre-processor, it uses nested style rules, variables, functions and many other techniques which make CSS more themeable, extendable & maintainable.

• Stylus: – Stylus is a fully-featured CSS pre processor, it’s a CSS extender which provides a systematic, dynamic and meaningful way to generate CSS. It is an open-source program and is available freely to everyone.


JavaScript Libraries:

JavaScript is a powerful language but it comes with a lot of coding principles and long codes, so libraries can help shorten that process by allowing an easier and a faster way to write less code that does more.

Here is a list of popular JavaScript libraries: –

• Jquery: – JQuery is a fast, small & feature rich JS library that is being used popularly throughout the web.

• Backbone.js: – Backbone.js is a popular JS library which is used to structure web apps by providing models, views, collections & custom events.

• React JS: – ReactJS is an open-source program and is known for their power packed Facebook’s JS Library which helps create User interfaces painlessly.


Programming Languages:

If you want to create for the web, you need to design in a language that it understands. Programming languages are the core component of creating apps and websites for the web.

Here is a list of popular programming languages: –

• HTML: – HTML or Hyper Text Markup Languageis the building block of the web. It’s the standard markup language for creating web apps & sites.

• CSS: – CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, a front-end development language used to create styles & designs for web apps & sites.

• Python: – Python, a programming language which allows anyone to create web apps quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

• PHP: – PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side programming language is most popularly on the web for creating web applications and sitesas it is fast, flexible and powerful.

• Ruby: – Ruby is an open-source programming language with an elegant syntax pattern which is easy to understand as well as write. It’s dynamic, expressive and focuses on simplicity.

• NodeJS: – NodeJS, a JavaScript based runtime which is built upon Chrome’s V8 JS engine and is a popular scripting language with its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it efficient as well as lightweight.

• JavaScript: – JavaScript or JS, a full featured high-level object-oriented programming language which is considered one of the top used programming languages of the web. It’s commonly used with HTML code to add dynamic interactivity on web apps & sites.

• Scala: – Scala, it’s an object-oriented programming language and supports functional programming it uses JVM to process its source code and supports full interoperability with Java.



In order for the data to exist on the internet, it needs to be stored somewhere. This is where databases play an important role on the internet.

Here is a list of popular databases: –

• MySQL: – MySQLis an open-source database management application used by the most part of the web.

• MariaDB: – MariaDBis a community developed open-source database management system from the original creators of MySQL and is guaranteed to stay available open-source.

• MongoDB: – MongoDB is an open-source database management program that runs cross-platform and is defined as a no-SQL database. It has a simpler & easy-to-learn document model for developers.

• Redis: – Redisis an in-memory type structured database management system which runs as a database for many applications.

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Code Editors:

Code editors are powerful equipment that can help make or break your app. A friendlier editor offers more tools that can help you design a brilliant app.

Here is a list of different code editors:

• Sublime Text: – An innovated source code editor for writing code and markup with flexibility and simplicity.

• VS Code: – Visual Studio or VS Code is a code editor which is designed for better markup and syntax writing. It is developed by Microsoft and is used popularly by web developers.

• Atom: – Atom is an open-source code editor known for its modern and hackable design, it is smooth and well developed.

• Notepad++: – Notepad++, it is a top-notch editor available freely and is an advanced editor with better syntax markup.

• TextMate: – TextMate is an editor available for Mac users and is used popularly for writing code.

• Brackets: – Brackets is a lightweight code editor which focuses on front-end development and thus provides a better environment for editing front-end source code.

• Vim: – Vim, a fully user configurable editor and is available freely for text editing.

• Emacs: – Emacs, an extensible as well as a user configurable text editor with super quick functionality to write code.

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Version Control Tools:

These tools help control and manage any changes that you make to your app. These are also a great tool to have on hand when working with a team.

Different version control tools: –

• Github: – Github is a version control application, used to manage source codes and edits providing simplicity with team management features to tracking errors. There are free as well as premium plans according to the use.

• Atlassian Bitbucket: – Bitbucket is a version control application by Atlassian which is available to be used freely as well as for premium needs with all the required features needed in a source code management application.


Web Testing Tools:

If you are designing for the web, you need to ensure that the app or website actually works on the web. If you product is not up the mark, it might not make it. This is why it is very important that you test your app for things such as loading speed, bugs, etc.

Here is a list of the different web testing tools:

• Google Page Speed Insights: – Google Page Speed Insights is the easiest way to track your website speed for desktop and mobile and is also helpful in providing reminders for quick solutions.

• Chrome Developer Tools: – Google’s Chrome Developer Tools are wildly popular for testing & debugging codes offline and is available for free with Google Chrome web browser.

• GTMetrix: – GTMetrixis an online website debugging tool for performance and site scores with possible solutions beforehand.

• Pingdom: – Pingdom provides you a better way to test your site, server speed and load times with actionable optimizations. Runs free testing for sites every minute.

Designing a website or an app is not an easy task and definitely requires understanding a set of tools that can help you simplify the process of creating your app. These tools can definitely help you when you are creating your next best project!


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