Best Source Code Editors for WordPress Development 2018

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WordPress is such an awesome CMS engine with infinite possibilities & is certainly one of the best open-source software used worldwide. When it comes to making resources for such a program, you would definitely want to have a great enough code editor beforehand. Not all editors are created with the same approach in mind, so all you need to do is find the right one suited for your development environment.

But with all these options, you’re pretty much left alone to decide which one is right suited for your needs. Well, the one thing which you should know is you’re the one capable of deciding your own preferences & style, the best anyone can do is to create a good enough list of options and that’s what are we doing here by listing the best of source code editors available in the development industry.

Best Source Code Editors for WordPress Development

Source code editors are just as like text editors, but with extra features and allows text formatting. We use code editors for performing tasks such as cleansing our code and to write better codes. These code editors not only save time while writing code, but they also help us find errors & bugs & with rising features some editors also include extended features from plugins or programmed extensions. For WordPress, there isn’t any specialized editor available but yes with right plugins & syntax formatting options, you can perfectly set up the below editors for your code editing needs.

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Atom is an open-source code editor which is unbelievably compatible to all your coding needs. You can easily customize it in terms of design, as well in working. It’s a fully hackable code editor.

UI: – It works like breeze and looks just as awesome. All the codes are highly formatted and the user interface is great whether you’re writing HTML, CSS or server side PHP. It comes with many custom theme patterns, but there are also other themes available in the atom resources. In terms of UI, Atom is truly exceptional.

Version-Control: – Atom is compatible with version control as it can be easily integrated with GitHub.

Supported Programming Languages: – It comes with basic support for all programming languages and all other extra features & support can be added through extensions or plugins.

Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Complete: – It visualizes all the syntax written with highlighting pre-defined code or keywords. Auto-complete features are available by default for some languages, and you can easily add support for others by plugins or extensions.

Platforms: – It’s a cross-platform software and is available for Windows, MacOS, & Linux.


A bracket is a code editor made for web designers & front-end developers. It is crafted to provide a perfectly rendered visual feel and includes creative aspects for coding with design in mind.

UI: – Since Brackets is an editor made for designers & creative’s, its User Interface has to have an impressive feel & customization to stand out.

Version-Control: – There is a Git available for version control with this code editor.

Supported Programming Languages: – Since it’s made for front-end development, it only supports Html, Css & JavaScript. Although you can edit all other language files, but you won’t get same features for that.

Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Complete: – There is proper syntax highlighting within supported languages and auto-complete can be added through extensions.

Platforms: – It’s cross-platform software and is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS.

Coda 2

Coda is a robust code editor with all the right features needed to make your coding environment just perfect. It comes with a wide variety of features including best-in-class design.

UI: – Coda has a simple interface with pixel perfect previewing options. It’s a real home of creativity when it comes to ease-of-use & clean code.

Version-Control: – Coda comes supported for version control out-of-the-box and can be further expanded through plugins.

Supported Programming Languages: – There is no partial behavior to any language, although extra support can be added through plugins or extensions.

Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Complete: – Coda comes with code compatible syntax highlighting and text-processing. Auto complete support can be added by plugins.

Platforms: – Unfortunately, Code is available only for MacOS and is currently priced at $99.

Komodo Edit

Komodo edit
Komodo edit is an advanced code editor with tons of features, but it is still a straightforward application for writing code. It comes supported with many handy services such as project management, syntax processor, etc. right out of the box.

UI: – The User Interface gives a premium feel in writing code with just as enough features you can’t expect any more from other competitors. You can also customize the editor and its skin according to your preferences.

Version-Control: – Komodo edit supports version control out of the box and free for use.

Supported Programming Languages: – It’s not limited to any language and further supports most of the popular languages.

Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Complete: – Komodo edit has a rich preview in syntax highlighting and is capable of processing predefined keywords including many popular languages all along.

Platforms: – Komodo edit is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS free of charge.


Notepad++ is a development leader in terms of coding environments. It’s a specifically designed lightweight editor and is optimized for performing with minimum CPU usage. It comes well supported with all features one can wish for in a code editor.

UI: – There’s no extra layer of creativity in terms of a rich look, but yes it is simple & easy to use with WYSIWYG previews.

Version-Control: – This can be enhanced by activating Git extensions or plugins and is compatible to make changes real time.

Supported Programming Languages: – Notepad++ is not limited to any programming language and popularly used for writing code globally.

Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Complete: – It supports proper syntax highlighting and auto complete features as well. Additionally, one can increase features or service accuracy by adding plugins into it.

Platforms: – Notepad++ is a cross-platform editor and is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS.


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