Can a B2B E-commerce Solution Optimize Online Sales Order?

B2B E-commerce Solution

Every month, there’s a peak time when all the sales in your business rise high and most sales businesses rush off with their sales. Stepping into a new season, several retailers gear up to place their orders to restock their empty shelves. At such times, all your sales reps will surely sell with confidence if you have the right B2B ecommerce solution, including smart wholesale selling tools, A better B2B E-commerce Solution which help the better customer reach.

You must be excited about the peak profitable season, and ready to receive those bulk orders. With orders rushing in, you know this will take some time for all those orders to reach your station. Most sales reps agencies focus well on what they can do best, selling products.

For other wholesale businesses, where the order numbers are high, turning to emails, creating order forms can be quite time-consuming, especially when it comes to keeping up with all the orders and delivering them. Each year, e-commerce businesses battle with a backlog on their orders. When this happens, it leaves them in stress. With so many orders and not a proper way to organize the sales, errors are bound to occur.

Here’s how a wholesale selling tool brings benefits of B2B E-commerce Solution for your business to helps you optimize your online sales orders.

Placing Orders is Now Easier

So many wholesale businesses wonder if they can turn to solutions to improve their sales order and manage their inventory in a hassle-free way. With wholesale selling tools such as Order Circle, it is a lot easier to let those orders flow into your business at any time, no matter the location. Reps do not need to wait longer for emails, fax and there is no need for manual keying of the orders and worrying about data entry orders, which could cost you and your reps massive money.

Most wholesale sellers wonder if there is an easier way to improve the sales order management of their business. The good news is that there is a much better way and it is quite easy. Now with just a click, the source of your profits can be right on your fingertips.

Such tools help your business because:

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They Have a Centralized Dashboard

Now, you can process orders swiftly, on another level. With a centralized, user-friendly and single platform, you can manage sales, orders and more from a single place. With a well-organized solution, you can process and also view the history of your orders easily.

Order Management

When you have such tools, you do not need to scan or email orders and worry about faxing them. With the right tool, you can organize orders and view them on the dashboard directly. To streamline the process, the orders upload automatically on the portal. Customers can access your product list on the go, and any other item. In addition, you can also curate your lists to show targeted items to customers and hide irrelevant ones from them.

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Verification of Orders Becomes Automatic

If your staff is well equipped with calls and emails from reps and agencies confirming that you receive orders, then it’s a good thing. When your office prints or uploads an order manually, this can be a challenge. However, with an automatic configuration, submission of orders and placement can help to reduce the time that your staff would spend attending to calls.

Track Your Orders

Wholesale selling tools also help businesses keep a better track on their bulk orders, as well as check the business status. It shows the order at every stage, whether approved, pending, fully shipped, paid, or delivered with real-time notifications. Based on customers and the products they purchase, you can customize the notifications. Such tools also provide reports with details of the orders. In order to track the performance of the sales reps and see all the items on high demand by various customers. Managing in a proper way will also help with better exposure online and it attracts people to your business.

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Secure Payment Options

Turning to a B2B e-commerce solution ensures that it sticks to the strict standards of the industry. At the same time, it keeps all your customer’s credit information secure. Note that receiving orders over the call is often a disaster in terms of credit information. The security of your customers is important, so you should avoid the risks of fraud or identity theft.

To sum things up, the best solution for you, rather than wasting your time on messy orders is to choose the best tool that will optimize your e-commerce. Once you can sort your orders, you will be on top because of the convenience, security and various other advantages it offers you and your business.

Just ensure that you research well, go through the features of the tool you plan to choose, and this should keep you well-equipped for bulk orders.


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